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Allied, swathed in larger-than-life, luxurious imposture, is the real heart-racing deal.
Allied doesn't deliver any particularly shocking twists or turns; the real surprise here is how much a well-told, well-acted tale can still resonate.
Slant Magazine
In the film, Robert Zemeckis brings to bear his pop-epic scope in what's otherwise a claustrophobic story.
A World War II romance-thriller that starts off smartly but sputters to an underwhelming finale.
Allied can never settle on a consistent tone, bumping along from smooth spy adventure to stylized war picture to treatise on marriage, all peppered with stilted attempts at humor for an added dash of incomprehensibility.
The Playlist
It's an engaging film in many respects, but one that exemplifies a lot of the problems that have trailed Zemeckis across his career.
Zemeckis' old-school romance has its moments and Cotillard gives it her all, but it lacks the zip and chemistry to truly spark.
Allied is ultimately a thin love story, with creaky suspense machinery and star turns from Pitt and Cotillard that feel more like matinee idol dress-up than a meeting of the magnetic.
Director Robert Zemeckis is usually known for his zestiness and zippiness; but this is arduous. Screenwriter Steven Knight scripted smart movies such as Locke, Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises, and there are some nice touches, but it resembles an unconvincing and sluggish pastiche of a war movie.
Plodding and pedestrian even in the technical magic that is a Zemeckis trademark, this is a case of a director out of his element with a script that fails to generate much heat.

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