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While Bob does slink around some predictable narrative beats, this is still a slyly subversive film with a social point to make as it highlights James's isolation in a cold, hard-faced London which responds better to animals than its hopeless humans.
Veteran director Roger Spottiswoode, whose output has been spotty in recent years, returns to form with a perfectly weighted redemptive story that engages the heart without shying away from the darker aspects of Bowen's recovery.
If you've ever felt the same about a Felis catus, you'll cut A Street Cat Named Bob some slack for the same reason I did. You won't be able to help yourself. And stock up on some Kleenex beforehand. You're gonna need them.
It's just a shame the whole thing is so steeped in honkingly signposted feelgood sentiment.
Unpretentiously touching on the page, this material feels stretched a bit thin on film, with televisual production values and a samey song score doing little to enrich matters: Still, it's sweetly hopeful .
Bob has spawned multiple books, but what works on the page seems slight on screen. That's not to say it isn't life-affirming, it's just not quite the cat's pyjamas.
A film that admirably tries to remain true to the slightly gritty spirit of its source material. Unfortunately, it also occasionally sprays the wall with maudlin touches and misjudged additions to the story.
A Street Cat Named Bob has its heart in the right place but doesn't quite land on a tone to unite hard hitting drama and a cat-based comedy.
More meme than movie.
Cute little fellow, but unfortunately, the film in which he stars is little more than catnip.

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