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The ultimate red-pill documentary

Author: robertmccall-47544 from New york, USA
9 November 2015

This documentary is truly an eye-opener, a red-pill revealing another face of the world in front of us. It beautifully demonstrate the Orwellian nature of our time, how can the world be manipulated and make to believe a historical narrative created with a sole purpose: destroying the self-esteem of Western peoples, and pave the way for the rule of the financial plutocrats that we know today.

If this documentary was shown to the whole population, our world would be a better place, and the decline of our civilization could be reversed. I hope to see this day.

"you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"

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Author: xmmmauser from United States
28 October 2015

This film absolutely shocked me and changed my life, I was raised to believe Hitler was evil and you could not question him or the Nazi party. At first I could not believe it but I decided I should be open minded and watch it, and I do not regret it. I still am in shock, why would we not know this? Who is keeping this secret from us? I have to say the video and audio editing wasn't the best but that was because Dennis couldn't get help on this, who would want to be I won as the "guy who thinks the Nazis are good" of course no one would openly help, but for having no one at his side Denis did an amazing job and has opened the eyes of plenty, I honor the man for being the one who only end our eyes and Wales is up when n None else dared to, after all this is the biggest cover-up in the history of the world.

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Hidden History

Author: hanschristian1000 from United Kingdom
6 May 2014

Watching this documentary gave me a roller-coaster ride of emotions that I would never have expected. Shock, disbelief, sadness and finally anger, with untold incredible revelations throughout, all sourced in Part 26. I never thought I would ever watch a documentary that would change my whole opinion about Adolf Hitler and World War two. There were many sad parts and yes I admit I cried at times. The saddest being the tragic position Magda Goebbels found herself in and how she has been portrayed since. I felt most anger at the way we have been deceived both then and today, as I can see how the same deceitful tactics are used on every new generation. This is a documentary of epic proportions both musically and visually. A real eye opener, which dismantled all the war films and documentaries I have ever watched. Highly recommended.

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Has evidence to back up the statements.

Author: zzzardis from United States
10 October 2015

I watched the whole thing and was brought to tears many times regarding how events turned out. It is not propaganda like the shills below me are saying. Everything in here is backed up with evidence along with video footage confirming the narrative. It is a very long documentary, but most certainly worth the watch. I recommend everyone who is truly interested in WW2 history to watch this, especially if you are German!

You also learn about the true events of why Germany did what they did and why the masses of German citizens and even other nations followed him in is campaign. The German army was not a bunch of blue-eyed and blonde haired Aryans like Hollywood media tells you. You will be very surprised in the diversity of their army in WW2.

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A brilliant, balancing documentary - a must see!

Author: christianlopez-09771 from Sydney, Australia
7 November 2015

This documentary does a great job in balancing the narrative of World War 2. The film portrays the rise of Hitler, the National Socialists and the lead-up to WW2 from the German perspective. It could thus be said to be biased in favour of the National Socialists, but not more so than the average Western mainstream documentary whitewashes the Allies' war effort.

This is certainly the best and most informative WW2 documentary I've seen, which is all the more fascinating given the low-budget production.

This documentary ought to be compulsory viewing in all public schools worldwide. If it were, the US would never get away with invading small counties in the Middle East on false pretenses.

A must see!

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Truly Beautiful Story of A Great Man

Author: Michael Paul Corbett from Mayfield, KY
15 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had to watch this in three sittings because it is a lot of information to digest. We will never learn this information in school nor will any of it be confirmed by the media. A person could even be arrested in some countries for having learned the truth. Your mind may be blown away to discover the real story. One may even try to deny what they will learn from watching this film.

You must watch this film and open your heart to the truth. All of our lives we have been forced to believe lies simply because we won the war. Dennis Wise investigates the truth and exposes the FACTS about Adolf Hitler. Hitler wasn't perfect, but he was right!

Watch and decide why you have been told a different story based on no evidence to support it.

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Masterpiece, unforgettable!

Author: (alexander.pixel@gmail.com) from Sweden
6 December 2015

This documentary is amazing pure masterpieces never have I seen anything like this, there are some who dislike it but they are boring and already has a view of history from a school book, but if you think otherwise see this brilliant documentary that you will see coming never stand in your school book, remember it and you will never forget this documentary people complaining about this documentary is usually not able to be precise about what they dislike, but most likely is it that they turn sour for the documentary is not about the history writing they want in this documentary, this is not for the veteran soldiers of the Second World war this documentary is for those who became victims during the big countries lust for war see this documentary, it is unforgettable, do not forget that a documentary is not something you should look for find that any side is any better than anyone in this war was no good or evil just mad leaders

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More objective than what the schools teach.

Author: Yvar Val
9 January 2016

While slightly glorifying and slightly biased it is much less so than history as told by the other side (the winners). Which is the story we are indoctrinated with through the school system and our media. I would like to see a completely objective documentary about WW2 and the events leading up with no bias towards either side. This however, is as close as I've seen to objectivity on that subject so far. It could be done better technically but for a one man project on a miniature budget it is pretty well done. This documentary will really be an eye-opener as to who really controls the world of today and why the story of the second world war is told with such subjectivity as it is.

History is indeed written by the winners.

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The Truth For All To See.

Author: gundamzaedoss from London
23 December 2015

This is a masterpiece, a culmination of history that was told from the other side of the conflict, and boy is it shocking. Much like the madness in present Iraq/Syria/Afghanistan/Occupied Palestine, etc. etc.

I have to mention the fact that said Documentary can be bought at a reasonable price to support Dennis Wise from his website, the creator of this magistrate of truth.

I can see that some reviewers have ultimately praised it but have implored to share it via piracy; I can imagine why they would want that; they want this to go viral because of its exceedingly potential credulence, and incredible truth of importance, I get it. But seriously guys if you're not going to reward the poor man for his exhausting hard work then it's going to be sad and unfair for the truth-teller. :(

Please people, if you're to make this viral, then do so by buying from his website, the importance of truth is indeed absolute, but to reward and pay the pied piper is even more important; without Dennis's exhausting hard work, we'd remain in the darkness of lies until our deaths... Please pay him up! Go to his website and buy his work.

His website. http://thegreateststorynevertold.TV/

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Eye Opening Truth

Author: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
25 March 2016

I have never seen such an amazing perspective to a documentary, about the 'Greatest Story Never Told'! It included rare historical footage, which is quite stunning. The content was extremely easy to understand and very informative. The footage is presented with a background Soundtrack that is not horrific or dark like every other documentary, but very calm and suitable, so that you find yourself in the past watching the history pass in front of you. The movie was separated in several chapters, which is helpful for the viewer to understand every single detail about the content. This documentary is not manipulating me to hate someone, who I never met in my life before. This is the main reason I liked this movie. I was able to see another human being in front of me. I can only thank for the eye opening experience that completely changed my view towards history and the world… I know now, that people need to learn their history themselves, and only themselves. You are free to search, so use this opportunity. We people are scared to search,or speak out the truth. It's simply 'forbidden'. It's the same thing as someone holding his hands in front of our eyes, and we are afraid to say something. Something is supposed to change in our minds...

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