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T'Challa had a much smaller role in the earlier drafts and did not even appear in costume, as the writers intended to put more focus on Spider-Man and save Black Panther's origin for his own movie. However, when it looked like Marvel would not be getting permission to use Spider-Man, Black Panther's role was beefed up significantly. By the time they did get to use Spider-Man, T'Challa had already become so integral to the plot that they decided to leave his role as it is and give Spider-Man a smaller part.
The finalists for the Spider-Man role did separate screen tests with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., with the intent of seeing whose chemistry fit the best with both Evans and Downey.
The film coincides with the 75th anniversary of Captain America. 2016 also marks the 10th anniversary of the original Civil War comic book and Black Panther's 50th anniversary.
The day before filming a fight scene with Robert Downey Jr., Sebastian Stan sent him a video of himself doing intense bicep curls in front of the decapitated head of an Iron Man suit. He attached the message, 'Looking forward to our scene tomorrow Robert.'
In the film, the Falcon utilizes a falcon drone called Redwing. In the mainstream Marvel comics, Redwing was an actual falcon, which was Sam Wilson's sidekick.
Tom Holland commented on how intimidated he was when he came to screen test for Spider-Man, saying that Robert Downey Jr. took him aside and said, "Listen, I remember my screen test for Iron Man. I remember how terrified I was. Just think of it as an audition. It's nothing too scary. If you get it wrong, we'll just start again. No pressure."
When the production of the film wrapped up, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie raced each other while in their super hero suits.
Co-director Joe Russo said that "the most powerful shot of the film" was Steve Rogers stopping a helicopter from taking off, with his bare hands. The shot was even featured in the first teaser trailer for the film. Russo said Chris Evans worked very hard in the gym to physically embody the character because they wanted to test the limit's of Steve's physical strength. About the shot itself, he noted, "On set, we had Chris straining against a crane, holding the helicopter to get this fantastic shot of his muscles bulging, and you can feel the energy and determination as he tries to stop it."
Chris Evans revealed that he was hesitant to take the role of Captain America early on, but now considers it one of the best decisions he has ever made.
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) remarks how attractive Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) is. Downey and Tomei actually had a relationship in the 1990s, and appeared in two other films together: Chaplin (1992) and Only You (1994).
One scene shows Ant-Man being boosted by an arrow from Hawkeye. This is taken directly from the comics, specifically The Avengers #223.
Samuel L. Jackson was "surprised" to discover that Nick Fury would not be in the film after "the Russo Brothers told him he was." Executive Producer Nate Moore stated that Fury was not included "because he didn't add anything to the Civil War story they were telling."
Tom Holland is the youngest person to portray Spider-Man/Peter Parker on screen at 19 years old.
The longest Marvel film to date, at 2 hours and 27 minutes.
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely's original idea for Captain America 3 was a vastly different and much smaller film without the other Avengers, but Kevin Feige suggested they adapt Civil War instead. Certain parts of their original idea still made into the movie, such as the emphasis on Steve and Bucky's relationship, as well as the use of Baron Zemo as the villain.
Spider-Man was very nearly removed from the film, as Sony Pictures originally rejected Marvel's proposal to allow them a cut of the profit if they could pull Spider-Man over, but Sony Corporation expressed disappointment in the financial returns and the critical reception of The Amazing Spider-Man series and decided to negotiate a deal again.
In an interview, Daniel Brühl said the budget for this movie was so huge that you could make twenty films from it.
Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans described the dynamic between Iron Man/Tony Stark and Captain America/Steve Rogers as a marriage, saying, "We love each other, but it's explosive. You're working toward the same goal, but you have very different approaches to it. It's blurry, and that's what makes it great; no one's right, no one's wrong. It's going to make it even harder for them to come to an agreement."
Chadwick Boseman underwent a vigorous training program to get in fighting shape for the character. While admittedly not a big reader of comics as a kid, Boseman read as many comics as possible for anything Black Panther-related. Boseman also visited South Africa to better incorporate cultural aspects of the country into his role.
Anthony Mackie described the film as "The Avengers: Part 2.5.". Jeremy Renner said it would be like an Avengers movie due to a lot of characters being involved.
This is the live-action debut of T'Challa, the Black Panther, one of the first black superheroes in American comic books.
Robert Downey Jr. acted as the younger Tony Stark along with John Slattery and Hope Davis. Lola FX provided the "de-aging" visual effects on the face and hair of Downey Jr. with footage and photos of his early career as references.
When Steve and Bucky remember going on a double date in Brooklyn when they were younger, the Captain mentions Bucky's date was a redhead named Dolores, with the nickname Dot. That description fits with one of Peggy Carter's nemeses from Agent Carter (2015), Dottie Underwood, also exploited as a weapon by the Soviets
The filmmakers describe Bucky Barnes as a divided character, saying, "He's not Bucky Barnes anymore, he's not the Winter Soldier anymore; he's something in between. There's a part of his personality that was under mind control, and he murdered a lot of people. So he's got a very complicated history. Who is that person? How does that character move forward?"
Chris Evans injured his arm muscles while filming the iconic shot of Captain America holding back a helicopter with his hands. Evans said, "That shot is a little bit of bicep porn. 'Zoom in on the biceps' - that's what the script said. Kevin Feige didn't airbrush my biceps, that's me. It's not a utilitarian shot, it's a shot where you're trying to look heroic. That position (of holding the helicopter with one hand and the ledge with another) is actually a very unnatural position to use to stop something but we used it because I have to flex my bicep, you are trying to make the scene look great. And I genuinely messed my arm doing that shot because of the strain." Robert Downey Jr. joked that the film-makers didn't mind that Evans hurt himself because of how great the shot turned out and they have been using it to promote the film ever since. Anthony Russo revealed that the iconic shot almost did not happen because on the day of the film-making there was a miscommunication with the costume department and Evans came in wearing a thick jacket. They immediately sent him back to change because then they wouldn't have been able to film the shot of his muscles bulging as intended in the script.
The film was going to feature the Incredible Hulk, but he was shifted to Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and so the filmmakers chose Thunderbolt Ross in the film as a substitute to illustrate the theme of destructive power: "We thought it would be interesting to use a character who had a fanatical anti-superhero point of view, built on experience. He's cornering the Avengers politically now, he's out-maneuvering them."
Marvel initially wanted to hire Robert Downey Jr. to reprise Tony Stark as a small role, with just three weeks of work. However, Downey wanted a larger role, which would lead to a bigger payday. Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter was furious over the request, prompting him to order the screenwriters to write Tony Stark out of the script completely. When the deal seemed like it was off the table, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige pushed to hire Downey, citing that his casting in the film could leave the door open for sequels, new franchises, and dramatic possibilities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Civil War could drive future story lines for these films. As a result with Downey's casting, the actor received a substantial payout that includes a back-end participation deal and another payout if the film's box office gross succeeds Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).
Chris Evans has stated that this film will set up Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Untitled Avengers Movie (2019).
The Black Panther costume is a combination of a practical costume and visual effects.
Costume designer Judianna Makovsky revealed that for all of Chris Evans's scenes where he is in civilian outfits (outside the suit), they purposefully make him wear T-Shirts which are many sizes smaller than his actual size so that his muscles pop on camera. Evans said all his T-shirt scenes are scheduled at the start of the filming because he loses a lot of weight over the months it takes to film a Marvel movie. He said specially that filming the action scenes wearing the Captain America suit makes him lose a lot of his size.
Hope van Dyne was going to become The Wasp in an earlier draft of the script, but she was removed due to concerns that reducing her role to a cameo alongside the other characters would be a disservice to her as a character. The fact that Evangeline Lilly was pregnant at the time also probably influenced the decision. Kevin Feige has asserted that she will officially take on the Wasp mantle in a substantial role at a later point in Phase 3, which was later revealed to be in a new project entitled Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).
This movie marks the beginning of Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the 13th film overall.
The casting for the role of Spider-Man was down to two choices: Tom Holland and Charlie Plummer. While both of them scored good reviews in their respective screen tests, there was a split in the casting decision. Marvel, represented by producer Kevin Feige, wanted Plummer, but Sony Pictures (who owns distribution and film rights to solo Spider-Man films) co-studio chief, Amy Pascal, wanted Holland. In the end, Holland was cast as he had a slight advantage over Plummer due to the age factor. Being 17, at the time of casting (June 2015), both studios realized that Plummer is still bound by child-labor law and hence until he reaches 18, the filming schedule for Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) involving Plummer will have to be limited to a few hours per day.
During the airport fight scene a truck has the Bluth family logo. It is the same "stair car" (portable staircase for an airplane) that was the subject of many running jokes in the sitcom Arrested Development (2003). The Russo Brothers, the directors of Captain America: Civil War, also directed the pilot for and many other episodes of Arrested Development.
Tom Holland made audition tapes together with Jon Bernthal while filming Pilgrimage (2017), with Holland landing the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Bernthal the role of Frank Castle/The Punisher in Daredevil (2015).
Franchise star Tom Hiddleston confessed that even though he did not star in the film, it contained one of his favorite moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - the helicopter scene. He enthused, "I mean Chris Evans does a bicep curl - with a helicopter! If you don't love that, we can't be friends."
In the Civil War comic book series Tony Stark builds Spider-Man an "Iron Spider" suit; it's gold/red and laden with armor and gadgets. In this film Spider-Man receives a suit in his normal blue/red cloth attire, but it does have gadgets.
Marisa Tomei was in her fifties when portraying Aunt May, in contrast to Rosemary Harris being in her seventies in Spider-Man (2002) and Sally Field in her sixties in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).
Spider-Man's suit design is based on his original look in the comics when he debuted in 1962. The goggles change size to reflect Spider-Man's expressive eyes in the comics, and also allow him to hone his senses and focus.
After the 'Civil War' crossover event in Marvel comics was complete another big crossover event was 'Secret Invasion,' which revealed that the shape-shifting alien villains The Skrulls had been replacing key people in government and the super powered community for decades, and that they are at least partially to blame for leading to the events of the civil war as a means to soften human society for a full scale invasion. Since the Skrulls are villains of the Fantastic Four, Disney/Marvel most likely can not use them in future films at this time. Also the idea of a "secret invasion" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already very close to what happened when HYDRA revealed they grew inside S.H.I.E.L.D.
Marisa Tomei is the third Oscar-nominated actress to play Aunt May. Rosemary Harris is an Oscar nominee and Sally Field is an Oscar winner (Tomei won an Oscar as well).
According to Lola VFX, the visual effects studio who have worked on all three Captain America movies, in order to create the "young Tony Stark" illusion: "Every feature of the face and body needed to be addressed in some fashion. One thing that happens to all of us is that the skin of the face gradually lowers in certain areas, and needs to be 'lifted' back to where it was at the age in question. But other changes are incredibly subtle, such as increase in the way light reflects off the sheen of the skin, a reduction in the appearance of tiny blood vessels under the surface of some parts of the face, or more blood flow in the cheeks giving them that familiar youthful 'glow.' The shot was nearly 4,000 frames long, with Tony Stark turning from one side to the other multiple times, physically interacting with other actors, and the set itself, and moving closer to the camera for a very long, uninterrupted close-up."
The title of this movie was jokingly announced as Captain America: Serpent Society during the announcement of Marvel Phase 3.
Costume designer Judianna Makovsky said her favorite character to design for was Paul Bettany's Vision. She said she dressed him very stylishly, with elegant cashmere sweaters and cardigans and gave him one of the 'dandiest accessories' - an ascot. She said that even though it might not be visible in the movie, he's wearing an ascot in most of his civilian scenes.
Martin Freeman described Everett Ross as someone who "works for the American government...[and] works in conjunction with the superheroes, and certain agencies that help to tame the superheroes' power". In terms of whether Ross would side with Stark or Rogers in the film, Freeman said that Ross is "ambiguous" and "you don't know whether he's good or bad" so "you're not quite sure which side he's on. It looks a little bit like he's playing one game when actually he's playing another."
When Friday shows Tony Stark the photos of Zemo, he asks if she's run facial recognition, to which she replies 'what do I look like?'. He says 'I don't know. I've been picturing a redhead.' Kerry Condon, who voices Friday, is indeed a redhead.
Chris Evans refuted claims that his biceps were CGI enhanced for the film's famous helicopter shot. He instead prepped a lot in lieu of artificial enhancement saying, "That was really my arm, and you know what, I took a page of Anthony Mackie's book. When we were doing Avengers: Age of Ultron, for certain scenes, I worked out just before the take but there were a bunch of scenes where I was the only one out of the cast doing it and I'd be embarrassed and feel shame. So I didn't do it that often. And then we started Civil War and Mackie has no shame. Before each take Mackie's just curling weights non-stop and I thought, 'Yeah! What are you doing Chris? Just curl some weights! Who cares? I am not going to worry about 20 people judging me as opposed to 200 million people seeing the scene forever.' So before the helicopter scene, I lifted a lot of weights to get pumped. It's not like I woke up and I looked like that, that was me lifting weight for hours on end prior to filming that scene. There certainly was a lot of pressure. I was fully aware of what they wanted that shot to be. I wanted that shot to be great too."
A large part of the film is set in Romania, where Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, was born.
Unlike her previous Marvel films, Scarlett Johansson never appeared for interviews, premieres, press conferences or any other events to promote the film.
The Spider-Man suit in this film is influenced by Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr.. The extra dark shading around the eyes and web cartridges on his belt are few of the minor updates.
Filming started on May 7, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. The cast was working in 90F/32C degree weather in costume.
In the film, when Bucky, Captain America, Falcon, and Black Panther are first captured Bucky is placed in a cell marked D23. D23 is the official fan club for The Walt Disney Company and the fourth D23 Expo was held on August 14-16, 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, where the first footage from the film was screened.
Mutants (such as the X-Men) play a part in the original comic book story as human society had always held a prejudice against mutant-kind while also being accepting of non-mutant heroes. When the tide turns against all powered people some characters view it as fitting since non-mutant heroes had it easy for so long and others view it as troubling. Since 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the Marvel concept of "mutants" this will not be a part of the film.
When Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier is in Bucharest, Romania, he is shown to be buying plums at a fruit market. Plums are actually beneficial in treating those with Alzheimer's disease (a form of dementia characterized by memory loss), which therefore is suitable for Bucky because he has been brainwashed and is trying to remember his life before the Winter Soldier.
On "The Late Late Show" Paul Rudd admitted that much of Ant-Man's star struck reactions to meeting Captain America and his allies were greatly based on his own real first reactions upon meeting those cast members. He even owned up to the inappropriate 'arm fondling' bit, though it was in fact Sebastian Stan's mechanical arm he was so interested in, rather than Captain America's as depicted in the film.
According to the Russo brothers, the title for this movie has been in existence for over a decade.
While fighting the Winter Soldier, Black Widow asks him, "You could at least recognize me.". This is a reference to the Soviet Scientist she was guarding when she was shot by the Winter Soldier. This may also be a reference to a storyline in the comics where the two were romantically involved, or the story she told in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) of being shot by him while in a mission. Or from their scenes in The Winter Soldier when again he was trying to kill her.
Tony Stark warns Captain America's side that if they don't surrender to Stark, some "JSOC" guys will come after them instead. This is a reference to the U.S. military's Joint Special Operations Command. JSOC oversees elite units like the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team Six, the U.S. Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and the U.S. Army's Delta Force and 75th Ranger Regiment.
The Vision's civilian clothing (slacks, sweater, Ascot) was inspired by 1940s actor Cary Grant's attire.
The second movie which reunited Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon) after The Hurt Locker (2008). Although they are both in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), this is the first time they share scenes together.
John Slattery who plays Howard Stark, is only 2 years older than Robert Downey Jr. who plays Tony Stark, Howard's son - but since his final scene is set 25 years earlier (in 1991) that makes Howard 27 years older than Tony.
This film is Spider-Man's first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
This is the 3rd film in the MCU to feature a pre-Marvel Studios logo 'cold open' scene. The first was Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and the second was Ant-Man (2015).
The words Homecoming and Seventeen in Winter Soldier's Hydra command reference the title and date of release of the next Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). Both these words are only mentioned in the theatrical version of the film.
Co-director Joe Russo cited Se7en (1995) and Fargo (1996) as influences on this film.
Martin Freeman plays Everett Ross. His co-star in Sherlock (2010) Benedict Cumberbatch, who played alongside Freeman in Sherlock (2010), The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) is also slated to play Doctor Strange (2016).
Thor and The Hulk's absences in the film will be explained in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
Steve Rogers (Captain America) kissed a different woman, a single time each, in each of his three solo movies: Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Natasha Romanoff in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), and Sharon Carter in Captain America: Civil War.
This is the fourth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to gross $1 billion.
Tom Holland slightly damaged his nose while doing a flip when filming a scene.
Ant-Man says the phrase "I'm your conscience, we haven't spoken for a while," the same phrase was used by Marlin in Finding Nemo (2003). These lines are both references to Pinocchio (1940), which Ultron also refers to in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) by quoting "I've Got No Strings".
The working title that was used to create the film was "Sputnik". In the comics, "Sputnik" used to trigger the Winter Soldier's mind control, much like the sequence ""Longing, Rusted,Furnace ,Daybreak ,Seventeen , Benign,Nine, Homecoming, One, Freight Car" for his cinematic counterpart.
Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross' first appearance in the MCU since his debut in The Incredible Hulk (2008). To date, that is the longest gap between a character's appearances in the MCU (8 years). Despite the long absence, William Hurt reprised the role, though Ross is now Secretary of State, as opposed to General in "Incredible Hulk".

This also makes William Hurt the first actor from "Incredible Hulk" to return in a later MCU film, aside from Robert Downey Jr and Stan Lee, who both had cameos in "Incredible Hulk".
This will be the first theatrically released film featuring Spider-Man where the visual effects for the character are not being produced by another company affiliated with Sony, the rights holder to Spider-Man. Industrial Light & Magic, which handles much of the special effects for the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series, will be producing the visual effects.
Alfre Woodard plays Miriam, the mother of a young man who was killed during the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) in Sokovia. In the Civil War comic book, Miriam's son (named Damian, who was in grade school in the comics) was killed when a battle that reached his school between the super hero team New Warriors and some bad guys, (including Nitro whose powers include him being able to explode and reconstitute himself after) destroyed a nearby school bus causing a large gas explosion that destroyed the school which caused hundreds of deaths and was the impetus for the Superhero Registration Act.
This is the first film featuring Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross without Bruce Banner/Hulk.
On October 13, 2014, it was announced that Robert Downey Jr. would be joining the cast of this film, and that it would follow the Civil War storyline.
The Wankandan language spoken by King T'Chaka and Prince T'Challa is Xhosa, a native language of many South Africans.
Bucky's code name "Winter Soldier" could have multiple sources of meaning. Winter could represent his maintenance as he is kept on ice whenever he's inactive. It could represent that he is a relic from The Cold War or that his humanity was stripped to make him the coldest of assassins.
The reported six finalists for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man were Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield, Judah Lewis, Matt Lintz, Charlie Plummer, and Charlie Rowe before Holland was cast.
Marks the sixth collaboration between Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in 12 years, following The Perfect Score (2004), The Nanny Diaries (2007), The Avengers (2012), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).
Although Spider-Man's suit was composed of CGI for every scene, a physical prototype Spider-Man suit was built during production that Tom Holland wore on set during some filming. It wasnt until later that the film makers decided to scrap the suit alltogether, and replace it with a CGI version. The prototype suit differed from the final product on screen as it features raised webbing, and a classic spider symbol, which was very reminiscient of the symbol shown in the very first Spider-Man comic, released in 1962.
Logan Lerman, Dylan O'Brien, and Asa Butterfield (among many others) were considered for the role of Peter Parker.
During the virtual reality scene at MIT, Maria Stark plays the piano and sings the song "Try To Remember" from the 1960 musical The Fantasticks. This song's lyrics link nostalgia for the month of September with the singer's lost youth: "Try to remember the kind of September / When life was slow and oh, so mellow / Try to remember the kind of September / When grass was green and grain was yellow / Try to remember the kind of September / When you were a young and callow fellow..." After Maria finishes singing and the VR presentation is done, Tony announces to the MIT students that he has given them grants for all of their research projects under the auspices of his new foundation--the "September Foundation."
During his meeting with Tony Stark, Peter Parker tells him that he's only had his powers as Spider-Man for six months, hence clarifying the character's lack of involvement in previous MCU films.
Ant-Man's helmet design has changed since the last movie. In Ant-Man (2015), the face-mask was in two parts. In this movie, the mask comes off as a solid piece.
Peter Parker (Tom Holland) wears a pizza shirt when he met Tony Stark for the first time. Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker worked as a pizza delivery man in Spider-Man 2 (2004).
The young "Tony Stark" at the start of his MIT presentation is not a cast of actor, but the result of months of CGI and modeling of the Robert Downey Jr. himself. This was confirmed by the actor himself on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014).
The Raft in the comics is a facility in New York which is part of Ryker's Island Penitentiary that is designed to hold captured supervillains which is run by SHIELD. In the film it is located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and run by the US military instead as SHIELD had been disbanded. Notably the first storyline of the New Avengers series which started not long before the Civil War crossover event began involving the prison riot was actually the Raft's first appearance in the comics. While the Raft was not used in the original Civil War comic book storyline to hold the captured superheroes, it was mentioned though.
Robert Downey Jr.'s 7th appearance as Tony Stark (counting his small, uncredited cameo in The Incredible Hulk (2008)).
Chad L. Coleman was considered for the role of Black Panther.
This is the first theatrical movie to have Spider-Man team up with other Marvel superheroes.
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Earlier drafts of a third 'Captain America' film had Brock Rumlow/Crossbones secretly working as a mercenary for the Red Skull (just like in the comics), but these ideas were scrapped and re-worked when the film-makers decided to follow the 'Civil War' storyline.
The first film to be shot with the Alexa IMAX, featuring 15 minutes of footage. The Alexa IMAX was a collaborative development between Arri and IMAX in customizing the Alexa 65 6.5k camera to facilitate viewings in IMAX theatres without overhauling equipment.
When the film introduces Peter Parker in Queens, the introduction shot is behind him showing the character casually holding a DVD player against the side of his body. In The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), one of first few introductory shots of Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) has the character holding a skateboard in a similar manner with an almost identical frame composition.
The Marvel video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009) was also based on the Civil War comic.
This is the first movie in the MCU where Tony Stark uses only one Iron Man suit. In the first Iron Man (2008), Tony uses the Mark 1 to escape the cave, the Mark 2 to experiment with the tech and the Mark 3 to attack the Ten Rings and his final battle with Stane. In Iron Man 2 (2010), Tony uses the Mark 4 at the beginning, the Mark 5 during his fight with Vanko at the Grand Prix, and the Mark 6 in the final battle. In The Avengers (2012), Tony uses the Mark 6 for most of the film and then utilizes the Mark 7 for the battle of New York. In Iron Man Three (2013), Tony uses the Mark 42, the silver centurion armor, the Mark 40 and the "Heartbreaker" armor in his battle with Killian. In Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Tony utilizes the Mark 43 in the opening scene and in his initial battle with Ultron. Then Tony uses the Mark 44 otherwise known as the Hulkbuster armor against the Hulk in South Africa. Finally Tony uses the Mark 45 in the battle of Sokovia. In Civil War Tony only uses the Mark 46.
Peter Parker/Spider-Man mentions Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) during the fight with Giant-Man. This is a very appropriate quote, as Marvel now has regained the rights to create Star Wars comic books (and has been doing so again since January of 2015).
Every phase of the MCU starts with a film that stars Tony Stark / Iron Man as at least one of the main characters. Phase One started with Iron Man (2008), Phase Two started with Iron Man Three (2013), and Phase Three started with Captain America: Civil War (2016). Tony Stark / Iron Man was the main character (or one of the main characters) in each of these movies.
Although Marisa Tomei only appeared for roughly two minutes in the movie, she still had an assistant on set.
Robert Downey Jr.'s other recurring role is Sherlock Holmes. Cast member Martin Freeman plays Doctor Watson on Sherlock (2010). Freeman co-stars with Benedict Cumberbatch who shares the role of Sherlock will star in Doctor Strange (2016).
According to Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers' mother's name was Sarah.
On 23 June 2015, Tom Holland was reported to have landed the role as Spider-Man.
The first time Chris Evans does not appear with Samuel L. Jackson in a MCU movie. (with the exceptions of his cameos in Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Ant-Man (2015)).
The film's cast includes two Oscar winners: Marisa Tomei, and William Hurt, and four Oscar nominees Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, and Alfre Woodard. Jim Rash also won an Oscar for screenwriting.
In one scene Hawkeye refers to Tony Stark as 'the futurist,' which is also the title of a 2004 album by Robert Downey Jr. on the Sony Classical label.
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This is the first time Robert Downey Jr.. appears as one of the main characters in another character's film (Disregarding his uncredited role in The Incredible Hulk (2008)).
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During the fight at the airport, there is an airplane that says "Blauflug". This loosely translates as JetBlue.
Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Rudd have both worked with previous Spider-Man portrayer, Tobey Maguire. Rudd appeared with him in The Cider House Rules (1999) while Downey worked with him in Wonder Boys (2000) and a short scene at the beginning of Tropic Thunder. Wonder Boys also featured Michael Douglas, who played Dr. Pym in Ant-Man (2015).
Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) & Daniel Brühl (Zemo) were both previous co-stars of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) in films In the Heart of the Sea (2015) and Rush (2013) respectively. While Brühl's character may no longer have any significance in future MCU films, Holland will get the chance to co-star again along with Hemsworth.
This is the third time Robert Downey Jr. and Alfre Woodard have been in a movie together. The first movie was Heart and Souls (1993) and the second was The Singing Detective (2003).
Real German Newspresenter Laura Dünnwald and Michael Marx are shown on TV in two Scenes. The show calling Newstime is airing daily at German Channel Pro7.
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Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Paul Rudd have all guest starred in episodes of Robot Chicken (2005)
Hope Davis who plays Maria Stark, is only 1 year older than Robert Downey Jr. who plays Tony Stark, Maria's son - but since her final scene is set 25 years earlier (in 1991) that makes Maria 26 years older than Tony. Hope Davis and Robert Downey Jr. co-starred in the film Charlie Bartlett (2007).
Vision, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Scarlet Witch weren't part of the original comic book storyline. The first three were dead at the time while Wanda was missing and insane.
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In the blu-ray commentary, they verify that the drawer Bucky gets the gun from in Siberia is indeed labled "Romanov" and is Natasha's.
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In all 3 Captain America films, Bucky falling into a body of water represents a major change to the character. In Winter Soldier, falling into the Potomac marks the beginning of his recovery. In Civil War, falling into the river in Germany makes him realize the brainwashing still affects him. He also falls into a river during his death scene which marks his transformation into an assassin, but this is not revealed until the second film.
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One of the major surprises to comic book fans was that Cap would refuse to be on the government's side, as he has been working for the army and SHIELD since WWII. His hero name actually reflects his real military rank.
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The date December 16th was also important in a previous film, Political Animals (2012), involving Sebastian Stan's character.
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The film takes place in 1991 and 2016.
William Hurt previously appeared in The Incredible Hulk (2008) as the on-screen father of Liv Tyler's character. That makes this film the second time that Martin Freeman has worked with Tyler's on-screen father. Previously, Hugo Weaving played her father in the Lord of the Rings films, and returned to play the role again in the Hobbit films. Weaving and Richard Armitage had previously appeared together in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).
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Alfre Woodward whom makes a cameo in the film as Miriam, the woman whom blames The Avengers for her son's death, when The Avengers fought Ultron in the battle of Sokovia. 20 years before the film's release, Alfre Woodward had starred in another science fiction film about cyborgs. That film was Star Trek: First Contact (1996) as Lily Sloane.
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Although Civil War is the third Captain America movie, the film is technically, but unofficially the 3rd Avengers film. Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is the official 3rd Avengers film.
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Tony Stark is modeled on Howard Hughes, who was also the subject of The Aviator (2004). Cast members Jude Law and Ian Holm have also played Dr. John Watson and Bilbo Baggins, respectively. Martin Freeman has played both of those roles himself. His cast mate was another MCU actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.
Helmut Zemo in this film cannot be the same Baron Zemo as the comics because of age. Therefore, the touching story about his father is more likely to be the Zemo who was an infamous Nazi although probably his grandfather would be old enough.
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Like the comics, this film demonstrates the most common side effect of all post-Erskine attempts to replicate the super-soldier formula: insanity.
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Paul Rudd's character of Scott Lang uses his Pym Particle-powered suit to turn into Giant-Man for the first time on screen. In the animated movie _Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)_, Rudd played the fiancee of the main character Ginormica (Susan Murphy), who also becomes a gigantic humanoid monster with amazing strength after absorbing the radiation from a comet made of a rare element.
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It has been rumored that there will be another Civil War movie and that the divided Avengers led by Captain America and Iron Man will continue to fight each other.
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Alfre Woodard: as Miriam Sharpe, the mother of an American citizen killed in the battle of Sokovia. Woodard was suggested for the role by Robert Downey Jr., before Marvel Studios learned of her casting as Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage (2016).
Ann Russo: the wife of co-director Anthony Russo, provided the voice of Helmut Zemo's wife in the message box of Zemo's phone.
Jim Rash: near the beginning of the film. Rash worked with the Russo Brothers in Community (2009). Another Community star, Danny Pudi, made a cameo appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Sebastian Stan revealed that the backpack that Bucky is seen wearing in the trailers contains journals that he has put together of his scattered memories.
The film reveals that Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier has been hiding out in Bucharest, which is the capital and largest city of Romania. Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a Romanian-American actor, who was born in Constanta, Romania. In the first scene set in Bucharest, Bucky Barnes is buying fruits on a street market. Stan, who is fluent in Romanian, speaks in this scene some lines in perfect Romanian.
The film shows a bond beginning to form between Scarlet Witch and Vision, who were actually married for a time in the comics.
The filmmakers describe betrayal as a crucial theme in the film: "We didn't want the movie to be just about politics and people arguing about platitudes. The final act is built around a personal act between Tony and Steve."
In the post credits scene, Peter's web shooter emits a light which strongly resembles the 'Spider Signal' seen in the comics. This is the debut of the Spider Signal on screen.
The appearance of Giant-Man was kept secretive throughout production and marketing, evident from the absence of said character in all trailers and TV-spots, but Civil War's Funko Pop! figurines and a Lego set depicting the airport battle scene feature Giant-Man, which was released and advertised way before the movie's release date.
Mark Ruffalo was spotted on the set of the film, thus sparking rumors of a potential Hulk appearance in the film. But his role was ultimately cut from the final draft of the movie script
In the mid credits scene, waterfalls are shown in the kingdom of Wakanda. These scenes were filmed at the Iguazú Falls in Misiones, Argentina.
The image near the end of the film of Iron Man blasting Captain America's raised shield is an homage to the Civil War part 7 comic book cover.
Paul Bettany describes the Vision as exploring what it means to be human and what love is: "The only way one can guarantee one's loyalty is love."
In the film, T'Chaka is slain by Zemo and his son T'Challa joins with the Avengers to track him down. In the comics, T'Chaka was slain by Klaw and T'Challa joined with the Fantastic Four.
The speech which Sharon Carter makes at Peggy's funeral, is taken from a speech which Captain America makes in the comic Amazing Spider-Man #537 - "Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world - No, you move."
Robert Downey Jr.'s personal trainer Eric Oram stated that the trick to pitting Captain America against Iron Man "is to show Iron Man using the minimum force necessary to win the fight, and not to look like he's trying to go wild and kill somebody."
Towards the end of the film, Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier loses his left (cybernetic) arm. This continues the Marvel Cinematic Universe tradition of a character losing their left arm/hand started in the Phase 2 films, which pays homage to Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Other characters who lost an arm in MCU films: Aldrich Killian in Iron Man Three (2013), Thor in Thor: The Dark World (2013), Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Ulysses Klaue in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Phil Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013), and Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket in Ant-Man (2015). This, therefore, also marks the second time Bucky loses his left arm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Co-director Joe Russo portrayed the psychiatrist Theo Broussard, who was killed and replaced by Helmut Zemo during the course of the movie.
The words to activate Bucky were,Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight Car". Most of those words had a meaning specific to him.
Ragnarok (Thor's clone) is an integral part of the comic version of Civil War but not the movie.
In the movie Rhodes' spinal column is severely damaged as the result of an accident while he was in the War Machine suit. As a result, Rhodes uses bionic supports on his legs to move around during his recovery. This is a nod to an incident in the comics when Rhodes was badly injured and had to receive cybernetic implants for his legs, arms, and part of his face making him part cyborg (similar to DC Comic's Cyborg, who is also a black superhero with cybernetic implants) which lasted until Marvel's Dark Reign event where Rhodes received a new cloned body for his mind to be transferred into.
Cameo - Stan Lee appears towards the end of the film as a FedEx delivery man. He mispronounces Tony Stark as Tony "Stank".
In the comics, while Spider-Man started off on Iron Man's side, he later shifted over to Captain America's side after learning that the Pro-Registration Side was imprisoning the captured unregistered heroes in a prison built in another dimension known as the "Negative Zone" against their will without due process (as it is technically not on American soil) until they agreed to register. In the film he fights on Iron Man's side, before being sent home by Iron Man after the battle at the airport in Germany.
During the Battle of the HYDRA Siberian Facility, when Captain America is asked by Iron Man to stand down, he responds "I could do this all day". This is phrase is also said twice in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), when Steve Rogers is beaten by a bully in an alley and later by Red Skull. In both instances, as in this one, Bucky saves Rogers directly after the sentence is stated.
Spider-Man has two costumes in the film, his original makeshift one he's seen wearing in YouTube footage and which Tony Stark eventually finds in Peter's apartment, and his new costume, created with Tony's collaboration which more closely resembles the classic costume.
In the comics, the second Giant-Man, Bill Foster, is one of the Anti-Registration heroes who was killed by Thor's clone Ragnarok during the first battle between both sides. The concept of Scott Lang becoming Giant-Man to fight back against Iron Man's team (who was incapable of enlarging himself in the comics) as well as War Machine being injured as a result of Vision's attack (though it was accidental) are similar to this.
By the end of the movie, the Avengers logo on Captain America's arm is no longer there, representing the Avengers are no longer his.
Part of Sharon Carter's eulogy for Peggy Carter was written as part of the Marvel Civil War in the Spider-Man comics by J. Michael Straczynski, writer/creator of Babylon 5 (1994) and credited for the story for the Marvel film Thor (2011). The speech comes from an inspirational speech Captain America gives to Spider-Man during the Marvel Civil War to explain why he continues to fight against the Superhuman Registration Act when the country he represents are all for it. As a child Captain America memorized a monologue that influenced his understanding of what it meant not only to be a patriot, but what it really meant to be an American. The whole philosophy stems from the writing of Mark Twain, on a monologue known as, "In a Republic, who is the Country?".
Multiple references to different themes that aren't related to the MCU are made throughout the film: while confined, Sam Wilson/Falcon tells Tony Stark/Iron Man to bring Mark Fuhrman if he wants him to talk (Mark Fuhrman was a key part in the 1994-5 O.J. Simpson trial, having been thought to frame the football player because of his hatred towards black people), and during the final scene in Siberia, Iron Man calls Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier "Manchurian Candidate", referring to the twice-filmed novel in which American soldiers are thought to be brain-washed.
When Redwing hits Iron Man in the head during the airport scene, a circle of 'feathers', possibly shrapnel, can be seen, as a reference to when characters are hit in cartoons or comics.
In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon are arrested by Hydra posing as Shield, which they escaped having been freed by Maria Hill. In this movie Captain America, Falcon and Winter Soldier are also arrested by German Special Forces, and escape after Winter Soldier goes rogue, with help from Agent 13 Sharon Carter.
The car Tony drives up to the compound in is an 2015 Orange Audi R8.
During the closing credits the song "Left Hand Free" by the band Alt-J plays. This song is significant due to the fact that Bucky loses his robotic left arm during his fight with Iron Man.
One of two films released in the same year which show the parents of a multi-billionaire superhero being murdered. In Captain America : Civil War, Tony Stark's parents are murdered in a flashback. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) had a scene where the parents of Bruce Wayne are murdered. Both Bruce Wayne-Batman and Tony Stark-Iron Man share a lot of common characteristics. Both are Extremely Intelligent superheroes with no Super human powers other that their Gadgets and Suits. Tony Stark is the CEO of Stark Industries (founded by his father) whereas Bruce Wayne is the CEO of Wayne Corp (founded by his merchant ancestors).
Stan Lee's second cameo playing a delivery man. In this film, he plays a FedEx driver delivering a package to Tony Stark. In Fantastic Four (2005), he played Willie Lumpkin, a USPS mailman who delivered Reed Richards' ("Mr. Fantastic") mail to him early in the movie.
In Knocked Up (2007), Paul Rudd's character argues with his wife about having snuck out to see Spider-Man 3 (2007). In Captain America: Civil War, Paul Rudd's character (Ant-Man/Scott Lang) fights Spider-Man.
This is the second film featuring Don Cheadle in which a "pinch" is used to set an electromagnetic pulse that interrupts the electrical grid. In Ocean's Eleven (2001) Cheadle's character, rogue explosives expert Basher Tarr, uses one stolen from a research lab to shut down Las Vegas' electrical grid while his partners in crime robbed three casinos. In Civil War, the villain Zemo ships a pinch to unwitting workers at a substation. The workers unwittingly trigger the pinch, and Zemo, posing as a psychologist sent to examine Bucky Barnes after he was captured in Germany, uses the ensuing blackout to interact with Barnes unobserved and trigger Barnes' Soviet "Winter Soldier" programming. Nothing good comes of it.
All three movies in the Captain America trilogy involve Captain America falling into a water body: The Arctic in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Potomac River in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and possibly River Spree in Civil War (2016).
Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and John Slattery (Howard Stark) are both in The Adjustment Bureau (2011).
Rogers letter to Stark hints at Captain America and Winter Soldier's possible return in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).
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According to the commentary, Cap dropping the shield foreshadows the appearance of the Nomad costume, a short period in the 70s comics where Cap continued to act as a hero without government sanction. However, in the comic Civil War storyline, Cap creates the Dark Avengers.
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Each Marvel superhero movie has a main theme:

-Iron Man (2008) and sequels - Weaponry and technology.

-The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Mutation and nuclear power.

-Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and sequels - Experimentation and espionage.

-Thor (2011) and sequels - Mythology and religion.

-Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Extraterrestrial life and cosmic beings.

-Ant-Man (2015) - Telepathy and control of animals.

-Doctor Strange (2016) - Magic and witchcraft.

-The Avengers (2012) - Alien Invasion.

-Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Artificial Intelligence.
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The bombing in Vienna results in 70 injured and 12 dead. The same numbers as the the Aurora Theatre shooting.
Deleted footage shows Rogers was a pallbearer at Peggy Carter's funeral
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In the narrative behind why Zemo wanted revenge on The Avengers: Zemo's family was killed in the battle of Sokovia, which he blamed The Avengers. Zemo decided to unleash vengeance on The Avengers by framing The Winter Soldier for the murder of T'chaka and find footage of Barnes assassinating Tony Stark/Iron Man's parents and use it to force Captain America, The Winter Soldier and Iron Man to fight and kill each other. With the Avengers divided and fighting each other and with the truth of Stark's parents murder exposed. Zemo would had brought down The Avengers and have his revenge.
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There is an extra scene which Barnes decides to go back into suspended animation until something can be done about his conditioning and Black Panther whom knows the truth about his father's assassination and that Barnes is innocent says that himself and Barnes are victims of Zemo. This hints the possibilities of there being another Civil War movie and that know Black Panther knows the truth about his father's death, it most likely he will take Captain America's side over Iron Man.
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An "avenger" is a person whom seeks revenge upon those who have wronged themselves or others. Iron Man and Black Panther both seek revenge upon The Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier is framed for the murder of Black Panther's father and Winter Soldier assassinated Iron Man's parents at the order of Hydra. Iron Man is a member of The Avengers.
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