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Lolita (1962)
another movie the Snob has seen where a man seduced a woman so he could sleep with her underage daughter.
The Graduate (1967)
"It's not the same when Benjamin tries seducing Mrs. Robinson."
Romeo and Juliet (1968)
also directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Twisted Nerve (1968)
"You're right, movie, Twisted Nerve is a much more romantic movie than this."
Rocky (1976)
"Man, this is like that scene from Rocky when he first kissed Adrien, only if, y'know, he killed her dad first."
Water Power (1977)
"I've seen a movie about a serial enema rapist, and THIS movie is creeping me out."
When a Stranger Calls (1979)
"This is about as romantic as the second half of"
The Fog (1980)
"Turning their house into The Fog is a better option."
The Blue Lagoon (1980)
another movie that exploited Brooke Shields' killer looks
The Apple (1980)
"Hell, the soundtrack to the Apple is too good for you."
The Evil Dead (1981)
"That is, if the Deadites stop wrecking the damn thing."
Heartbeeps (1981)
Snob switches the Moment by Moment poster with the poster for this movie.
Star 80 (1983)
"I remember this scene from Star 80. It was right before he blew her head off with the shotgun."
Sleepaway Camp (1983)
"Don't mind her, she just has to send Ricky and Angela on their way to camp."
Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
"It's Christmas in the asylum. Watch him go off the deep end when the nuns make him sit on Santa's lap."
The New Kids (1985)
"Have you seen The New Kids?"
Otello (1986)
also directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Fatal Attraction (1987)
"Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction didn't cause this much damage on a family."
Hamlet (1990)
also directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Jade (1995)
Snob says he'd rather watch this David and Jade banging than the ones in Endless Love.
Fear (1996)
"There is a line between teenage romance and the movie Fear."
Tea with Mussolini (1999)
also directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)
"This isn't the planetarium, they're just watching Attack of the Clones."
Twilight (2008)
"I know more about Bella and Edward than I know about these two."
Man of Steel (2013)
"Thank God you saved us, Man of Steel-style Superman."
Sharknado (2013) (TV Movie)
"Hell, even Sharknado here would've made a better lead."
Free Birds (2013)
"That'll teach you to star in a movie about time-traveling turkeys."
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Snob calls this movie crazy


Psycho (1960)
Snob inserts music from this movie over a creepy scene
Moment by Moment (1978)
Snob compares this to Endless Love and says Moment by Moment is better.
Endless Love (1981)
movie is reviewed
Endless Love (2014)
Snob mentions the remake

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