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Great documentary series

Author: grantss from Sydney, Australia
4 June 2015

Great documentary series.

It is not often nowadays that I watch a World War II documentary that teaches me something. Having read so many books and watched so many documentaries on the subject I figured there was nothing much more to know.

Then I watched this series.

The series details some of Germany's major construction and weapon projects during WW2. Shows very well the ingenuity and scale involved. Some are just pure attempts at one-upmanship (eg super-tanks), but most are born out of pure necessity.

Definitely worth watching.

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Big and Beautiful

Author: tonyrobb from Australia
26 March 2015

Thankfully the information in this production was excellent...HOWEVER..Who ever cast the people in it,must have been having a bad day!...Adolf Hitler,was a joke,he looked more like my friend next door!...Cannot fault the series though...very informative!..I never realised such weapons were thought of,and most impressive was the Norway Gun...Now that is something!.....I would recommend this to anyone interested in Super weapons.....It amazes me that the Germans were so advanced in weapons,I would not be surprised in years to come,more will be found,hidden in caves or mountains,the Germans certainly had the technology.

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Mega Show

Author: drjgardner from California
22 May 2016

Anyone interested in history, and especially World War 2, will find this compelling viewing. While we are aware of some of the mega weapons invented by the Nazis (e.g., the V2, the Bismarck, the Panzer) this show goes into great detail about each of the weapons and weapon systems. We learn not merely about the weapons, but their comparative value as well as their development, including costs, man power (often slave labor), and their priority within the political arena.

Even more interesting, there are on-site investigations of sunken ships (the Tripitz), abandoned manufacturing depots (the Panzers), re-modeled dry docks, etc. They have "battlefield archaeologists" and weapons experts and historians to bring you through every aspect of the show.

The only real fault is the guy who plays Hitler. Otherwise this is a great show.

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Both Seasons Are Fantastic

Author: History Observer from United Kingdom
15 February 2016

Well made.

Interestingly it appears the series was commissioned by a US Company but produced in by a UK crew (due to the nature of WWII being partly in Europe I imagine).

Consequently, this TV show actually has 2 names and 2 narrations.

In America I believe it is called Nazi Mega Weapons with a American narration.

In UK I believe it is called Nazi Mega Structures with a British narration.

It's nice to have a choice of narration.

The series aired on Channel 4 in the UK.

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Another piece of crap

Author: yusufooi_1997 from Penang, Malaysia
28 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Practically every comment on every release is just "Thanks" or "gr8 up". On occasion I'll post a review or critique of the show to let others know if it's worthwhile. I wish others would too. . . .

Now then. This is a typically terrible and lazy NG/DC/HC/MC documentary: to make what ought to be--given the amount of information presented--a ten minute show last an hour, they rehash everything after each commercial break and roll the same historical video clips and lousy animations over and over again. Featured are breathless experts of dubious credentials, terribly acted "reconstructions" (with an actor who looks nothing like Hitler), and, of course, facts taken out of context, such as the first episode's implication that Rommel was forced to commit suicide because of the failure of the Atlantic Wall defenses to stop the invasion of Normandy. . .not because of the assassination plot in which he was (probably wrongly) accused of being a conspirator.

Anyway, if one can stomach the numerous flaws endemic to these shitty productions, you might learn something in the few minutes of interesting content per episode. Just keep your finger near the fast forward button.

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Unnecessarily Biased and Repetitive

Author: stinkybuttface
27 April 2016

I really wanted to like this show.

In each episode you get a total of maybe 15 minutes showing cool and interesting inventions, development, and history surrounding the creations of the Nazi war machine during WWII.

The rest of the episode is either:

- Terrible CGI battles

- Horribly acted reenactments of some guy pretending to be Hitler yelling in German at other actors

- "Professional historian experts" stumbling around the country side magically finding entire wrecks of aircraft and other war memorabilia that some how hasn't been cleaned up or discovered since the 1940's (Yeah, right. The ruins of concrete buildings I understand, but an entire plane wreckage in a field? Come on.)

- A dozen or so painfully boring and long reminders at the end of each episode about how Germany lost the war to the allies repeated over and over and over Ad nauseam with montages of allied forces running up the beaches of Normandy and shots of Winston Churchill randomly walking around places

This show is more of an unnecessary propaganda piece to constantly remind the viewer that Germany lost the war than it is an informative historically accurate show to watch about the curious inventions during WWII.

We get it. Germany lost. We get it. The allies won. I know the victors write the history books (shows) but give it a rest. We just want to see some cool and revolutionary inventions that were created during that time period, not be shown the same shots of Omaha beach being invaded as an outro of every single episode while the historians and narrator desperately make sure the viewer knows that the Allies crushed the Nazi's.

Sadly, almost every show or documentary (History channel or not) attempting to show any information about the Nazi's or Germany during WWII takes this "propaganda over informative" route. You'd be hard pressed to find any type of media or entertainment that is unbiased enough to simply admit Germany had revolutionary inventions during this time period, without also shoving the fact that they lost down your throat.

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Looks exactly like one of the new crap History Channel shows.

Author: tekware
8 January 2015

This comes across exactly like a History Channel produced show, with a combination of history, CGI, and reality TV style fake drama.

A few years ago someone at the History Channel got a new computer. Suddenly all their history shows looked exactly the same, with phony computer generated tank battles, CGI plane battles, CGI ship battles, etc. This looks like it was done on the same computer. Same overly dramatic music, same need to create drama, same inability to just tell the viewers what happened and why. It's history. It has already happened. Just tell the viewers what happened, why it happened, and how it happened. If you have footage, include it. If I want to watch a fictional drama based on history I'll watch a movie.

Not worthy of PBS.

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