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Plot Summary

  • Michonne has reunited with Carl and Rick. While she and Carl head off to find supplies while Rick stays behind, still recovering from his wounds. While on their trip, Carl learns that Michonne has a child, a boy named Andre. Back at the house, Rick awakens to find a group of armed men searching the place and has to find a way out. Glen meanwhile awakens to find himself in the back of a truck and learns from Tara that they passed the prison bus about 3 hours ago. Their new traveling companions tell them that they're on an urgent - and secret - mission and headed to Washington D.C. Glenn won't have it and insists on heading back to the bus to see if Maggie is there.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Glenn and Tara travel in an army truck with Sgt. Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa in a classified mission to Washington. However Glenn awakes and decides to leave the group to seek out Maggie. When Ford stops the vehicle, they are attacked by walkers and the clumsy Eugene damages the truck with several aimless shots. The injured Rick is recovering in a house with Carl and Michonne that leave the place to seek supplies. Rick is awakened by a dangerous group of armed marauders and is trapped inside the house, trying to find a way out to warn Carl and Michonne.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • While Carl and Michonne look for supplies, Rick is faced against a gang of marauders. Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara are brought together with three strangers on an important mission.

    - Written by Douglas Mello


Tara rides in the back of Abraham's military style truck, keeping careful track of their route on her hand with a marker...

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