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14 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.1
Actor-comedian Stephen Fry testifies about his own coming out and how British society improved for gay people since they were decriminalized in the 1960s, recently even got a legally registered partnership comparable to marriage, yet prejudices persist. The situation is much worse in various countries, some of which he can't even risk to visit, such as Iran, were practicing gays are executed. Uganda is considering such a law, but despite widespread 'religious' bigotry civil rights activists believe its exposure as illegal will backfire. Vigilance remains necessary, as...
16 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.2
This episode sees Stephen visit Brazil, home to the largest gay pride celebration in the world and a place that has some of the best legislation on the planet for gay equality. But it has come at a price. All of the advances have brought about a violent backlash against gay people; on average, one gay person is murdered every 36 hours in Brazil. Stephen sees how this is impacting on the lives of gay men and women there and also confronts the politician leading the fight against gay rights. Stephen also visits Russia, where gays are now worse off than they have been ...

 Season 1 

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