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"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Repairs (2013)

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A mysterious force threatens Phil Coulson's team when they bring in a StatiCorp safety inspector named Hannah Hutchins (Laura Seay) who is blamed for an explosion that killed some technicians at StatiCorp's Particle Acceleration Complex where it is believed that she has manifested telekinesis. Fitz and Simmons plan a S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy-style prank on Skye revolving around May's past. After the plane makes an emergency landing, they soon discover that the mysterious force is actually a Particle Acceleration Complex worker named Tobias Ford (Robert Baker) who is trapped between Earth and "Hell" (which Tobias believes that he is being dragged to) following the explosion and is targeting Hannah to protect her from those who were harm her, as he accidentally caused the explosion to get time with Hannah.

After Tobias defeats Ward, May manages to defeat Tobias at a nearby barn and convince him to let go, causing Tobias to disappear. Skye is thanked by Phil Coulson for identifying Tobias Ford and getting to know more about May's past. In the final scene, Coulson's team plays a game of Upwords as Fitz comes in with shaving cream on his face, unaware that May was the one who pulled that prank.

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