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A funny short with an important point to make
bob the moo22 February 2014
Although it is a comedy there is a serious and valid point at the heart of this short film. In the short we see Jackson being approached by fans who are polite before suddenly becoming aggressive when they tell him that their kid picked up smoking because he looked cool doing it in Jurassic Park, or that a talentless son is playing basketball and wasting his time because of the message of Coach Carter, or that a son told his principle it was his "duty to please that booty" because Jackson said it in Shaft, and so on. This is essentially the joke and it escalates through the short.

We do live at a time when the media are very quick to blame games or films for the violent actions of children, or parents happy to go on talk shows and attribute their children's bad behavior to some violent TV they watch etc. The one thing that is rarely asked is about the parent's role in all of this – so for example in the UK, the handwringing over violent scenes in Call of Duty videogames and how they will affect children somehow manages to miss the point that the film is certified for 18 years and older, so a child playing it has been failed by a retailer or an adult, not the media. Anyway, this is the point of this short film but it does it in a funny and slick way hat points out the hypocrisy of the parents and their lack of responsibility in the situations.

Jackson is a good sport throughout and it is fun to see him take part in a joke where he is confused for Morgan Freeman (whenever he was recently mistaken for Larry Fishburne) but the short makes its point well and ends on a link to where common sense parenting can be supported. It is short and simple but I liked that it was informative and funny together.
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Scapegoat L. Jackson
Warning: Spoilers
This is a Funnyordie short film from 2 years ago and here they once again got a big movie star into one of their films. "Samoo L. Jackson" is just enjoying a day outside when several parents come at him, initially tell him something positive about his films, but then blame him for screwing up their children. It was truly funny the first two or three times, but then it gets a bit repetitive, also because Jackson already knows what's waiting for him. The message is a good one though. People really need to stop putting the blame on movies. You need to watch out for what your kids are watching and apart from that rating agencies are way too strict anyway these days if a single implication of sexuality or violence already takes out 2 entire age groups from watching this film. Stuff they really see and hear at school on a regular basis. However, I like Samuel L. Jackson and I enjoyed these 3 minutes for the most part. Recommended.
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