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Marvel Needs to Revamp it's Animation Department

Author: Darkwalker173
2 December 2013

The animation in the movie was horrible. Although there might be some people out there who may like this type of animation, I am not one of them. The whole story was ridiculous and they completely failed in writing the Hulk. It makes me wonder if the people who wrote the story know anything about the Hulk in the first place. I had fewer problems with Iron Man, although it seems his armour is indestructible or something since it doesn't seem to even get scratched. Marvel needs to take a long serious look at its animation department and make some quick changes because they are way behind DC in overall animated film quality.

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Blurry textures, low resolution, uninspired story. Super short. Terrible

Author: lbaswjkja from Hong Kong
3 December 2013

Poorly written dialogue, awkward animation with movements that look like something from the 90s. Blurry textures, low resolution,

Uninspired story. Super short. Terrible.

Every spoken line feels like something that is aimed at 2 year olds, and at this day and age, even 2 year olds won't find it interesting. Characters argue like they are pre school kids. and they talk too much, a scene that MIGHT have been OK is ruined by the character stating the obvious. Please shut up.

Marvel might have won the silver screen but direct to DVD animated movies and TV series belongs to DC.

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Heroes united, viewer disgusted.

Author: xamtaro from
3 December 2013

Hulk and Iron Man. Face it, here are the two fan favorite characters from the Marvel cinematic universe. It is no doubt that Marvel would see fit to milk these cash cows dry.Their answer: animation. Successful as Marvel's live action film projects have been, their animation projects left much to be desired. A downward spiral in quality which left off with the dismal "Thor: Tales of Asgard" led to a stint in visually impressive but narratively flat Japanese anime. Now, Marvel is dabbling in feature length CGI animation. The result? This.

Seemingly a very loose adaptation of the mobile app game "Avengers Initiative", IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED sees our two titular heroes first at loggerheads then teaming up to save the world. Two H.Y.D.R.A scientists have combined Iron Man's arc reactor technology with the Hulk's gamma energy and unleashed an electrical energy creature called Zzzaxx. Standing in our heroes' way is a graveyard full of Wendigo monsters, a legion of robots and a goofy Russian accented Abomination.

A little background in the original game for starters. The game is a ripoff of "Infinity Blade" with a thin excuse for a story to tie one finger swiping fight to the next. This movie replaces that so called "story" with another that is just as thin and muddled. The original story was purely a Hulk adventure, with Iron Man only turning up at the end. The change feels forced and unnecessary, as if Marvel mandated that Iron Man be the main protagonist instead of the Hulk just because of his misplaced popularity. At least the character designs had been successfully ported over from the game, and they look awesome.

The artwork successfully combines powerful designs with a cel shaded look that replicates modern digital colouring used in the comics. Looks as if the comic panels themselves come alive. Unfortunately, visuals aside, the animation itself seems dated. The way the characters move, their facial expressions, they all feel stiff; like something made for TV from more than 10 years ago. Such lapse in quality, in this day and age of shows like Transformers Prime, is unforgivable.

The writing is no better than in TV programmes for ten year olds. Lame humour abounds (that running joke of the Hulk being hungry gets real old real fast), silly lines and childish dialogue. All of this set to mediocre acting and an Iron Man who sounds like some twenty year old fresh from university, not some veteran superhero millionaire.

With each new height set by Marvel's live action movies, there is a new low set by their animation productions. IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED is the lowest as of 2013. Either it was done on a shoestring budget or nobody involved put one bit of effort into it. The whole thing is merely riding on the brand name of Iron Man and Hulk, out to cheat money from uninformed fans.

The scariest part? Marvel seemed to darn confident that this thing would turn a big profit that they put in enough clues for a sequel.

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Iron Man & Shrek: Nonsense United (less talk more smash please)

Author: Christian Gräb
3 December 2013

After watching the first 10min I seriously had to do some research, if this was a real Marvel production. In my opinion this is a "C-Class animated movie" at best. Definitely not what I expected from something with a Marvel label.

The title should have been "Iron Man & Shrek in an Hulk costume: Heroes United", and I would have had the adequate expectations for this. In my opinion this green mixture between Oprah and Jim Carrey is just ridiculous for an Hulk interpretation. I wonder if any one who was in charge of this ever saw a Hulk comic. For me it looks like they got confused and mixed up Shrek and Hulk.

The story is weak, quite a lot of inconsistencies and gets more ludicrous by the minute. I'm pretty disappointed, I did expect something more along the lines with "Hulk vs. Thor" or "Hulk vs. Wolverine".

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Nice Game intro

Author: demetrius11 from Athens, Greece
6 December 2013

I was quite excited when I was watching this, thinking it is a great intro for a new game ...however I spent 30 minutes watching and waiting for the actual game to begin...and then I realized that this is a MOVIE!? This is definitely not a 2013 standards 3d movie. It resembles a 2001 production, when 3d animation was still an infant...I will not go into detail about the plot because there is none basically. I think that the focus group for this is more like 5-8 yo children, so I am sure they they will be more excited to watch this on the telly in the early morning zone. So, if you have kids, this is a nice way to introduce them to superheroes. If you are an adult...don't other...

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A waste of time and money.

Author: tue_bang_yang from United States
4 December 2013

I don't take the time to write many reviews, but I'll take my time now to help whom ever wants to watch this save their time. This movie was poorly written. Marvel does so much on the big screen they fail the true comic book fans who have always followed them. Marvel can't just try to ride on the popularity of the movies and allow all else to fail. Since the avengers movie the marvel shows and dvds standards have been lowered. Disney has destroyed the original material filtering it for a audience of children. Shows like X-men and Spider-man in the 90's were very successful and laid the foundation for the movies now. with these recent adaptations it's sad to see where they've put their priorities. Many TV shows dictate the movies(ex. TMNT, 90's marvel) and extend the life of the franchise. I hope Disney doesn't completely kill marvel.

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A real mixed bag for Marvel animation.

Author: kevinxirau from United States
7 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It sure has been a while, hasn't it? No one has seen much of the Marvel animated features since "Thor: Tales of Asgard", which itself was decent but not too exciting. In the absence of these films, the DC animated features filled the void and have given quite a number grand stories to tell. After having its fun with four anime series, Marvel Animation finally gets back on its feet with producing some films, but this time trying out some CGI instead of hand-drawn animation. Along comes "Ironman and Hulk: Heroes United", which had its release delayed by several months for some reason, but now that it's here, what I think of it? Eh, let's take a look.

Plot: The evil organization Hydra has the Abomination capture the Hulk in order to harness their combined incredible might. However, their gamma power proves too much to handle and soon a new monstrosity is born, Zzzax, a powerful entity composed of pure energy who is literally hungry for power. After initially getting off on the wrong foot Iron Man and Hulk must battle their way through daunting odds from killer robots to man-eating Wendigos to stop this new electrifying foe while getting over their seemingly incompatible natures. Can brain and brawn save the day before time runs out?

What we have here is a film with a good deal of potential, but truth be told it leaves me really conflicted on it. What do I mean by this?

On one hand, we have a good setup of heroes and villains here for the most part. They're all perfectly cast like Fred Tatasciore as Hulk, Adrian Pasdar as Iron Man, Dee Bradley Baker as Zzzax, etc. On top of that, the character designs are pretty darn cool and have some nice details like the various Iron Man armors with their color schemes, the Wendigos that have a savage and scary look to them, and the heroes themselves who bear some resemblance to their live-action counterparts. Zzzax looks, sounds, and acts genuinely menacing, which ups the antics and raises the stakes for this adventure My favorite design (not to mention character) in the whole film is the Abomination, who looks absolutely awesome, like a hulking dragon-esque creature.

On the other hand, while the villains are given some good lines, a lot of the dialog the heroes are given feels very off. Iron Man tends to act a bit immature even to his own tech like Jarvis. At least Robert Downey Jr. had some charm in his role. Then, we have probably the most talkative Hulk ever. I mean, granted he does talk normal in the comic books sometimes and I can understand the filmmakers wanted him to say more than just the simple third-person lines, but this is a bit overkill. Even in some of the recent animates shows, Hulk tends to talk minimally, which is the complete opposite here. This combined with the lame dialog between the two knocks a few points down. Also, there's really no point having the Wendigos around as they serve no real purpose in the plot beyond providing another action scene to extend the movie and while Abomination does play an integral part to the story, he kinda gets shafted after the first act of the movie. I would have liked for him to be more involved in the story.

The sound effects are quite good, nearly every punch and explosion felt natural. The action scenes, when one gets down to it, are good. The environments get torn apart nicely (especially with Hulk vs Abomination) and they come up with some nice twists like Iron Man becoming Hulk's "eyes" during the cemetery fight or when Hulk himself has to wear bits of technology to get the job done.

However, the animation is noticeably imperfect. You'd think with the release delayed that they'd fix up on the animation, but they didn't and so characters tend to move unnaturally at certain moments, especially when Hulk is running, walking, or even talking and Iron Man fighting in general. Because the story is a little short, there are certain scenes that seem to drag on more than necessary. As a result, what is ultimately a 70 minute film feel like a 2-3 hour long one and it kinda feels dull at times, with the action scenes providing the only bit of real excitement around here.

I'm not sure what else I could say about this one. There's some good things here as well as some bad ones. Nice action scenes, great character designs, and a decent plot are mixed with flawed animation, lame dialog on the heroes' part, and moments that feel dull and drag. It seems that Marvel should stick to hand-drawn animation rather than rely on CG in an already CGI-spoiled society. Though not quite recommended, I'd at least rent this one for some superhero entertainment.

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Transformers sound

Author: johnpc99 from United States
11 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Did anyone notice the Transformers sound when zzzacks possessed the other Iron Men? I mean come on, what were you thinking? The movie was okay, animation was sub par for a Marvel movie. The voices for Hulk and Tony reminded me of Carl Fredricksen talking to Russell from Disney's Up. I feel like I was watching a video game. Which I would say this would make for a nice game. I'm gonna chalk this one up there with Hulk and 98 Godzilla as movies that never existed. I hope this is not a ongoing trend for Marvel. Did anyone see Hulk vs Wolverine? Another Marvel let down. Plus a movie that is an hour long does not encourage me to spend $15-$20 regardless of who is staring in it.

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Terrible animation; not that good a story.

Author: suite92 from SoCal, USA
18 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dr. Cruler and Dr. Fump intend to overcome Hulk's strength advantages using the Abomination. So they capture Hulk, betray the Abomination, then try to squeeze all the energy out of them. That does not quite work.

Cruler and Fump manage to create a glowing ball of energy that has a primitive self-awareness. It feeds on energy. Stark uses the EMP (electro magnetic pulse bomb) on it, and seems to put it out of commission.

Hulk gives Stark a lot of trouble. Then the ball of energy, Zzzax, takes over more and more parts of Stark's flying fortress. Hulk has no problems dispatching the mandroids, but Zzzax gets into the reactor.

Can Tony and the Hulk get out of this one? If they do make it, who did more damage, the bad guys or Hulk and Iron Man?


Art/Animation: 0/10 Amazingly ugly and incomplete. Looks like old school 3D, and not good old school. Too flat, too few polygons, too much loss of contrast, and so on. Looks like a giant step backwards. What's with that, Marvel? Did I mention lack of contrast? Looks a lot too much like the first Tron, only with slightly more colour.

Sound: 6/10 Mostly OK.

Voice Acting: 2/10 Talking, articulate Hulk? Sorry, no. The voices for Fump and Cruler give the impression of feckless, bumbling idiots. Adrian Pasdar was OK as Stark; David Kaye fine as Jarvis.

Story: 2/10 Stupid dialog. Drs. Cruler and Fump seem to be woefully stupid, and Hulk too clever. The story, such as it is, is not compelling. Hulk figuring out the root cause when Tony Stark does not? No, thanks. So, the EMP is supposed to solve any awkward situation? We go directly from fighting Zzzax to fighting wendigos in foggy church yard? What is that? Worst of all, the easter egg at the end indicated that a sequel was in the works which will have the same terrible production values and stupid dialog.

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Not so super

Author: RetroMagFan from United Kingdom
27 December 2016

Marvel may be the king of the world in terms of their blockbuster films but in terms of animated ones they've been for the most part slumming it like a wet dog on a hot summer's day. And even a wet dog can do better.

Sadly Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United might be one of their worst animated films in quite a while.

Not Howard The Duck or 90's Captain America levels of bad, mind you (even though they aren't animated films), but nevertheless still an absolute mess.

So two Hydra scientists have supercharged Iron Man's Arc Reactor with Hulk's Gamma Energy and created a electricity thing called Zzzaxx. Obviously Iron Man and Hulk (who did you expect if was gonna be?) are the only ones who can take him down but first they've gotta go through a whole ton of other villains.

They also have to face off with some really childish dialogue. I mean, no sort of super hero or villain would ever say anything as silly as the stuff the film presents. They'd be cringing till their pants fall down.

The Marvel trademark of humour is also here but it's very rarely funny and feels more like a distraction than anything else.

Voice acting is pretty eh as well. David Kaye's good as Jarvis but Adrian Pasdar's voice feels off for Iron Man. He's supposed to sound like some millionaire guy, not some random college student.

Oh yes and the animation is quite frankly abysmal, even for Marvel standards. It's meant to be cel-shaded to make it feel like a comic but everyone moves in a jerky type of move and it feels so choppy that you won't even notice.

Sorry Marvel, DC's still the king of animated films.

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