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Offers a relatively fresh take on standard-issue exorcism-melodrama tropes, along with a performance by Aaron Eckhart that is more than persuasive enough to encourage the investment of a rooting interest.
Dense with plot and mythology, the film is refreshingly unpredictable - if only because guessing what comes next would require understanding what the hell is going on.
Incarnate is a comic-book movie in search of a comic book.
Incarnate is just another buried Blumhouse special, and I assure you its neglect is with good reason.
Incarnate, much like its central character at key moments, barely seems to have a pulse.
Incoherent mashup of previous demonized tyke films and unfailingly inept pseudo-science and the result is about as devoid of suspense, much less genuine horror, as this specific sub-genre can be.
Dullness “Incarnate,” in other words.
Issues of continuity and logic pale in comparison to how the film forces Eckhart to act. It's rare that we see someone as talented as Eckhart be relegated to work this shoddy and dispiriting.
Incarnate is such a pointless bit of hackwork that it almost makes the recent horror dud “Shut In” seem focused by comparison.

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