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Bad Music and Completely Unfunny
Leftbanker24 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film about a musician and a comedian. The musician is mediocre, at best, and the funny guy is absolutely not funny at all. In fact, he's just about the most tedious pile of humanity you could ever imagine yet someone cast him in this movie. How does that happen? And how is it so impossible to write a few funny lines for an actor playing the role of a comedian? So a character in a film who is supposed to be a stand-up comedian doesn't say a single thing that is even remotely humorous. I was completely flabbergasted.
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Music, Mirth & Motels Abound in "Folk Hero & Funny Guy"
jtncsmistad13 May 2017
Comedy is generally not my go-to genre for film. So established, after a run of flicks ranging from downer to downright demoralizing, I thought it high time for something a bit on the lighter side of celluloid offerings. That's when it struck me that the new indy and largely Kickstarter-funded road-tripping buddy dramedy "Folk Hero & Funny Guy" may be just what I needed. I don't if I needed it exactly, but it did fill the bill in terms of worthwhile, engaging and ultimately quite amusing fare.

Wyatt Russell is Jason Black, a take it as it comes popular folk singer and serial one-night stander who looks like he strolled in straight out of 1969. And I mean that in the strictly coolest sense. Russell can actually play and sing. Together with aspiring singer/songwriter Bryn (the breathtakingly adorable Meredith Hagner in a thoroughly appealing and natural turn) this talented pair generate genuinely impressive solo and duo performances, both acoustic and electrified, throughout "Folk Hero & Funny Guy".

Alex Karpovsky (HBO's "Girls") is the third component of this makeshift three-ring traveling circus of entertainment as a struggling stand-up comedian who is looking to revive a crashing career. His character of Paul eventually emerges as the unlikely inspiration for his two partners to change their lives for the better.

Writer/Director Jeff Grace does a fine job of keeping it loose and low-key through most of his movie. Still, a cluster of these character's lines as well as some of the scenes come off as forced and contrived here. And one would imagine that after the first several occasions of Paul meeting with nothing but coughs and crickets during a lame and out-of-touch bit about "Evites" he would STOP DOIN' the bit for crissakes. But these interludes of awkwardness and less than authentic affectations are few in number, and Grace capably keeps both the momentum and the music cranking for well more than the balance of the story.

As "Folk Hero & Funny Guy" comes to conclusion, this is the takeaway that left me saying softly to myself, "Aww. That's sweet."

The notion that a self-professed "dick" can actually wind up being a pretty damn decent dude after all.
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An original Art House RomCom of sorts
Jimmy P19 May 2017
This film channels some of the Sideways slice/of-life concept bromance, two friends, one good looking, confident, and shallow, the other friend whose depressing and deep.

Much of the storyline drags like a biography and things get real and serious. Alex has done this role before in film, and somewhat like his character in Girls. Wyatt was new to me, I've seen some bit roles he's done, he kind of did an Owen Wilsonish role, it's hard to belief that anyone is that shallow. Meredith is another character actor, she seemed good in the role, she has a good voice. I saw very little of Melanie Lynskey she's generally a seal of Indie approval. The scene with her was one of the funniest scenes of the film. She didn't get to showcase her full talents.

As for the road trip and male bonding, for what it lacked, it was honest about men's friendship goes a long way, but it's strained around pursuing romantic relationships.

I hope to see more from Jeff Grace who directed and wrote. I enjoyed the originality and good blending. If Jeff could have lined up a few Ryan Bingham, Colin Oberst or Jay Farrah songs and associated cameo this would've been a more enjoyable film
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