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16 Sep. 2013
Shantanu Accepts Bhishma as His Son
The people of Hastinapur are attacked by Rakshasas. Bhishma comes to save the people. Later Shantanu comes to know from Ganga that Bhishma is his son and accepts him.
17 Sep. 2013
Bhishma Saves Vichitravirya
Vichitravirya is captured by the King of Panchal, for his misdeeds. Bhishma saves Vichitravirya from the King of Panchal.
18 Sep. 2013
Bhishma defeats King Salva
Satyavati orders Bhishma to win the three daughters of King of Kashi from their seeming swayamvara, so that they can be married to Vichitravirya.
19 Sep. 2013
Amba seeks revenge on Bhishma
Feeling victimized Amba seeks justice. She orders Bhishma to marry her but he refuses as he has taken an oath. Amba swears that she will take revenge on Bhishma. So, she seeks the help of Lord Parashurama.
20 Sep. 2013
Ambika and Ambalika give birth to boys
Vichitravirya dies under mysterious circumstances. Bhishma questions Suryanarayan about Vichitravirya's death and accuses him of destroying his family. Meanwhile, Amba gains the attention of Lord Parashurama.
23 Sep. 2013
Parashurama Fights with Bhishma
Ambika and Ambalika's sons are named Dhritarashtra and Pandu. Amba returns to Hastinapur and asks Bhishma to choose either marriage or death.
24 Sep. 2013
Amba gets a rebirth as Shikhandini
The Intense battle between Lord Parashurama and Bhishma continues. Lord Shiva intervenes, on request of Goddess Ganga.
25 Sep. 2013
Bhishma Offers a Marriage Proposal for Gandhari
King Subala prepares his army for the attack. He gets to know that Bhishma is the one who is attacking Gandhara. Gandhari decides to join her father in the war.
26 Sep. 2013
Dhritarashtra Comes to Know About His Marriage with Gandhari
Vidura meets Dhritarashtra and Pandu and tells them that, only the righteous prince will be crowned the King of Hastinapur.
27 Sep. 2013
Shakuni Dislikes Gandhari's Marriage with Dhritarashtra
Shakuni comes to know about Gandhari's marriage with Dhritarashtra and is furious with King Subala's decision.
30 Sep. 2013
Gandhari Decides to Marry Dhritarashtra
Shakuni tries to cancel the wedding but Gandhari stops him. She decides to marry Dhritarashtra. Shakuni tries to convince her, but in vain.
1 Oct. 2013
Dhritarashtra Marries Gandhari
Dhritarashtra looks forward to his wedding with Gandhari. Satyavati stops Gandhari from entering the wedding ceremony.
2 Oct. 2013
Dhritarashtra Rejects Gandhari as His Wife
Bhishma repents about Gandhari's decision. Ganga convinces him. Dhritarashtra rejects Gandhari as his wife.
3 Oct. 2013
Vidura Wishes for Pandu to Be the King of Hastinapur
Dhritarashtra learns that he is going to be crowned the King of Hastinapur. Pandu and Vidura take oaths for their respective posts. Vidura stops Bhishma from handing over the throne to Dhritarastra.
4 Oct. 2013
Pandu Becomes the King of Hastinapur
Dhritarashtra becomes furious at Gandhari and refuses to speak with her. Pandu informs Bhishma that he does not want to become the King of Hastinapur.
7 Oct. 2013
Bhishma Advices Satyavati to Get Pandu Married
Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he has decided to give him the post of advisor of the King. Dhritarashtra becomes enraged and refuses to accept the post. Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he will prove his ability as the King.
8 Oct. 2013
Kunti Gets Married to Pandu
Kunti recalls about the boon she got from Rishi Durvasa. Suryadev blesses Kunti with a baby boy. As Kunti is unmarried, she leaves the baby in a river.
9 Oct. 2013
Vidura Welcomes Pandu and Kunti
Dhritarashtra is enraged at Gandhari when she tries to advise him. Gandhari tries to prove her innocence to Dhritarashtra. Later, Dhritarashtra asks Gandhari not to welcome Pandu and Kunti.
10 Oct. 2013
Kunti Decides to Reveal the Truth About Her Past to Pandu
Shakuni becomes furious at Pandu and provokes Dhritarashtra against him. He pretends to take care of Pandu in front of Dhritarashtra. Kunti decides to reveal the truth about her past to Pandu.
11 Oct. 2013
Pandu Informs Kunti About the War
Pandu praises Kunti for asking the right question in her Swayamwar. Satyavati tries to stop Pandu from going for a war. Pandu informs Satyavati that he will not change his decision. Bhishma informs Pandu that he will lead the war.
14 Oct. 2013
Pandu Dedicates His Win to Dhritarashtra
Vidura informs Satyavati that Pandu has won the war. Satyavati becomes happy on learning the same and informs Vidura to make arrangements to welcome Pandu.
15 Oct. 2013
Pandu Kills Maharishi Kindam and His Wife, by Mistake
Dhritarashtra realizes his mistake and questions Gandhari whether she will accept him as her husband. While hunting, Pandu kills Maharishi Kindam and his wife, by mistake. Pandu apologizes to Maharishi Kindam for the same.
16 Oct. 2013
Bhishma and Satyavati Discuss About Pandu's Decision
Bhishma tries to stop Pandu from renouncing his kingdom, but in vain. Pandu requests Bhishma to let him repent for his crime. Shakuni pretends to take care of Dhritarashtra and provokes him against Pandu.
17 Oct. 2013
Kunti Bears a Son from Lord Dharmraj
Pandu leaves Hastinapur with Kunti and Madri. Dhritarashtra becomes the acting King of Hastinapur. Dhritarashtra suspects that Gandhari has lied to him about the boon and expresses his displeasure.
18 Oct. 2013
Shakuni Tries to Console Gandhari
Vidura informs Dhritarashtra, Satyavati and Bhishma that Kunti has given birth to a son. Dhritarashtra announces to celebrate the occasion.
21 Oct. 2013
Kunti Gives Birth to Bheem
Pandu requests Kunti to give birth to four more babies. Dhritarashtra decides to go on a war, but Bhishma stops him. Satyavati informs Dhritarashtra that Maharishi Vyasa can give lives to his hundred and one children.
22 Oct. 2013
Kunti Gives Birth to Arjun
On observing extreme weather conditions during the birth of Dhritarashtra's first baby, Krupacharya suggests him to sacrifice the baby for the betterment of Hastinapur.
23 Oct. 2013
Bhishma Becomes Delighted By Karna's Chariot Driving Skills
Gandhari gives birth to hundred baby boys. Fifteen years pass. Karna drives a chariot and wins the challenge with his excellent archery skills.
24 Oct. 2013
Shakuni Lies to Dhritarashtra That the Fishermen Attacked Duryodhan
Vidura informs Dhritarashtra that Duryodhan has to apologize to the fishermen for his misdeeds. Shakuni lies to Dhritarashtra that the fishermen attacked Duryodhan and wounded him.
25 Oct. 2013
Bhagirathi Blames Satyavati for the Downfall of Hastinapur
Satyavati recalls Bhishma's promise. Bhagirathi blames Satyavati for the downfall of Hastinapur. Satyavati tries to prove her innocence to Bhagirathi and seeks help in rectifying her mistake.
28 Oct. 2013
Kunti Becomes Shocked on Seeing Pandu Dead
Pandu and Madri spend some romantic moments together. Kunti tries to stop them, but in vain. Kunti becomes shocked on seeing Pandu dead.
29 Oct. 2013
Bhishma Suggests Shakuni to Return to Gandhar
Satyavati decides not to return to Hastinapur and asks Vidur to make Yudhishthir as the next ruler of Hastinapur.
30 Oct. 2013
Shakuni Informs Duryodhan That Pandavaas Are His Enemies
Kunti and her sons arrive at Hastinapur. She gets down from the chariot and walks towards the palace. She informs her sons about their hundred brothers and the elders.
31 Oct. 2013
Shakuni Provokes Duryodhan Against Bhishma
Shakuni pretends to take care of Dhritarashtra and provokes him against Bhishma. Dhritarashtra promises and assures Duryodhan that he will be the next King of Hastinapur.
1 Nov. 2013
Dushyasan and His Brothers Badmouth About Pandu
Bhishma asks the children to eat the food without bending their elbows. Yudhishthir feeds Duryodhan without bending his elbow. Bhishma suggests them to be united.
4 Nov. 2013
Drona Takes the Ball Out of the Well
Duryodhan confronts the Pandavaas for making his brothers fall from the tree. Duryodhan and Dushyasan attack Bheem.
5 Nov. 2013
Duryodhan and Dushyasan Plan to Kill Bheem
Arjuna questions Drona about his aiming skills. Dhritarashtra and Bhishma quarrel over the fight between the Pandavaas and Duryodhan. Duryodhan and Dushyasan plan to kill Bheem.
6 Nov. 2013
Bheem Becomes Unconscious
Bheem becomes unconscious after consuming the kheer given by Duryodhan. Drona informs Dhritarashtra that he will teach his son, Ashwatthama, along with his sons and Pandavaas. Dhritarashtra does not want his sons to stay away from Hastinapur.
7 Nov. 2013
Kunti Becomes Delighted on Seeing Bheem
Bhishma questions Duryodhan about Bheem's whereabouts. Shakuni informs Dhritarashtra that he found Bheem's belongings in a tiger's den. Thirteen days pass.
8 Nov. 2013
Bhishma Sends Shakuni to Gandhar
Bheem vows to kill Duryodhan and his brothers. Kunti decides to relocate to Kuntibhoj. Bhishma stops Kunti and her sons.
11 Nov. 2013
Yudhishthir and Duryodhan Seek Dhritarashtra and Bhishma's Blessings
Dhritarashtra asks Duryodhan to study with Pandavaas. Yudhishthir and Duryodhan seek Dhritarashtra and Bhishma's blessing before leaving for the Drona's gurukul.
12 Nov. 2013
Dronacharya Teaches Arjun the Art of Archery
Duryodhan pretends to be furious at Dushasan in front of Ashwathama. He promises Ashwathama that he will make him the Rajguru of Hastinapur.
13 Nov. 2013
Duryodhan Provokes Ashwathama Against Arjun
Kaurava's make fun of Bheem. On seeing Arjun's archery skills, Dronacharya teaches him the art of archery. Later, Duryodhan pretends to care for Ashwathama and provokes him against Arjun.
14 Nov. 2013
Eklavya Gives His Right Thumb to Dronacharya as Gurudakshin
Arjun follows a stranger and learns about Eklavya. Eklavya introduces himself to Dronacharya and seeks his blessings. He informs Dronacharya that he learns archery in front of his idol.
15 Nov. 2013
Arjun Rescues Dronacharya from a Crocodile
Dronacharya becomes sad and breaks the idol created by Eklavya. Duryodhan becomes furious at Arjun and blames Dronacharya for his injustice towards Eklavya.
18 Nov. 2013
Karna Starts Learning the Art of Archery from Parshurama
Karna's Guru tells him to request Dronacharya to teach him the art of archery. Karna tells Dronacharya that he wants to learn the art of archery from him. On learning that Karna is a charioteer's child, Dronacharya refuses to teach him the art of archery.
19 Nov. 2013
Shakuni Provokes Ashwathama Against Arjun
Karna reveals to Parashurama that he is not a Brahmin, but a charioteer's son. Parashurama becomes furious at Karna on learning the same.
20 Nov. 2013
Shakuni Pretends to Care for Bhishma
Shakuni pretends to care for Bhishma. Dronacharya informs Dhritarashtra about Kauravas and Pandavas. He suggests Dhritarashtra arranges a contest to know about the abilities of Kauravas and Pandavas.
22 Nov. 2013
Duryodhan Wins the Contest Against Nakul and Sahdev
Dronacharya begins the contest. Shakuni assures Duryodhan that he will stay in Hastinapur until he makes him the King. Ashwathama informs Dhritarashtra and the people that Nakul will fight against Duryodhan.
22 Nov. 2013
Shakuni Informs About His Plan Against Arjun to Duryodhan
Yudhishthir refuses to contest against Duryodhan. Duryodhan wins the contest against Yudhishthir. On seeing the fight between Bheem and Duryodhan, Bhishma asks Dhritarashtra to stop the contest, but he refuses.
25 Nov. 2013
Duryodhan Announces Karna as a King
Arjun freezes Duryodhan in an iceberg. Dronacharya announces that Arjun is the world's greatest archer. Karna frees Duryodhan from the iceberg.
26 Nov. 2013
Dhritarashtra Announces Karna as a King of Anga
Duryodhan announces Karna as the King of Anga. Bhishma becomes furious at Duryodhan for the same. Dhritarashtra supports Duryodhan's decision and announces Karna as the King of Anga.
27 Nov. 2013
Priyamvada Requests Kunti Not Tell the Pandavas About Karna
Kunti feels dejected on learning that Karna is her son and repents for her mistake. She wants to inform Karna that he is her son. Priyamvada tries to stop her, but in vain.
28 Nov. 2013
Karna Vows to Kill Arjun in a Battle
Karna offers a lotus at Kunti's feet. Karna tells Kunti that Radha has refused to stay in his palace with him. He informs her that he is a better archer than Arjun.
29 Nov. 2013
Rjun Raises a Weapon Against Karna
Dushyala introduces Subhadra to Kunti. Kunti inquirers Subhadra about Krishna and Balaram. Subhadra becomes fascinated with Arjun.
2 Dec. 2013
Arjun Apologises to Karna
Dhritarashtra asks Vidur to punish Arjun for raising the weapon against Karna. Vidur suggests Dhritarashtra that if Karna forgives Arjun then there is no need of punishing Arjun. Duryodhan suggests Arjun to apologize to Karna, by washing his legs.
3 Dec. 2013
Shakuni Vows to Take Revenge on Bhishma
Arjun apologizes to Bhishma for raising a weapon against Karna. Bhishma feels guilty as he has failed to defend him. Bhishma expects Dhritarashtra to select an eligible successor.
4 Dec. 2013
Dhritarashtra Refuses to Send His Sons for the War with Drupada
Bhishma recalls about Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidura's past life. Dronacharya advices Dhritarashtra not to select anyone amongst his students, as his successor.
5 Dec. 2013
Arjun Assures Dronacharya That He Will Avenge His Insult
Arjun assures Dronacharya that he will avenge his insult. Duryodhan and the Kauravas ask Dhritarashtra to order them to attack Drupada. A messenger informs Drupada that Dronacharya is planning to attack Panchal.
6 Dec. 2013
Ashwathama Informs Duryodhan That Drupada's Commander Is Immortal
Dronacharya informs the Kauravas and the Pandavas that he and Ashwathama will not be participating in the war. Later, Dronacharya tells the Kauravas that he will not allow them to go for the war, if they accept Karna's assistance for the same.
9 Dec. 2013
Drupada Imprisons the Kauravas
Drupada orders his commander, Shikhandini, to imprison the Kauravas and Pandavas. Later, Duryodhan informs Yudhishthir that he does not need support from the Pandavas, and that, only the Kauravas will be participating in the war.
10 Dec. 2013
Arjun Breaks Drupada's Trap and Imprisons Him
Duryodhan becomes shocked on seeing multiple replicas of Drupada. Drupada informs Duryodhan that he has imprisoned his brothers.
Episode #1.84
Draupadi is born by the grace of Gods to Drupad. But he refuses to accept her.

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