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Open with Charlie drinking in a bar in Texas. A man wants her to stick around but she says she needs to leave. She sees that he's locked the door and begins to feel as if she's been drugged. She starts to fight off him and his friends but the drug is too strong. Monroe ends up bursting in and saving the day, killing all of the men.

Rachel wakes up slightly confused. She walks out into Willoughby and is surprised to find it full of people and seeming to be like it was before the Titus incident. Miles tells her she's been out for a few days. She spots U.S. Government troops walking around and is introduced to Ed Truman. She is polite but clearly doesn't trust him.

After Tom breaks up a fight, he has a conversation with Cook, who makes it clearly he doesn't trust him. He tells Tom that he's going to be waiting for him to screw up, at which point he'll be first in line to put a bullet in his head.

Rachel talks to Miles and Aaron about the government guys. Since they are calling themselves "Patriots" (like Randall) and are lying about having proof Monroe launched the nuclear weapons, Rachel thinks this is the next big thing. Since the Patriots have been saying Titus' guys are still outside the walls, Miles' plan is to check things out. He wants Rachel to lay low.

Rachel sneaks into Truman's office. She finds a file with the triangle logo and something about the "Willoughby Trainyard" before being caught. Gene assures Truman it won't happen again.

Truman is told there was a man found outside the wall. He thinks this is an opportunity. They kill the man in order to pretend he was murdered by Titus and keep the rest of Willoughby in fear.

Gene lectures his daughter on being so single-minded and making everything her fight. He says he doesn't think he can take something happening to her.

Miles gets outside the walls and approaches Titus' camp.

Charlie wakes up from her drug-induced slumber. Monroe is there with water. He talks about wanting to help Rachel and Miles but Charlie doesn't buy it. She thinks he's a heartless sociopath. She goes for a knife but he stops her, reminding her that for the moment they're on the same team.

Tom spots track marks on Cook's arm.

While staring at some torches, Aaron falls to the ground unconscious. While he's unconscious, he is able to watch Miles from above as he's looking through Titus' camp. It appears Aaron is able to see through the nanotech.

Miles runs into Titus in his office. Titus pulls a gun and starts to blame Miles for everything bad that has happened in his life. Titus references his men being held on a train of some kind. He pulls the trigger but nothing happens. They fight for a knife and Miles ends up killing Titus.

Ken finds Rachel drinking alone and asks her what is going on. He presses her and she begins to tell him all about the Patriots and Randall.

Tom goes to the drug den and pays a prostitute to show him the room where Cook has been getting high. He goes inside and blocks the door.

After hearing Rachel's story, Ken thinks they need more wine. He asks her to join him downstairs in the cellar. Once they get down there, Ken unlocks a back room and Rachel realizes something is going on. She makes a break for the steps and he trips her, knocking her head against the steps. Rachel wakes up chained to the ceiling as Ken digs a hole. He tells her he's been a Patriot for seven years and can't have her messing up their plan. Before he can kill her, Rachel manages to briefly knock Ken out. She is able to pull one of hands from the cuff and grab the knife, killing Ken and knocking him into the grave.

Cook wakes up chained to the bed with Tom standing over him. Tom demands to know the location of his son. When it becomes clear Cook doesn't have that information, Tom injects him with an excess of drugs, killing him.

We see a montage of both Tom and Rachel covering their tracks as they dispose of the bodies.

Cynthia is worried about Aaron and sits awake watching him sleep.

Miles finds the train Titus spoke of. Patriot soldiers are guarding a train full of shackled people. They pull two out and shoot them. Miles is discovered by a Patriot soldier. He kills the man and jumps the fence. At this point he's caught by two other soldiers and held at gunpoint. Once again, Aaron is able to view this through the nanotech. But this time the nanites attack the soldiers, setting them on fire and allowing Miles to escape.

Tom shows up at work the next day and begins handling Cook's responsibilities. Ellenwood arrives and says Cook's been "transferred" and lets him continue.

Miles tells Rachel about the nanotech incident. She thinks them getting to Ken means they must be more careful.

We see that Monroe and Charlie are ten miles away from Willoughby.
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