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Ynesh_4426 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This short story is an intriguing and stirring take of an age old theme; the desire of a teenage boy to breakaway from an overtly cautious and timid family institution, and out into a world of more adventure. Without giving too much away, he eventually finds a reason to leave home, but at great perils. He must make a decision to pursue it at the risk of losing everything, or return to the eternal humdrum of home.

The plot is moved by an emotionally quirky narrative, all set in the uncertain, nullifying backdrop of outer space. There is an air of uncertainty in the context. We do not know why people left Earth and are orbiting the planet. The use of subtle, quirky humour to play down the surrounding uncertainty creates a sense of cognitive dissonance that only pulls the audience further into the plot.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is exactly as you'd expect as Nigel, and plays the part to perfection. The supporting casts are excellent in exuding the right level of humour, which is the focal element of this short story.

Technically, this short excels for TWO reasons. The mesmerizing cinematography and a spellbinding soundtrack. They both combine to give the audience a sense of deep but playful melancholy at the end of the movie.

Loved it.
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Kirpianuscus13 January 2018
Many details make this film real remarkable. the atmosphere of fairy tale , in new clothes, the music, the humour and the not surprising but real beautiful performance of Thomas Brodie - Sangster. it is, in same measure, a great parable. about love and freedom and fundamental choices and family and sacrifice. and this does it special. a happy meet more than a short film. for remind, for translate, for identify, for give the right word for a world so familiar and so different. so, a great film. with the most inspired end.
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