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Season 1

24 Apr. 2016
Career Suicide
Acting Dead is a satirical dark comedy about the world of Hollywood zombies, and not just the ones leaving their Botox appointments in Beverly Hills. What if your acting career took a turn for the worse, and the only way to be cast in the ever-growing number of zombie-based TV show and movies was to...actually become one? Welcome to the afterlife of Tate and Alex, both struggling to get by, living in their new skin, or what's left of it. But life doesn't slow down just because your heart stopped beating. Sometimes you have to go six feet under to get to the top.
24 Apr. 2016
Throw the Switch!
Tate gets the ultimate ultimatum from his frustrated travel agent turned talent agent, Margot Mullen. Book something or "I'm going to have to let you go." Does Flatline Inc. offer a solution he can live with? Alex might have something to say about that. With a company who's slogan is "Getting Actors Work, Even if it Kills Them," what could go wrong?
24 Apr. 2016
Now living as the undead, Tate gets a talent manager. Alex still struggles with her visibility in Hollywood and continues to haunt Tate.
24 Apr. 2016
Talent and Brains
Tate tries to keep his secret from Paul, his constantly terrified roommate. On garbage day, Alex finds her power, starts to get work, and finally contacts Hunter. Tate comes out of the "zombie closet."
24 Apr. 2016
The "X" Is Silent But Deadly
Tate keeps having "those dreams." Alex becomes bored with her work and continues to work on her ghost skills. Tate books his first big movie. As "Zombie #3."
24 Apr. 2016
This Town Needs an Exorcist
Alex discovers a new skill that changes her career. Hunter's too. Tate and Alex hang out at the diner. Roberta the waitress is not pleased. Ever.
24 Apr. 2016
Take You Out for a Bite
Tate starts to lose control over his appetite, for fame. He tries to hone his skills in acting and movement workshops. Paul and Alex have an idea to spice up Tate's "afterlife" and "nightlife."
24 Apr. 2016
Money Back Scarentee
Hunter disappears. Tate gets a big job offer and Alex finally meets Tate's roommate Paul. Tate makes a huge decision about his current death and future life, in Hollywood.

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