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  • With Monroe facing the death penalty, Miles considers the consequences of his actions. As Charlie, Rachel and Gene question Monroe's true allegiance - since he might be their only ally in stopping the patriots, Miles himself is wary of his former friend's intentions. Meanwhile, Aaron continues to have visions that lead to endless questions.

  • Miles and Monroe are supposed to lay low until the Texans return but Monroe can't help himself. The Texans and Patriots are working together and Monroe is soon caught - and is set to stand trial for his war crimes. Rachel still refuses to accept Monroe's presence and Miles believes she's the one who gave him up, something she denies. Monroe is quickly tried and sentenced to death by lethal injection. Neville is out to find his son Jason and makes it clear to Justine that she stays with him until he's found. When he does find him, he finds a man who has been turned into a killing machine. Charlie and Rachel are being civil to one another and Gene lays down the law - but it all seems to fall on deaf ears.


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  • Open in Willoughby with the Texas Rangers talking about Fry having gone missing. They walk out

    Rachel comes home with Charlie to see Gene, who has been worried sick.

    The Rangers track Fry to his last location and find a shell casing that belongs to a Patriot gun. They find his body in the river with a corresponding bullet wound. They say they need to "do this right" and leave. Monroe and Miles look on from the bushes and Monroe tells him "you wanted a war, you got one."

    Gene talks to Rachel and Charlie about the rift between them. They won't tell him what's going on.

    Monroe brings a dead Patriot scout to Miles, telling Miles he got significant information off of the man before killing him.

    Tom forces a reluctant Allenford to take him all the way to reprogramming center. On the way they come across bodies which appears to be torn apart by animals and she tells him the cadets were responsible. They are in their training area. Shots are fired and Tom and Allenford flee. Tom comes face to face with Jason and has to duck as his son opens fire on him.

    Rachel makes it clear to Miles that she still isn't happy to be working with Monroe. He makes it clear that Monroe is the kind of person they need in this situation.

    Monroe is arrested by a group of Patriots and Texas Rangers. Truman places him under arrest on behalf of both groups.

    A group of Texans and Patriots parade down the middle of Willoughby. Monroe is with them in a cage. The Texas president addresses the crowd and congratulates the Rangers for arresting the "continent's most wanted man." The plan is for Monroe to stand trial and if guilty be executed.

    Aaron runs into Bonnie Webster, a former Forbes reporter who is part of the press corps following Carver. She says that in Monroe, Carver has caught his Bin Laden.

    While in custody Monroe flashes back to

    While hiding Allenford tells Tom that Jason is no longer his son, "not anymore." She said the same thing happened to her son back in Cuba. Her husband is Patriot high command and she had no choice but to play a role in the organization. Her son is an officer now but will "never be the same." She thinks the only options are killing Jason or Jason killing the two of them. Miles and Charlie watch as Monroe is moved to the bank. Miles thinks this means they can't get him out and Charlie wonders why the Rangers moved him all of a sudden. Miles goes to Rachel, who confirms that she tipped the Patriots off to the potential jail break. Rachel says she doesn't want to lose another child, but Charlie counters that her mother hasn't even asked her how she's doing. Monroe is sentenced to death by lethal injection.

    Tom is able to sneak up on Jason and puts a gun to his head. This leads to a fight and Jason very quickly gets the better of his father. Jason starts choking Tom to death and it is only Allenford coming up from behind with a pipe that keeps from Tom from dying.

    Monroe flashes to the birth of his child. The delivery starts to go poorly and Miles is told to bring water and towels. He grabs Tom to help him. When Miles and Tom return Monroe collapses in his arms covered with blood.

    Monroe is given one last request and he asks for Miles. Monroe tells Miles the Patriots probably know Miles' real identity. Monroe wants to shake hands and say good-bye. Before Miles leaves Monroe tells him that he has a son he's never met before. He wants Miles to find him and take care of him. Miles said he knew about the son and hid his existence from Monroe. Miles said he did it because "nobody was safe around you," and Monroe goes crazy with rage.

    Monroe is brought the area where his execution will take place. Carver and Truman are seated in the front row. Gene tells Monroe that he's being asked to prepare him for execution, adding that "it's an honor."

    We flash back to Monroe having become an increasingly sadistic military leader. Miles is shocked when Monroe tells him of a massacre.

    Just before the injection Monroe apologizes to Gene. Monroe shakes and appears to die. Gene closes Monroe's eyes with his fingers and checks for a pulse. A bell sounds.

    Jason wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair. He's been drugged and Tom says they're going to wait until he comes out of this state. Jason responds by accusing his mother of being unfaithful. Tom says Jason is "still my son."

    Monroe is buried.

    Webster tells Aaron she doesn't think the Rangers are smart enough to have tracked down Monroe. She thinks he was "handed to them."

    We see a meeting between Gene and Truman. Gene has been keeping tabs on everyone's activity and reporting to the Patriots. Truman is irritated by Rachel, but Gene makes it clear the Patriots are not to touch Rachel, Charlie and Miles.

    We see Rachel walk to Monroe's grave and starts digging.

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