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Nothing different,same old
dyed_red20 December 2013
terrible music, same incredibly unlikeable singer, same poor film-making. This movie is just another way to get him more money and to keep people talking about him.

Obviously if you don't like him, like most people, you won't like this movie. My "EX"-girlfriend was begging me to see this with her and so I gave in thinking it can't be too bad. Maybe it'll be an interesting look into his life or even 'so bad it's funny'. But no, this has to be the most boring, stupid, unbearable film I've seen. The single positive thing about me seeing it is that I can legitimately review the movie.

Seriously, that's it.

If you love him, you'll love this. If your indifferent to him, or worse........ Don't give him more money. I highly regret paying to see this. DO NOT SEE THIS IN THE THEATER UNLESS YOU'RE A FAN. Maybe if non-fans stop talking about him he'll go away sooner than later. He has an inflated ego and is desperate to stay in the public eye, that's obvious by this.

Too many annoying fans in the theater. Sadly, there are enough that this'll make a profit like the first and he will not go away for a long time.

I'm surprised that so many other musicians(who all have more talent than him) showed up in the movie. Is Justin Bieber actually this popular among grown men?

I either don't care for or absolutely hate his songs. So one reason it was unbearable was the fact that his songs were playing in the background nearly the entire time. That may make me a little biased. Perhaps if you find his music fine(but detest him / his fame) than you might not completely hate the movie.

But I'd wait for it to come out on DVD and check it out for the library. The movie is just footage from his concerts, crazy fans, people talking about how great he is, and such. From what I've heard of the first movie, the main difference is new music and more mature incidents he'd gotten himself into.

Incredibly unlikeable star IMO, mostly caused by him being incredibly famous and having crazy fans for an OK singer at best. I don't know what it is about him that got him so famous. There are thousands better musicians/artists who barely get by while he makes millions for impressionable tweens who will pay even in the hundreds of $$ just to see their "god" in person.
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Kids, wake up!
ballsareshaking chung24 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It still amazes me how successful this broad has become. Let's face it, his talent is very limited. His voice is very common and all his songs suck. He has no charisma and he knows it. So what does he do? He tries to cover up by putting up a pretty boy front which has fooled the prepubescent community. His popularity is gradually diminishing as his prepubescent fans grow up and realize how silly they were. I wonder, when Bieber's time under the spotlight is up, would his name echo in eternity and make the history books? Will people be talking about him in the same breath as Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley? Absolutely not. He did not revolutionize singing or dancing in any way. Bieber is a waste of time, we should brush him aside and pave the way for more talented artists so we can be spoiled by the MJs and Elvises again. Kids, please don't waste your parents money on his concert tickets, albums or any Bieber merchandise. Don't you think it's ridiculous that talentless broads like Bieber can enjoy the same fame and success as those legends that I mentioned earlier? Please stop being the catalyst behind the death of good music.
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A Nomination? For What? The WORST Documentary Alive?
LegionOfRock29 January 2014
I'm sorry but I hate Justin Bieber and everything he stands for. I don't see why many people many so many TV movies or documentaries of him and his life. He is way too young and too talentless that he doesn't deserve that much fortune, but Jon M. Chu, a big fan of Bieber, wanted to make his fame grow bigger. Like we want to see this douche again. He is talentless and his songs still don't improve. The editing in this documentary is very amateurish and seeing a hour with this kid is like pain to the balls. I can't write a long review for this movie because I actually had the balls to walk out of the theater cause the film really was that bad. 1/5
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This Makes Me Laugh
mrxelement25 December 2013
Another Justin Beiber documentary where this "super" kid pop star still manages to make 9 year old's girls scream to death. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. His voice tends to be death to my ears and everyone else's. His music will always be terrible even "if" he tries to put more effort into his music. He will never go down to be a great,incredible, and talented musician. He is a waste of space in the music industry to make it stupidly worse as it already is. Why make a documentary on a wasted teenager that has no talent that's unnecessary garbage that needs to be thrown out and forever will be gone for good. I hope Justin Beiber realizes that his dumb pretty boy look will never last and that his music career will be dead within seconds.
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One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Just watch the trailer.
creativ_aries1 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The film sucked. Before I get into details I just want to say that I am a fan of Bieber. I always have been and always will be. But that doesn't mean I can't spot a horrible movie when I see one. I guess I wanted to see the movie in theaters because I wanted to see parts of the believe concert and learn more about Bieber's personal life (i.e. relationship with Selena) Basically the movie failed all of my expectations.

I do like Bieber's music so I was looking forward to hearing it in the film but even that disappointed me. The way they played it, you couldn't really hear him singing at all. I don't know why I thought I would hear him singing since he doesn't even sing live anyway...

I also wanted to hear him talk about Selena and all that drama but he didn't even make a slight reference to her at all which was weird and also disappointing. (Now that I think about it Selena probably told him not to.) Also, Bieber himself tweeted many times that the film would address all the rumors. No rumors were addressed or set straight or anything at all.

Now for the plot. This movie literally had no plot. Im not really even sure what the film was supposed to be about. If it was supposed to be about the believe tour it wasn't. The entire movie was idiots talking about how they are making the movie (which is pretty stupid) None of it was even about Justin Bieber. It's only under his name because of the music they used i guess. The whole movie was about other people involved. For example they spent a good chunk of the movie talking about them asking John M. Chu to direct the very movie we are watching them talk about. The rest of it was just other artists (idk if they are even famous or not) talking about Bieber and about the dancers and fans getting tickets to his concert. They didn't show anything about like life on tour or even behind the scenes of the concert.

Even the very little parts where Bieber was talking were very disappointing. First of all everything he says in the short interview clips is stated in the trailer for the movie. It repeats that same famous line a good 3 times. Second, those interviews blatantly prove how unintelligent Bieber actually is.

If you are thinking about going to see this movie don't. Watch the trailer online for free because it is essentially the same thing. You learn nothing about Justin Bieber from this movie. When it is over it leaves you wondering when the real movie about the believe tour/concert is going to start.

The only good part for the fans (yes there is one) is that it shows how some of the songs were made and the ideas behind them.

That is all. Very disappointing.
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I can't respect this man anymore .. Don't waste your time
hbk74712 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly I can't respect this man anymore. the movie was totally bad ! And I'm not saying that because I hate justin bieber. I saw his first movie " Never say Never " and it was pretty good even though I don't like bieber very much. But this movie was totally awful. I think it may be the girls like it. It's same old sh*t . he did not any thing new or special. I regret every second that I actually wasted my time. Justin bieber prove my point that he doesn't have any talent as an actor or singer. he would do anything to attract the girls !. Suddenly he is a successful man because of the stupid girls who love his face , tattoo's , body BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

That's why I can't respect this man anymore.
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Did the Beatles actually make music worse?
XweAponX27 December 2013
What, was Bieber 3 years old when he started gracing our eardrums and causing 13 year old girls to act irrationally?

I used to feel the same way about NSync and Justin Timberlake, (in other words, that he was a waste of skin. But I do not think that anymore about Timberlake) but Bieber's failure is Timberlake's success, as Timberlake has gone on to be an adequate, more than adequate actor in a couple of decent movies.

If this had not just been more hubris for Bieber. if this had just been like a regular movie and maybe even like one of those movies with Rob Lowe in the mid-80s were he's a budding rock-star, I mean Bieber could've played himself but just doing some kind of fictional story... If this film had been like that, maybe I could've given it a five or maybe even a ten star rating. But because it is just self-indulgent hubris, it's just not worth it.

No, instead we get THIS Tripe. I mean at this point other than nine-year-old nubile and non-defrocked girls, WHO CARES?

Now in support of the nine-year-old girl who screams and makes her parents buy her all of his CD's, movies, whatever he has... wallpapers for her iPhone, posters, dolls, blowup dolls, and sexually accurate action figures... All that means is that he can license his own skin and make a whole Lotta money until he can't make a whole Lotta money anymore.

And I do not begrudge him this: everybody in the United States and even the world has the right to pursue getting filthy rich.

There will come a point where the girls of age 9 to 13 will no longer be 9 to 13. They will have grown up and then maybe start putting Justin Timberlake's image on their cell phone wallpapers. Right?

And then when it comes to that point, I sure as hell hope that Bieber or however legally represents him or is his guardian, has not squandered away all of the money that was made licensing product's with his portions of anatomy on them. And selling audio recordings with his screechy voice broadcasting in all kinds of decibels.

Now in regard to the Beatles as I mentioned up above, they also had the ability to elicit the same kind of reaction with girls between 3 and 14 years old. But the difference was that the Beatles actually created quality music, they looked good, they sounded good, they had fun... well, when they were not arguing with each other and Yoko Ono wasn't dropping baby funk all through the recording studio... And... And Paul McCartney was not slipping on it. And John and Paul were not at each others throats, but other than that there was a world impact. It wasn't just what they looked like, it was the diverse combination of personalities and ideas that made them so popular. And other then Elvis Presley, nobody else had ever had that kind of impact not just in the music industry and the money that they made, but on the world in general. The Vietnam War, the hippie movement, The huge increase in popularity of marijuana and LSD, Timothy Leary, it all tied in and I remember when I was six years old the Beatles affected every person on this planet, and every person on this planet except for maybe aborigines in remote areas, knew the Beatles, who they were, what they were.

On the other hand the whole world does know about Bieber. With this added difference: nobody of importance really gives a damn about him other than the Aforementioned 9 to 13-year-old girls, and that is a temporary situation.

But I do not give up hope on Bieber, after all he may in fact do a Justin Timberlake on us, and do something worthwhile.... One of these days.

See, the tale is not told by how many people vote my review down, (And by the looks of it, the "Beebers" have been busy voting my review down) it is told by the current rating of 1.6 on the IMDb page. Hell, they are even downvoting Peter Jackson's latest Hobbit movie, and that's actually a real movie. Maybe it is the Beebers that are downvoting that? And - I LIKED Jon M Chu's GI Joe. As much as they vote me down, they have to suck up that 1.6 rating. The Beebers really fought for those 3 points, it was 1.3. But that does not make it better than The Hobbit.
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Why you do this Buber why ?
Kousseila Mehdi29 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There isn't 0 in voting or i'd already did that , it's a pity all that budget gone away :/ awful really, and i'm wondering why its ranking is in top 200 this week while rated 1.6 , only brain washed people could watch this especially girls it's a total waste of time damn , lost of money , waste of everything . i'm wondering how his fans can love him , long live metal heads , damn this new modern music , they could of gave the budget to homeless and stuff . it's my first review And they say we have economical problems , this is all their fault , i'v seen a documentary about bieber once , they say he was a good guy and stuff , then when he became a star he changed all the way , even his grandfather said he didn't even give him a dollar or even said hi in Christmas .
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Believe didn't feel like a movie!
sally750031 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am a teen girl that does like pop music so I match the movie's target audience. However I don't like Justin Bieber. (I do like people like One Direction though) Mostly only people who like Justin Bieber will like this film. So if you don't like him or care about him don't watch it. I watched it since my friends wanted to see it, I actually like pop music, and I watched it on a day with discounted prices.

First off I felt like Believe didn't feel like a movie. Other people I know said it didn't feel like a movie to them either. It showed some interview scenes (a boring long interview in my opinion), concert scenes, and a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. I know the first movie had a story, it was all about his life. Believe could have shown more personal stuff about his life instead of the behind the scenes of his career. That would have made the "movie" more entertaining and real. Plus it would have made the movie feel more like an actual movie.

Secondly too much of the movie was about Justin's crew and dancers. If your not a fan of Justin you won't care about his crew or dancers. You won't who those people are. You're watching Believe for Justin Bieber not the crew and dancers. I think there should have been more scenes of Justin than his crew. Half of the movie was about Justin Bieber and the other half about random people. The Believe movie basically tells how Justin's album Believe and his tour were made. Majority of the movie was about those two events. Justin Bieber said the movie would address rumours about him, but it hardly does. The movie tried so hard to be funny, but it failed so miserably. Believe was more of a pathetic cheesy comedy than a documentary. His fans Beliebers cried at all the sad scenes. But for me I didn't feel anything about those sad scenes.

Believe is an independently released film. I believe Justin chose to not go with a huge movie company so he could make more profit. But there might have been a small chance movie companies didn't want to produce Believe, but I don't think so. If the movie was released from a huge movie company it would have been released in more theatres, there would have been more promotion, and more of his fans could see it. The movie would have made much more money. At this moment Believe is a flop and is the worst documentary about a pop act in terms of profit. Also Believe was not released in 3D as many fans have hoped. It could have done better if it was released in 3D. They could have earned more money and his fans would get to see it in 3D. Nowadays people like to see films in 3D over 2D. Sadly Justin and his team couldn't afford to make the movie 3D. However if they went with a huge movie company making the movie 3D wouldn't have been an issue. Also "Believe 3D" was a title fans thought it would be called and that would have been a better title than "Believe." Side note Justin Bieber has his own "movie company" called "Bieber Time Films" What a joke.

Like I said before unless you like Justin Bieber don't go watch Believe. Or if you want to watch it wait for it to be uploaded online. Don't give Justin Bieber your money. Believe had the potential to be something great, but it failed. Believe could have been much better. Believe didn't change my view about Justin at all. I still think he's a sorta bad person.
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This is a god awful documentary
Justin Bieber Hater23 July 2014
I hate Justin Bieber (You can tell by my name and icon). His songs are super lame, he sounded like a little girl when he sings and his voice is so squeaky. Also his pathetic fan girls are very annoying, so annoying they're more annoying than One Direction's fan girls. All they ever do is shout like a bunch of whores when they see boys, they never stop talking about them, and they always write the most stupidest fan fictions the whole world has ever seen. He's also been a really drunk d*ck, ditching his friends who were there for him when he gets nothing, but hate, and breaking the laws lately. No wonder all his documentaries scored under a 2/10 on IMDb.
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Definitely this kid is improving.(Awesome movie)
json xml4 August 2014
I just checked that movie. All i can say, it will bring Oscar within a few years, if the judges are less than 18-20 years girl. What is wrong with current generation?. Do they really think this guy is a good musician, actor. By insane amount of stupidity of teenage girls, this guy is on the sky, earning millions. I am just glad that orlando bloom almost slapped this junky guy. For those mad fan of justin beiber, it is OK you guys love her so much, but don't get mad when someone criticize him. They like everything of him, even his cough, sleep, smoking, drinking. I am not sure what to write anymore. Why IMDb needs 10 lines for a review?. You need to grow up.
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Quite a surprise
hungryanimals23 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Going into this movie, I was obviously skeptical. My daughter has been a fan of Justin Beiber since Youtube. I kid you not, she watched ALL his youtube videos and made me watch them. Being of an older, wiser breed, I knew that he was what the kiddies wanted. But I wanted none of that.

The movie started out as most would expect. "Hey, I'm Justin Beiber and this is my rise to fame." The movie takes us through about a half hour romp of his exploits, talents, and his deeds, be they good or bad.

After that though, things get interesting. The first thing that caught me off guard was the time traveling. That part when they had to hid from the Utahraptor while they were still at a concert was freaking nail-biting suspenseful. I didn't know how they were going to make it out of there alive, but they did.

Even more awesome was when they had to fly to the Death Star. Unfortunately, they had to kill off THE BEST character in the movie: Dr. Dre. At least he went down like a true hero. Unlike Porkins. Freaking Porkins. Who names their kid Porkins? I don't want to give away too much after the Death Star scene. I was pretty high on the movie after that adrenaline surge, so I don't remember too much of it. I do remember my daughter weeping and saying this movie wasn't anything like Lord of the Biebs: Fellowship of the Baby, Baby, Baby. I haven't read the book, so I can't comment on the similarities or differences.

Overall, I'd give the movie about an 8/10. It's definitely worth the watch, especially for the sound system.
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The work of a sleep-deprived public relations campaign crew
Steve Pulaski8 April 2014
Justin Bieber is one of the youngest and hottest commodities in the world today. This much we already know. He is also one of the most successful artists of the last few years. This much we also know. This information has been pretty well summarized through news reports, interviews, the Top 40 radio stations, and Justin Bieber's 2010 concert/biopic Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Not a lot has changed in the last three years; Bieber has gotten older, his popularity is still astronomical, his fanbase has been loyal and nine miles past rabid, and his music continues to top charts and gain airplay.

With all this in mind, why did we need Justin Bieber's Believe, a sequel to Never Say Never, to tell us such information again? The film comes branded with the idea that we'll hear the real story behind the star, but I felt that all I was hearing was the around-the-clock manipulation and manufacturing of a sleep-deprived public relations campaign crew working to keep this young star relevant.

"I don't love him, I don't hate him, I respect him" were the words I used to describe Bieber in my review of Never Say Never, which has gone on to be my most-hated review on IMDb, with numerous negative reception simply because I didn't give the film a dismal rating since the film had something to do with Bieber. I stand by my review for the film, for I found it to be occasionally entertaining, somewhat insightful, and an interesting time capsule for a pop star who had gone on to be an explosive success so early in his career. Since Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, however, my opinion has changed of the star. Judging by the likes of his behavior from drunk-driving, spitting on fans, urinating in public, and so on, it's clear that the real Bieber is starting to get out there and the real Bieber seems to be an egomaniac feeding off the fame of his adoring fans, who sob when gifted tickets to his shows and tattoo his face on their quadriceps.

The Bieber brewing now seems to be one of the most ungrateful people to come out of the music industry in quite some time, and for that matter, it was difficult to approach Justin Bieber's Believe with an open mind. Putting aside all prejudices and looking to enjoy another entry into the new artist promotional tool of concert films/biopics, I settled in to watch Justin Bieber's Believe, hoping that its tagline "Beyond the headlines, beyond the spotlights lies the real story" may have some truth and substance. Unfortunately, this is about as bland and hagiographic as concert/biopics can get.

The film continues to feed us the tired idea that Bieber is growing up and getting older and his music is getting more mature, like his fanbase (both statements I can't believe with Bieber still cranking out songs like "As Long as You Love Me," "One Love," and "Thought of You" and his fanbase still falling for the same, repackaged lyrics to a different melody), as well as showing the production and release of his latest album Believe and the corresponding tour. Scenes detail the search for a choreographed dancers, Bieber's team commenting on his so-called "maturity," how anybody who criticizes him and wants to see him fail is a "hater" that Bieber will rise above, and Bieber's interaction with his fanbase.

The most endearing moment of Justin Bieber's Believe comes about halfway through, when we are greeted with Avalanna Routh, a six-year-old girl suffering from brain cancer who adores Justin Bieber more than life itself, it seems. She resorts to having a staged wedding in the hospital with a cardboard cutout of Bieber, and is known by the name of "Mrs. Bieber" to the hospital staff and patients. Bieber, or likely his PR group, caught wind of this and allowed him to reach out to the young girl, spend a few days with her playing board games, watching TV, and just hanging out, and even bringing her on-stage for one of the "Believe" shows to serenade her and treat her like a princess. Subsequently, Routh's condition worsened and she was dead before the end of the tour, with one show happening just three or four days after her death in September 2013. Bieber performed his hit "One Less Lonely Girl" to a slideshow montage of her on the enormous electronic screen behind him, with his back turned to the audience, before completing the song and sitting down and sobbing.

Those moments feel genuine. The moments where Bieber's managers and mentors Scooter Braun and Usher discuss his growing maturity and where Bieber addresses the "haters" but cleverly evades specific instances in his life that caused major controversy do not. As authentic as the film wants to claim it is, key issues are never addressed and inexcusable behavior is never acknowledged or justified either. And being that the film is predicated off of the claim of cutting through all the nonsense to address the truth, it's sad to admit this is the case with the film.

As expected, the glitz, glamor, and decor of Bieber's concerts are marvelous, with choreographers, dancers, and special effects artists doing terrific and daring things, and Bieber always seems to be on-point with his dance moves and vocals. However, Justin Bieber's Believe is a needless film. We've seen all this before and this sequel serves as nothing but a tired (and, at times, very phony) reiteration of prior knowledge. A third film and I'll be convinced I'm experiencing a sporadic Groundhog Day with Justin Bieber.

Starring: Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, Usher Raymond IV, and Jon M. Chu. Directed by: Jon M. Chu.
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vanjohnsontx4 January 2018
The terrible reviews is a sign some faith in humanity is restored because they hate this film rather than like it this film is terrible it is a film that should never be aired on tv or any media platform ever because no one wants to see this garbage on the screen
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Bieber everyone hates you... exit the building
raidenspirit15 August 2014
Why in the name of god does anyone like this little cretins music or videos? bottom line review..

this film / doc sucks the biggest a** of all time.the guy is rude and quite frankly a disgrace to the music scene and hopefully soon vanish from our lives.

go wash dishes or collect up dust with a straw its far more interesting....

give us back robin williams and take this useless muppet instead i cant even think of one good thing to say about this dooooosh

bieber face DO ONE -10 / 10
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I really enjoyed this... and I'm not an 11 year old girl...
Jon Ireland28 October 2014
So just being honest, I'm not a teenager, just a middle-aged graphic designer watching a movie documentary while doing some work. I wouldn't normally write a review but dear lord, there's a lot of mean reviews about this film here. I actually found many of the scenes in the film very touching (especially the scenes with the ill 6 year old girl) and the music is great. It's well shot and edited. Justin comes across well. Sure there's not much of a plot, but what do you expect? Seriously, it is what it is. A positive documentary about Justin Bieber and a behind the scenes of his tour.

So honestly, it's probably an 8 out 10 but I've bumped it up to 10 to counter the unwarranted number of negative reviews.

Peace and love!
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He's matured
Warning: Spoilers
Justin Bieber is one of the most popular pop stars in the music industry right now. Millions of fans all around the world, 40+ million followers on Twitter and the most liked images on Instagram. He's over and over again topped the iTunes top lists and proceeds to be one of the most successful superstars of his age. Justin Bieber's Believe is the sequel directed by Jon Chu, to the first movie Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, directed by the same director. So, how is this different from the first movie you may ask? A lot. But haters fail to realize that, he's a talented kid that just followed his dream and it came true. Haters rate the movie even if they haven't seen it and that's why this movie gets a low score. This should be higher, but unfortunately, some immature and narrow minded haters keep on rating EVERYTHING that has to do with Justin Bieber a 1. It worries me that people these day can't do anything better than hate on someone that's got more success than they do. Bieber has grown up, he's matured. And the haters? They're still at the same kindergarten level, which is truly sad to think that people can be so childish. He's growing up, together with his beliebers, while haters are still at the age of five. Seriously, stating stuff like "He's gay" and "He can't sing, he has no talent" is getting really old these days. You know that the more you hate, the more Bieber don't care. And what's so amazing is that Justin actually keeps on doing what he loves, that he's doing so well with all the hate just flooding in, that's amazing. Many of you may have known that JB has been in a lot of so called "scandals" lately, (even though the "scandals" are just minor things), many of them being fake or just made up. Despite of all that, this guy keeps on going. And the beliebers keep on supporting him, which is truly amazing. In this movie, there's some inspiring words laid by this very young man, you notice how he's matured and that he takes responsibility for what he's done in his past. The cinematics are so beautifully done and edited, and I felt so much more work was made into this movie than the movie Never Say Never. What's the difference between the two? This movie explains a misunderstood Bieber that's growing up. It shows that he's matured and that he's ready to keep on going. An inspiring movie about a very young man who had dreams and made it happen. It's really worth a watch. Don't mind the haters who rate this movie as low as possible, see for youself and judge if you're a belieber or not. For beliebers, this is an absolute YES. It was a very fun experience, everyone was screaming and clapping their hands in the theater and we had a really good time. The laughs, the tears, and the goose bumps. Everything was just so touching. 9/10
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Good Movie!
Shivani Dave28 December 2013
AMAZING movie! really good if your a fan! you get to see the background of the hard times he has been going through. The songs are really good - upbeat and sung well. He has a good voice.

Many people that aren't fans would disagree due to lack of interest but its a good movie.I watched it and i can say I loved it.I don't see why there is so much hate towards the guy. You can see Justin isn't the bad guy, he is just made to be.

Would really recommend you watch it if your a fan and even if your not a fan because the movie might actually change your perspective on him and not actually believe everything the media say. Its his side of his life. Good movie !
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Amazing movie!!!
sallyadan24 December 2013
This movie was amazing, I loved it and I love the fact that this movie was dedicated to Avalanna. It just shows what a great human being Justin Bieber really is.

If you love Justin as much as I do, you'll definitely enjoy this movie but if you hate him, I suggest you to not waste your time watching this movie and then hate on it after wards. This movie doesn't deserve it, HE doesn't deserve it!

This movie show the relationship Justin has with this fans,family, and crew. This movie shows his life style and how it's not easy. This movie also shows how strong Justin Bieber really is, I don't even know how he manages to handle everything so damn well, all hate, media attacking him all the time, the world judging him by every single mistake he makes. I just know one thing for sure, I would never be able to handle it , honestly that's just way too much for a 19 years old boy to go through, but that's why I admire him and that's why he's my idol.

My point with this review is , if you really want to get to know the real Justin, not the one media created, but the real Justin Bieber, you should definitely watch this movie.
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The sequel to Justin Bieber's documentary "Never Say Never" portrays that Justin Bieber is human.
V Movies27 December 2013
Bieber's new film displays that he's a human. Unlike his first movie which was a documentary that displayed his life growing up to him being signed. The film is targeted at anyone (fans and those that aren't).

Bieber simply shows the world that when you get knocked down, the only way to succeed is to get back up and continue to walk the path. In the movie, Justin is shown working late nights in the studio, always writing, and making music. The people Justin has worked with such as Usher and will.i.am also give their commentary on working with the Biebs. Justin also talks about making mistakes. Justin shows the world that he truly cares about his fans. A bonus in the film, are some of performances from Justin's recent tour "Believe."

Justin is bound to make mistakes just like everyone else and that's hard with the camera watching his every move. However, the movie isn't out to blame that his mistakes are because of the media. Instead, the movie is more of an inspiration to see that dreams are real, and even when life is tough and the world is on you, you just have to pick yourself up and keep walking.

Before you make negative comments towards Justin and the movie and say his movie is targeted at fans just to make money, see that this movie is to make people BELIEVE. If you saw Justin's first movie "Never Say Never," you know that Justin had almost nothing growing up. He grew up in a small town in Canada and simply just posted videos of him singing on YouTube. Justin is simply showing the world that just because he's a celebrity, that doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings or isn't human. Watch the movie and feel inspired.
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Absolutely amazing and heart warming -from a JB hater
bridgetjob21016 January 2014
i was never ever a fan. but, but then i watched this movie, believe. Justin Bieber is such an amazing and inspiring young man. this movie is amazing, just like Justin. after 4 years of hating Justin Bieber, i can honestly say that he is an amazing person with such a big heart, I'm a fan. his kind heart moved me. he has encouraged me to follow my dreams. now that i no the truth about Justin Bieber, and how the media has created a Justin Bieber that doesn't exist, i look up to him. if you hate Justin Bieber, i say you watch Believe, it changed me, so it might change you. You could defiantly say I'm a fan, and congrats Justin for all your hard work! you do not deserve all this hate. So I cant believe I'm saying all this. i am going home, downloading journals, believe and my worlds because now I no, the Justin Bieber i used to hate, isn't such a bad guy xxx
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An Amazing Love Story...for the "industry"
TopModelMaker30 December 2013
I went to this movie expecting to watch a sensationalized sales pitch of a ginormous pop star and/or be reminded that teenage antics of a 19 year old are normal, especially for a boy coming of age in the industry. I walked out feeling neither. I felt like I watched an interesting documentary about a human being with a claustrophobic lifestyle.

To be honest, I was confused, until I read a quote from Jon M. Chu, the director of the film, stating "In a way, we made this movie to show him. In a way, I made this movie to say 'Look at your life, right now.'" And that is when I realized what this film was about and why this story is so much different than any other "True Hollywood Story".

This film is the second installment in a story that fights the industry norm. Most kids with a pretty face that can sing and dance are pitched to the Disney machine. We hear their songs on TV between shows until we become so familiar we think we like them. The first documentary of Bieber showed it was possible to do a different way. We learned Bieber found success via hard work.

The amazing story behind "Believe" is that a Bieber camp is fully intact. I don't know of any other celebrity who shares the spotlight so fully or has such a dedicated "staff" (read: family). It doesn't matter where in the world you go, Bieber fans know Scooter, Kenny, Chu, Kanter, and more. After so many years and so many changes, this film is a love story about a group of "businessmen" who would rather make a celebrity a regular kid - than to make a regular kid a meltdown. They give up the opportunity to make "Believe" yet another sales pitch - and instead focus on what Bieber needs to see about himself.

I am truly amazed at the insight, dedication and integrity Chu shows in this project. It makes me interested in both the next adventure in Bieber's life as well as next films Chu will complete.
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Amazing Movie!
klimyin21 May 2014
I love this movie even more than the first one, Never Say Never! <3 It's great:) , mostly funny:P, but also sad:( and I love it because it's all about Justin's life! <3<3<3<3 <3<3 This movie shows Justin's good side (everything good that he does), because he's been getting a lot of criticism this past year ( 2013-14 ). But that's only because of the paparazzi,... their job is to find bad things that celebrities do and than publish them whether its in the news papers, on TV or etc. and that's what influences us on what to think about that specific celebrity. But sadly Justin has been in the spotlight of the news ( and not in a good way). Finally, I just wanted to explain that this movie is basically just to inform everyone that there is a different side to Justin than the paparazzi's point of view. :) Also, I strongly recommend this movie for those of you who may not turn out to be a big fan of Justin's :)
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Rude people
Why would you watch the movie if you don't like him that's stupid, let your girlfriend go alone not with you so you can ruin it for her or for other people who want to watch it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all, it's so rude to talk about someone you don't even know, he is a bloody human being just like you and me, don't write a comment if it can hurt someone else, people like you is what our world doesn't need, if you want to be so rude then be rude to someone else in real life not behind a computer because i doubt you'd have the balls to say what you have to say face to face,and i highly doubt you'd say it to Justin himself.
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A good movie unfairly reviewed based on a mere trailer.
cardonaivando27 December 2013
It is obvious most negative reviews are based on the trailer from people, haters, that have not seen the documentary. This is a very positive movie about a very talented young man whom the media has irrationally trashed based on exaggerated or false reports in the media. Yes, he's made mistakes but who has not? The movie shows what his haters have denied: he is a multi talented kid who is as human and prone to mistakes as anyone but who has excelled as definitely one of the top teen idols of all time.The concert segments are well done and exciting. the interviews of Justin could be more extensive but that would increase the length of the film. Perhaps that will be seen in the DVD version.
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