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Dream 1, Eclipse Dream

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Season 3

4 Apr. 2016
Infinity 1, Premonition Part 1
An entity called Pharaoh 90 which plans to overtake the Earth instructs a woman named Kaolinite to destroy the "powers of light" that can bring him to ruin. At the same time, a young girl has a dream about the Sailor Guardians, accompanied by a voice which calls for her awakening and "the beginning of doom." Both Mamoru and Rei share the girl's ominous premonition. The next day, a news report airs concerning students being transformed into monsters in a process called "Reversion." Usagi and her friends meet a famed auto racer named Haruka Tenoh, while Mamoru ...
11 Apr. 2016
Infinity 1, Premonition Part 2
Mamoru escorts Chibiusa and her friends to an amusement park near Mugen Academy. Kaolinite instructs the Witches 5 to find and eliminate the Sailor Guardians. Usagi and her friends investigate Mugen Academy, and Usagi encounters Michiru playing a violin, but the latter stops and warns her that coming to that place is dangerous. Haruka intercepts Usagi's friends as they approach and tells them to leave and not get in their way. Chibiusa finds a girl crouching on the ground, apparently in pain, and offers help, but she tells her to go away. A cat transforms into a ...
18 Apr. 2016
Infinity 2, Ripples
Usagi, Chibiusa and the others are still puzzled by the arrival of two masked warriors who appear as Sailor Guardians. Are they enemies or allies? Meanwhile, Chibiusa befriends the mysterious girl Hotaru Tomoe, who harbors a dark secret in spite of her ill health.
25 Apr. 2016
Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers
Usagi is still brooding over the fact that she had been kissed by someone other than Mamoru and a Sailor Senshi nonetheless. Meanwhile, Chibiusa becomes more acquainted with her new best friend, Hotaru, who invites her into her home. But what dark secrets lurk within?

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