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Late May

Tony flies to see Ziva and imagines seeing her on the plane next to him.

In Tel Aviv, Tony is met on the tarmac by Mossad agents who request he come with them and don't give him much choice. He's brought to see Mossad Director Orli Elbaz. He's surprised to see Ziva's friend Adam there with her.

Back in DC, Vance introduces Gibbs and FBI Agent Tobias Fornell to the new Secretary of the Navy, Sarah Porter (Leslie Hope).

They brief her on Benham Parsa, the Pakistani who's in charge of the terrorist group Brotherhood of Doubt. They expect Tomas Mendez is their next target, because of the help he's given the government tracking terrorists.

In Israel, Adam reports that the three gunman found dead at Ziva's house were just hired guns. Tony tells Orli he last heard from Ziva two nights ago, when she sent him a photo of her and her brother Ari as children.

They have a report of someone matching Ziva's description being seen on a kibbutz they went to as children. She buried a list of life goals she wrote as a child, including ride a horse. They were all crossed out and on it was written "I will stop this for him."

Later, Adam takes Tony to the apartment where Ziva grew up. Tony imagines seeing her as a 13-year-old.

When Tony and Adam go in to talk to the current resident, Dr. Deena Bashan, who grew up in the building with Ziva.

At NCIS, Fornell has a hard time convincing Mendez to take his protection, until Gibbs tells him not to be a "dumb ass," and he agrees.

Deena serves Adam and Tony tea. She last saw Ziva at her father's funeral . She made a list of "I Will" statements like Ziva but doesn't know what Ziva's means.

"She mentioned you at the funeral, I could see what she felt," Deena tells Tony, suggesting he's the "him."

Tony checks in with McGee in MTAC. They traced the last text from Ziva to a wifi hotspot in Tel Aviv.

In the lab, Abby is tracing the bullet trajectories from the shots fired into Tony's apartment, which contradict the witness statement.

A resident of the building said he saw a shooter on top of his building, but Abby thinks that's wrong. Homeland talked to all the residents of the top floor except one, Lisa Pierway. They head to her apartment and find her several days dead inside.

Fornell and Gibbs meet for coffee. Fornell complains about guarding Mendez, who has plans to go see a billionaire philanthropist who wants to support anti-terror activities.

In Mossad's version of MTAC, Tony reviews security footage from the Internet caf where Ziva sent the text. They don't see her until they check outside the hospital across the street and see Ziva meeting with Deena, the doctor.

Gibbs visits Abby in the lab. She has a partial thumbprint from Lisa's contact lenses belonging to Henry Coldwell, who was dishonorably discharged from the army and had sniper training. He's the one who shot up Tony's apartment.

Tony goes to see Dr. Bashan at the hospital. She admits she stitched up Ziva's leg, but then told Ziva she was in love with her brother Ari and he was about to propose when Ziva killed him. Ziva tried to explain, but Dr. Bashan wouldn't forgive her, so Ziva left.

Bashan says she would have told anyone but Tony the truth. "Why should she have the man that she loves, when she took mine from me?"

Fornell and two other agents escort Mendez to the hospital to see the billionaire. Mendez's phone rings outside and he answers -- an explosion blasts from the hospital in front of them.

October Gibbs and McGee try to reach Tony on video chat. He's been to North Africa, Yemen and is now back in Israel on Ziva's trail. He talked to someone who saw her a week ago. Gibbs suggests if Ziva doesn't want to be found, maybe he should respect that. He wants to go off the grid for a few days and follow a lead.

Gibbs tells him to do what he needs to.

When Tony hangs up, we see Ziva is standing near him. She asks why he came. "You invited me," Tony says. "That was before," she says.

Back in DC, SecNav Porter wants an update on Parsa and his Brotherhood. He tells her to try to reach out to army about talking to Captain Wayne, the one who sent Gibbs on a distraction mission to Iran.

Tony gives Ziva her Star of David necklace back. He found her by tracking her past, traveling to where her mother was killed, her grandparents' graves and, finally, the house where she was born.

She's feeling guilt over the people she has killed in her line of work. Tony tells her it's never too late to start over.

Gibbs meets with Captain Wayne in a diner late at night to ask about Parsa. All Wayne got was text messages from a 305 area code in Florida. Gibbs urges him to do what's right.

When Gibbs goes out to his car, a man jumps him. The two men fight until Gibbs knocks him down. "You have no idea what's coming tonight," the man says.

Back in Israel, Tony helps Ziva plant her new list of things to do. He asks her to come to DC with him. "I know it's hard and I know you want to change. I can change with you," he says, kissing her hand. She leans in close, but doesn't kiss him yet. "I'm fighting for you, Ziva," he says. "I know," she says.

Gibbs interrogates his attacker back at NCIS. He's just a hired thug. McGee traced the blocked numbers on the guy's phone back to Gran Castillo, Tomas Mendez' company. He compared the bombing materials and found they traced back to Medez's phone.

Fornell ignores a call from NCIS on his way to visit the billionaire with Mendez. At the house, snipers take out other snipers.

Captain Wayne approaches a sniper with a knife, saying he can't go through with it, it's wrong. The two men fight. Gibbs gets there as the sniper is dead and Wayne is bleeding out.

(Scene from the season finale.) Gibbs looks through the sniper's scope and sees Fornell getting out of a sedan on the street below. Fornell notices the snipers aren't where they're supposed to be. Fornell stands outside the car as Mendez pauses to answer his ringing phone -- to detonate the bomb.

Gibbs looks through the scope and sees Fornell just slightly in the way of Mendez. Gibbs takes the shot.

Later, Mendez is dead and Fornell is fine, but complaining loudly about getting shot in the butt.

In Israel, Tony tries to get Ziva, one last time, to change her mind. She tells him she wants to follow her heart and make Gibbs proud. He's the "stop this for him." He encourages her to call Gibbs.

"Tony you are so..." she says. "Handsome, funny?" "Loved," she says. He kisses her hard, then he turns and walks away to get on the plane.

On the flight, he makes his own "I Will" list. He takes out Ziva's Star of David necklace and smiles.

Home alone, Gibbs puts a cold beer to his black eye. He answers Ziva's call, and listens.


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