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PPF - you can't please ALL the fans....
anna_s_6852111 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One has to wonder what the original plan for this episode was - how much of it was re-written at the last moment after the untimely departure of Cote De Pablo just days before shooting for season 11 was supposed to begin.

We know from interviews that GG wanted a 2 part finale for the character of Ziva yet she was on screen for less than 15 minutes. Given that many fans loved the character for so long, it's a shame that the actress was unavailable to fully finish the storyline.

This episode though contained the MOST on target writing & portrayal of Ziva in her entire time on the show. It also offered the most logical reason for her decision to go to & then remain in Israel. Kudos to the show for finally giving us a character that made sense and giving us reasons for her departure that were logical given the character's back story.

Tony, on the other hand, was remarkably out of character for the entire episode. In an effort to please the segment of fans demanding a canon romance between the characters, the show came close to destroying the foundation of the character & negated the way Weatherly portrayed him throughout most of season 10.
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Ziva out of character
earodrig5 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Typical NCIS plot, with Gibbs, "the tough guy," always knowing what to do and everybody else following his lead. Some criticism on the poor reasoning of why the bad guys were targeting NCIS folks belongs to the previous episode. I focused my attention now on how Ziva's infamous departure from NCIS would unfold. What a big surprise: Ziva got a conscience, and she was leaving NCIS because she was going to follow her heart... Completely out her character! DiNozzo was too understanding and so not funny: Out his character too. I got used to watch a tough Ziva, and to enjoy the well balanced chemistry between Ziva and DiNozzo. The writers certainly could think of something much, much better. Since we now know the reason why Cote de Pablo departed the show (she wanted more money than the producers could afford), the worst part of this episode is the possibility of Cote de Pablo coming back to the show since her character was kept alive.
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