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Season 1

30 Sep. 2013
Building Shelter
The first thing a survivor must do is build a basic shelter to protect themselves from the elements. 16 contestants have come to Puerto Rico to train with Les Stroud. Only 8 will make it onto SOS Island. Today our cast learn how to build shelters.
1 Oct. 2013
Fresh Water
Once a shelter has been constructed, finding a source of fresh drinking water is the next necessity for any survivor.
2 Oct. 2013
Fire is the third necessity for any survivor. It can keep you warm at night, allow you to cook food and ward off animals.
3 Oct. 2013
Finding Food
A survivor can survive weeks without food but sooner or later everybody has to eat which is the next survival necessity.
4 Oct. 2013
Find out who is going to SOS Island and what Les thinks of their chances on the island. Its decision time, as 8 contestants are chosen to move onto the island. Its also time to meet our island host Andrea.
7 Oct. 2013
Day 1 on SOS Island. Our eight contestants are stranded. Watch them explore their new island home, build shelters and learn to adapt.
9 Oct. 2013
Day 3 on SOS Island. Eight contestants have had limited food over the past 48 hours. Now they get to cook and eat local food.
11 Oct. 2013
Day 5 on SOS Island. The basics have been established. Our contestants have access to shelter, food and water. In any survival situation a person must maintain a healthy body and mind. Watch how our contestants keep in shape both mentally and physically on SOS Island.
14 Oct. 2013
Day 8 on SOS Island. Finding normalcy and routines in any survival situation is a key ingredient to maintain mental balance. Our contestants explain how they have found and fashioned creature comforts on the island.
16 Oct. 2013
Sur-vin-al Videos
Day 10 on SOS Island. In a long term survival situation boredom can kill. Keeping the mind active and healthy is crucial over the long haul. Watch our contestants as they custom creative Vine stories based on their experiences. Story telling is not just a way to occupy time but it can be an importance source of how we understand and cope with any predicament.
18 Oct. 2013
Day 12 on SOS Island. Ever heard of survivor guilt? Sometimes going home, processing a dramatic event or re-entering normal life can be a lot tougher than expected. Watch our contestants get emotional as they leave behind SOS Island forever. What did they learn from the experience? How can it help them in the rest of their life?
21 Oct. 2013
Shelter Shock
Constructing a shelter is the first necessity for any survivor. Wind, rain cold or heat can kill in a matter of hours. Watch our contestants go head to head in building shelters using the Galaxy Zoom.
24 Oct. 2013
Purification Station
After shelter the second necessity in any survival situation is water. A survivor can only live a couple of days without water and in some climates only a couple of hours. In this challenge contestants will compete to purify water using local sourced supplies.
29 Oct. 2013
The third necessity for any survivor is fire. Each SOS team of two will be given the proper materials to build a fire. First team to set their SOS Island logo on fire wins.
31 Oct. 2013
Survival of the Smartest
Understanding your local environment, the dangers, the resources can mean the different between life and death for any survivor. Using NFC tags and their S4 Zooms to guide them through the jungle our contestants embark on a scavenger hunt.
5 Nov. 2013
Lost & Found
In survival situations survivors can often become separated or lost from the group. Via in-call photo share of pictures (with GPS coordinates) of island landmarks from a 'Lost' team member taken with Galaxy s4 Zoom, the 'finder' must track down his/her 'lost' team member in the quickest time utilizing the pictures text messaged to him/her.
7 Nov. 2013
Food Forager
Going in heats of two, cast must track down 5 edible plants and 2 poisonous plants using a pirate-like map downloaded to their Samsung Galaxy s4 zoom.
12 Nov. 2013
Washed Up
Sometimes survivors can get lucky and come across a stash of unexpected resources. In this challenge each SOS team must use beach flotsam to build a survival kit.
14 Nov. 2013
Down with the Ship
Without risk there's no reward. Sometimes a survivalist must endanger themselves to secure an item that could mean the difference between life and death. SOS teams must retrieve a survival pack that is located on a floating raft 25-yards out in the ocean, with one catch: their ship is sinking!
19 Nov. 2013
Fish Food
Making tools is often vital for long terms survival. In this challenge SOS Teams are given a wide variety of items like bamboo rods, twine, knives, etc. Each team must utilize the items to create a fishing apparatus with which they must catch/spear 'fish'.
21 Nov. 2013
Gift from Above
Sometimes a Survivor's whereabouts or predicament is known to their rescuers but they just can't quite find each other. In these instances a supply drop can mean the difference between life and death. Using Samsung Galaxy s4zoom, teams figure out what the tools that were parachuted into the island by a rescue mission are and why they are useful.
26 Nov. 2013
Rescue is often the only escape for survivors and signaling potential rescuers should always be foremost in a survivors mind. Each SOS team must retrieve floating puzzle pieces from the ocean, swim to sand, and then spell out SOS.
3 Dec. 2013
Bon Voyage
Sometimes help never arrives and the only way out is on a survivor's own initiative. Each SOS team will have a pile of materials gathered from the island to choose from to create their own raft off the island. Fastest team to build a raft and row it 25-yards out to sea to the finish line wins!

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