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"Elementary" - "We Are Everyone" -October 10, 2013

A man in the back of a cab sends out a blog post saying that soon everyone will know his name. The cab stops and suddenly the building they are in front of is besieged by Feds. The man realizes the Feds have found him out and flees.

Joan sits in a park with a friend. As she fields text messages from Sherlock with staged crime scenes as brain teasers, her friend notes that Joan's work may be exciting but she never seems to get out in the real world anymore. So, to that end, her friend has bought her a six month membership in a dating service and written her a profile.

Joan returns home to find a strange man in the apartment playing backgammon with Sherlock. His name is Mr. Mueller and he is here about the man in the cab. His name was Ezra Kleinfelter and the world has indeed discovered his name because he leaked a dossier of national secrets to the media, Julian Assange-style. Mueller represents a consortium of likeminded citizens who worry that Ezra is in danger and will not get a fair trial. He asks them to find him and to deliver him to them so they can deliver him to a country with safe haven. Sherlock says yes. Watson worries they will be aiding and abetting a fugitive. Sherlock took the case to put Mueller's mind at ease. He took his picture and they decide to follow him to discover his nefarious plans. He quickly discovers the man's real identity, a former CIA analyst. Sherlock quickly deduces Mueller doesn't want to bring Ezra to justice but to kill him.

They head to the precinct to do some research on Kleinfelter who was a genius but, according to his blog, very self-absorbed and oddly obsessed with getting a date with his neighbor. They discuss what they will do when they find him since some see him as treasonous and others a hero. Sherlock isn't sure but doesn't think he should be killed.

Sherlock notes that Ezra dealt with only one journalist in leaking the info, Celia Carthinksso they go to see her. She says she has no idea where he is. They ask if Ezra was romantically interested, she says she doesn't know if he was. She says she's not looking to help people find him but if she was she's the last person he'd be in touch with. They know she's lying but need to figure out how they're communicating.

While they stake her out Joan looks at her dating profile and asks Sherlock if he thinks they are cut off from the world. He says they're creating a better one. She says she's going to pursue the online dating and to be nice if she brings anyone around. He says it won't be an issue since she won't bring anyone around and then makes a diatribe against romantic love, backed up by his Irene/Moriarty tale. Joan asks how that made him feel, he says liberated and that he is now "post-love." They watch as Celia switches bags with the security guard and Sherlock says he's going to pick his pocket and explains how that works.

He gets the phone and discovers that the security guard is affiliated with a hacker activist group called "Everyone." They are committed to getting Ezra to safety. From what he can tell from their message boards he deduces one of them, named the Defenestrator, is harboring Ezra. Sherlock decides to wade into the message board to ferret out the culprit. He stays up all night and discovers a woman named Vanessa is their "man." They go to her apartment, break in, and she is dead.

They call in Gregson and the cops. Sherlock says Ezra didn't mean to kill her most likely. Although they got skin from her fingernails Ezra doesn't have any DNA on file. They do find maps and other info that Ezra likely used to plot his escape from the country to Venezuela, however.

While they figure out what to do next, Sherlock continues to wonder about Ezra, since murder is a whole other ball of wax. Joan looks at her profile and the guys that have winked at her. She thinks one guy named Jeff is cute. She winks back at him. Suddenly, she starts getting phone calls about a Craigslist ad about a train set and sex, and then her computer winks out, and then a bunch of pizzas show up. They realize they've been hacked by "Everyone" who are now harassing them since they know they are on the hunt for Ezra. They realize that they've probably hacked everything from Facebook to bank accounts and elsewhere. Sherlock realizes they need to "apologize" to "Everyone."

They go back to the precinct to figure out where Ezra might have gone next after killing Vanessa. They figure out that he must be hiding in a old government bunker. They figure out which one and are about to head over and then are set upon by the Secret Service. "Everyone" has hacked them to the extent that they believe Sherlock and Watson have made a threat against the president and arrest them.

After untangling themselves from the Feds they head home and the cute guy that Joan winked at shows up at her house. He's just checking on her because he realized that her profile must have been hacked given what recently showed up on there thanks to "Everyone." She reassures him she's fine but is utterly charmed that he checked in on her.

Sherlock tries to engage the "Everyone" message boards to further figure Ezra's whereabouts but everyone clams up. He thinks it through the night and figures out Ezra needs an "ally" with a plane and discovers the man behind the alias on the "Everyone" message boards and that he will be bringing said plane to New York and then headed to Venezuela so he must be Ezra's ride. Gregson, Sherlock, and Watson descend on the private plane. Unfortunately, as they are about to arrest him he says if he's arrested 14 innocent men and women will die, because he will make public the names of deep cover agents. Essentially, he's a horrible person. Luckily, right before he gets on the plane Watson lifts his watch so if they can match his DNA to the skin under her fingernails they can bring him back on murder charges. Sherlock also thinks he can save the 14 undercover agents Ezra is threatening to out.

Sherlock goes to see Mueller and explains that Ezra is on his way to Venezuela and about his threat to imperil the 14 agents. He tells Mueller to release the names to the government and make sure the people are safe. Mueller says his "consortium" would never allow that. Sherlock figures out a way to get him to release the names, by appealing to his sense of right and his competitive nature. It works and the Feds pick up Ezra and all of the undercover agents are okay. Sherlock and Watson's personal accounts and phones are back in business.

Watson tells Sherlock she's going out for a little real world time.

Sherlock reads a letter.

Watson returns from her date and says it was not bad, maybe no sparks but fun. She tells him it's sad he's given up and notes that she shouldn't be the only one who knows him.

Watson gets in bed and starts to write what appears to be a story about Sherlock.

Sherlock continues to read and we hear his voice turn into Irene/Moriarty's voice and see that the letter is signed Jamie Moriarty.


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