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  • The Flying Pig is sealed in Sävarån and the chosen one has to find a way to release it, or else it will be a new ice age.


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  • The film is a FG Production created in Västerbotten / Sävar, set in a dystopian future. The evil ninja dictator Mouse has taken over the world and only the chosen one who can stop him. Join us on a journey where wizards, dragons and cartoon characters is a reality.

    Who's flying pig? Flying Pig is a super hero who is a genetic mix between man and pig (a guy in a old rabbit costume). In previous films by FG he has never flown. He never got the chance to show what he can do.

    Who is the One? It said that the Chosen One is a blond person with orange glasses

    Who is Mouse? Mouse is not a mouse. He is the main antagonist in this Film, and he is very close to world domination.

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