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Jarrod Brom, one of the segment producers on the film, asked his bride-to-be if she would let the production prank their wedding on the condition that none of their friends and family knew what was going on. She only had two stipulations: that the ceremony itself would not be affected, and that her dress would not be harmed.
The first Jackass movie to receive an Academy Award nomination.
It took three hours to apply the old age make-up on Johnny Knoxville every morning.
A scene was shot where Irving and Billy visit the grave of deceased Jackass member Ryan Dunn but ultimately it was decided that the scene injected too much of a somber tone. Instead, the film ends with a dedication to Dunn in the closing credits.
Johnny Knoxville has stated that his Irving Zisman character is a combination of his own father and a more perverted version of himself.
Gregorio spent a couple of hours in the biker bar prior to filming his scene where he takes delivery of his son. He used that time to essentially wind up the bikers and make them openly hostile towards him.
Johnny Knoxville wanted Jackson Nicoll to play his grandson in the film, having worked with him on Fun Size (2012).
Despite his young age, Jackson Nicoll mostly remained in-character during filming.
The production piggybacked off a real estate sale for the scene where Bad Grandpa is selling off his furniture.
This movie is dedicated to Ryan Dunn, the Jackass team member who drove drunk to his death on 20 June 2011.
During the opening credits Johnny Knoxville's character walks past the storefront used as Paddy's Irish Pub in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".
Although credited, Spike Jonze (Gloria) was not in the final cut. He can be seen during the end credits and the deleted scenes on DVD/Blu-Ray.
The first "Jackass" film to be co-written by writers outside of the Jackass crew. Fax Bahr and Adam Small, who co-wrote the story, previously wrote Jackass (2000) parodies on their show, MADtv (1995).
Near the beginning of the film, Irving asks Billy "You don't know who Johnny Cash is?". Johnny Knoxville, who plays Irving, has portrayed Johnny Cash on the TV show, Drunk History.
Throughout the movie, the same gray and white Dodge van is seen either in the background or following the car.
Many parts of the movie including the scenes in Kansas City and in Tennessee were shot in and around Charlotte, NC. The street signs can be seen with Charlotte's unmistakable "Queen City" crowns. Also many landmarks like the Penguin Drive In and Charlotte's unique skyline can be picked out along with Charlotte's public rail line transportation system, CATS.
The drive-thru restaurant Irving and Billy stop by at is called Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen is an actual store located at 1305 East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; it is a very popular restaurant, famous for its biscuits and Southern fried chicken.
Gas station scene filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, is a ten minute walk from the Christmas Story home and one mile from where several scenes of The Deer Hunter were filmed.
The biker gang that defends Billy and Irving is called 'Guardians of the Children'.
During the gas station scene at the beginning of the film, a 2012 presidential election campaign sign can be seen in the convenient store window supporting Ron Paul. This gives a clue that the movie probably takes place between later 2011 to mid 2012.
The "Penguin Guy" is George Prisco, owner of Krazy Fish restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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