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Why Did I Like This So Much?!
Callum Hofler5 January 2014
Bad Grandpa is a film I certainly wasn't anticipating. Unlike a lot of people my age, I don't support Jackass, or enjoy any of their films. They just seem a little too over the top for my liking. But despite this, surprisingly, I adored Bad Grandpa!

I'm going to keep this short and to the point. Johnny Knoxville is fantastic as Irving, an incredibly raunchy and hilarious 86 year old man. Thrown into real life prank situations, he steals the show, pranking people in some bizarre and incredible ways that I just couldn't stop laughing at! His grandson within the film, Billy, played by Jackson Nicoll, is awesome as well, managing to create some fantastic scenarios which will leave you in stitches. I'm really surprised that I didn't mind this child actor, as I normally have a problem against their type. Nicoll though, killed it as Billy.

Despite the fact that a lot of these jokes presented are incredibly over the top, I really enjoyed the comedy here. It had me laughing the majority of the way through, and I honestly couldn't believe what they were doing in public. Jackass knows how to make pranks work, and here is easily their best work.

I didn't have expectations for Bad Grandpa; none good at least. I was pleasantly surprised though! Whilst not nearly the best comedy released in 2013, this is surely the funniest. If you love pranks, or Jackass, or both, you'll adore this film!

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Go with it and you'll have a blast
eddie_baggins21 November 2013
Despite all its low brow humor and childish gags Bad Grandpa is by far one of the funniest and seriously ingenious comedies of the year and when watched with the right mindset will be a thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes at the movies.

Played by a worryingly good Johnny Knoxville Irving Zisman is the titular bad grandpa, a man set upon every women he sees and a man that finds himself in many a hilarious situation. Whether Irving is at a bingo center, diner or postal office Johnny Knoxville inhabits him wholly and completely that one forgets we are watching a pretend old man. It must be said also that some of the film's most quiet and funny moments come from Knoxville merely waltzing about town in full old man get up, waving and traipsing about his business as passer byes are none the wiser. Knoxville's strong inhabitation of Irving however would have been wasted if his grandson weren't such a mischievous delight as well.

As played by child actor Jackson Nicholl Irving's grandson Billy is the perfect foil for the antics the film sets up and Nicholl displays a rare ability for a child to think on a whim and more than once he will have you laughing hysterically with his verbal comebacks or physical comedy (A highlight being the trailer centerpiece and films ace up the sleeve beauty pageant routine). It's good to see Jackass stalwart and co-creator Jeff Tremaine handle both the situations and actors so well and one senses that this creation will set forward more projects under the similar vein of real life candid cameras mixed with a anchoring plot line.

Obviously not for everyone and more likely to offended than not Bad Grandpa is still a must see for all comedy fans and even if Jackass is not your usual cup of lime juice Bad Grandpa offers up a welcome deviation from the usual Jackass presentations and a showpiece for just how funny Knoxville is when given the right material.

4 knocked over penguins out of 5

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A great laugh
Brian Taylor24 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In 2000 a show started airing on MTV that had a group of guys performing stunts. These were not just regular stunts, these were stunts that required a "don't try this at home warning" before every show. I never was a fan, or I thought I wasn't, the problem was I never actually sat down and watched it. Well it was such a success the guys took their antics to the big screen, and that is where I discovered the joy of Jackass. Johnny Knoxville can take a hit, as well as everyone in his crew. Now, while some things border on disgusting, in the end you can do nothing but laugh at just how far these guys will go. Unlike the previous movies/ TV show, "Bad Grandpa" is a different approach, but provides just as many laughs. Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) has just lost his wife. To make things more complicated, his daughter drops off his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll), so that Irving can take him to his father who lives cross country. The deal is, it's all fake. The purpose of the trip is to catch people's reaction to everything from stealing, destroying property, and even crashing a kid beauty pageant. They do this all while having Irving's dead wife in the trunk. It is all done for laughs, and trust me you will have plenty of those as you watch this movie. It is easy to be like how I was before I actually watched these guys in action and judge them as idiots. In the end they may be idiots, but they will make you laugh, and at times cry. I know these movies are not for everyone, but for those of you who go see it, you will have a great time. You get to see a picture of Middle America and the many characters we have living in this great country. I haven't laughed as hard in a movie in a long time, and I have seen a lot of so called comedies this year alone that did very little to bring the funny. So don't be like me, don't judge this book by its cover. Go see "Bad Grandpa" because the world is a much better place with laughter, and this movie provides plenty of it. Brian Taylor
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Lewd, crude, tasteless - and incredibly fun.
shawneofthedead16 January 2014
In a world overrun by forgettable, banal reality television, Jackass has distinguished itself as a franchise with unexpected staying power. Who would have thought that a television show about pulling pranks on unsuspecting members of the public would go on to dominate the silver screen as well? That's precisely what Johnny Knoxville and his compatriots have done, however. Bad Grandpa marks the Jackass crew's fourth foray into the realm of feature films. The movie is itself more ambitious than its predecessors, betting that one character - an apparently doddering 86-year-old man - can carry an actual plot and an enormous arsenal of pranks. Surprisingly, it's a gamble that pays off: Bad Grandpa is frequently as funny as it is in bad taste.

The ostensible plot of it all goes something like this: Irving Zisman (Knoxville) is saddled with his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) when his flaky daughter is sent to prison and his wife Ellie (Catherine Keener - yes, really!) passes away. Resolving to palm his grandson off to his ne'er-do-well son-in-law, Irving embarks on a road trip across America - an adventure that takes them from strip club to diner, from funeral to beauty pageant, and everything in between. Along the way, they meet people from all walks of life: most of them unsuspecting, several of them kind, all of them pretty good sports.

Much of the thrill of watching Bad Grandpa comes from knowing that it is a hidden-camera comedy - one that draws its greatest laughs and amusement from people who have no clue that Irving isn't actually a senior citizen. Many of the pranks border on the tasteless (Irving gets a crucial body part caught in a vending machine, grandpa and grandson engage in a flatulence contest in a diner with disastrous results), but the horrified looks on the faces of innocent passers-by make it all work. There are even some moments of inspired comic genius: chiefly, the set-pieces that take place in a strip club and at a beauty pageant. (To spoil you any further, dear reader, would be criminal.)

It takes a pair of seasoned performers not to crack and give the game away. Knoxville, of course, has years of experience and bodily injury under his belt, and he is astonishingly good at playing a bawdy old man with very few social (and some might say moral) filters. The great surprise is Nicoll, a child with the most perfectly deadpan of faces - he's hilariously convincing whether he's asking a complete stranger to adopt him or re-enacting a scenario reminiscent of Abigail Breslin's wildly inappropriate grind-bump dance in Little Miss Sunshine.

This is - evidently - very far from great cinema, even though director Jeff Tremaine does actually manage to sneak a little more sentiment and plot into the film than you might expect. But great cinema does not always equate into a fun, brainless night out at the cinema - which Bad Grandpa, if you set your expectations as low as they can go, will almost indubitably provide you.
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One of the Funniest Films in a Very Long Time
Michael_Elliott25 October 2013
Bad Grandpa (2013)

**** (out of 4)

Johnny Knoxville dresses up as old man Irving Zisman and takes a trip from Nebraska to North Carolina to take his grandson (Jackson Nicoll) back to his real father. BAD GRANDPA comes from the JACKASS team and while I did enjoy the show and the three previous films, all of them simply wore out their welcome after a while but that's certainly not the case with this film. I'm not going to go into great detail about the various pranks in the film because it's best to go in without knowing too many of them. I will say that this here doesn't resort to physical violence all that much, although there are a couple examples. The main focus is just this weird old man who puts his grandson into all sorts of bad situations and usually makes them worse. I think the film is remarkably funny and I'd probably call it one of the funniest films I've seen in a very long time. Again, I'm not a JACKASS die-hard but even if you hate that show you'll simply fall for the variety of dirty humor here. We get stuff dealing with the old man's sex life, his dead wife, various scenes of him playing drunk and causing trouble and of course there are some of the moments that everyone saw in the trailer like the beauty pageant. Why four stars? Why not? The film really is a laugh riot from the opening scene to the very last one and a lot of credit has to go to Knoxville and the various writers. What really makes this film work is a little "story" built around all the jokes about this grandfather coming closer to his grandson. It's oh-so-silly but that's the point. The various situations the two find themselves in are certainly the highlight of the picture as we get some downright shocking scenes. There are even moments that you'll see coming from a mile away but then you'll get a twist that will just have tears running down your face. BAD GRANDPA certainly earns its R-rating but it's also one of the funniest films in a very long time.
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Best Comedy I've seen in awhile
rhand955 January 2014
I'll start this review by saying I've never really got all the humor of the Jackass crew. Well that's not true, I got a lot of the humor, but it was interrupted by cringe worthy bits that turned me off to them in general over the years. I really did try to like the first couple of Jackass movies, but they were more sporadic laughs and face palming, than comedy gold. This movie looked funny from the previews so I thought why not give the Jackass genre another shot. I couldn't of been more surprised. This movie had me laughing end to end, and only giving me time to breath in-between. The number of face palming instances I could count on my hand, which was the most surprising. There were two points in the movie that had me dying, and thinking genius, as I just shook my head reeling with laughter. I'm not the easiest person to get to laugh out loud, but this movie had me doing it regularly. A great watch, highly recommend.
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Pass the Popcorn review
PassPopcorn26 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Bad Grandpa is a hidden camera comedy movie, written and directed by the creators of Jackass: Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze and Jeff Tremaine. I always considered Jackass to be silly in an unfunny way, and I was never much of a fan of pranks in general, so I was immediately turned off by Bad Grandpa. Also, the second main actor in this movie is a child, and pranks with children are usually the cheapest and least funny ones, since authors know they can make the kid say/do anything and always get a reaction from adults. In short, this movie looked like another comedic failure to me, but amazingly it proved to be very funny and entertaining. The story is fairly simple: Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) is an 86 years old man whose wife has just died, and that makes him very happy, since he's now free to pick up young women. Unfortunately, his joy is soon ruined, as his daughter leaves her son – Irving's grandson – Billy (Jackson Nicoll) with him because she's being sent to jail for drug use. Irving is supposed to take Billy to his father, and he accepts just to get rid of the kid, even if he doesn't like the kid's father – and so, a quasi-road trip movie begins. The story isn't really that important, since this is a hidden camera movie, but it's nice to see that the writers didn't just dismiss the story for that reason and didn't make this movie a collection of unfunny and loosely connected sketches that are going nowhere (like Grown ups 2). Jackson Nicoll, who plays Billy, is one of the best child actors I've seen in a long time. He's extremely convincing and talented, and even if you don't like kids (in general or in movies), you'll end up loving Billy. Knoxville is great as the ever-horny, foul mouthed old man, especially as he manages not to laugh at all of the sketches he put up and, in case some of you haven't realized this, he's completely shameless: for example, he agreed to pretend to have his penis stuck in a vending machine, among other things! There aren't any other (relevant) actors in the movie, but the people's reactions to the pranks are priceless. No "real" movie could have created such great comedy, because an actor's reactions are rarely so well enacted, spontaneous and sincere. Like, if someone tried to mail a child and the post office employees found that out, in a movie they would immediately call the police. In Bad Grandpa, after finding out just that, one of the two employees just stood there confused, while the other tried to explain politely that they "cannot mail a person". I loved the (intentional?) social criticism in the beauty pageant scene. Irving dresses Billy like a girl and enrolls him in a pageant for little girls, hoping to win the first prize that is $5000. While performing, Billy's dance song suddenly changes to "Cherry pie" by Warrant, he takes his clothes off and starts pole dancing in just panties, a bra and stockings. You can see all the other contestants' mothers staring shocked and in disbelief, as if what they were doing to their daughters was any better. or less embarrassing and degrading. In conclusion, I don't know why everybody seems to hate this movie: there are just a few fart jokes in it, everything they do is really funny, and there's even a story you can follow and characters you can learn to love. If you want to have fun and you haven't seen Bad Grandpa yet, do it, because you're guaranteed to laugh for the entire duration of the movie! Rating: 8/10
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Literally balls out funny! All the humour of Jackass without letting reality get in the way.
Jesse Boland4 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is so much funnier than it should be. There were times in this movie that I just could not stop laughing. The people are all real, only the boy, and Knoxville and a select few are plants, the rest of this is like an insane episode of Just For Laughs out of Montreal, or the little shorts you see on a Jackass movie, just going on for the whole movie. Mostly skits like Letterman would do, but some far more toward the Chris Elliott side. You will hate yourself for laughing at parts of this movie, and there is just no getting around that, it is the basest humour, but it is done so well, and with that kid making everything feel just that little bit worse. I really Enjoyed this movie, I did not think I would, I was not expecting this sort of thing when I started watching it, and was surprised that the format is so much like Borat even, just not quite as far (or further)depends on your views. I would bet though no matter who you are, or how delicate your sensibilities, there is something in this movie that will have you on the floor, or at least holding your sides, and gasping for air. Anything that makes me laugh this hard gets a 10 as long as I was able to hold down my lunch. (a point was nearly lost, and so was my lunch)

Jesse of
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A few extremely funny scenes
sylvesterthekat15 November 2013
I'm not a huge fan of the Jackass movies and am approaching 50 so maybe not in the target demographic but the trailer for the movie made us laugh so we went to see it. Most of the time I was chuckling rather than out and out belly laughing. But one scene in particular (the strip club) almost made me hyperventilate. I literally couldn't catch my breath because I was laughing so hard. It's one of the funniest scenes that I can recall ever seeing in a movie. The boy who plays the kid is excellent, he's very believable and cute and for such a young boy he does very well in what is not really a straightforward acting role. If you have the right sense of humour for this type of thing, I highly recommend it (if you're aged 14-25 and male it's a guaranteed hit). If you hate Jackass and all it represents, don't bother paying to see it in a theater, maybe wait for cable because that one scene in the strip club IS worth seeing (unless you're an overly sensitive prude!).
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Jackass Presents: Outrageous Senior Citizen
CMTiago20 January 2014
While not being a longtime fan of this group, I had been able to watch some of the craziest antics Jackass can come up with in their second motion picture attempt. While their previous movies were compiled by a series of stunts, Bad Grandpa follows a background narrative that consists of basically a disgruntled grandpa trying to get his grandson to his estranged dad. What follows is a ride filled with shocking laugh out schemes that present the audience with an outrageous senior citizen that will stop at nothing to show his grandchild how much of an inappropriate person he can be. This is classic Jackass style and while containing some moments that I didn't particularly enjoy, most of them were incredibly funny and could only have come from the twisted minds of these gentlemen. Another highlight of the movie is the incredible make- up process that makes Johnny Knoxville completely unrecognizable to the known eye. Even "Her" director-writer Spike Jonze is totally undetectable as the deceased wive of our bad grandpa. In conclusion a great comedy for the fans and a true contender for the academy award for best make-up

Rating 7/10
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All the world is a film lot
gferry23 October 2013
There are three stars in this film, the shining John Knoxville, the stellar fat kid and the bit actors that are American society. Knoxville has undoubted talent and shines throughout disguised as a senior citizen behaving badly as his libido flourishes entering widowhood. The fat kid being his screen grandson who seems to have inherited the granddad's on screen bravado and Knoxville's real world talent. A laugh out loud road movie that circles the underbelly of American society with its tongue and leaves you with a sweet lingering taste of other America on your palate. There is an insight in this comedy and this is that every American appears to be hanging around waiting to be in a movie. All the world is a stage but the USA appears to be a rolling film lot, waiting for the next crew to hit town with all the residents switching to bit part mode at any perceived opportunity. They may not be the brightest stars in this film but the ordinary people do shine and without them the other stars would not seem so bright. Yes its laugh out loud slapstick but the humanity and kindness of the real people give soul to a film that badly handled could have been exploitative and cruel. Go and enjoy it, no animals or Americans where harmed in the making of this film.
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hidden camera footage about a 86 misbehaving old man returning his grandson to his father.
wildcard43223 November 2013
this was a great movie. its nice to see true reactions of people to insane behavior, and personally a little sad that the Jackass gang got so famous that we would never get to see another movie like Jackass 1, but with Knoxville all "Dunn" up like a old man gave him the chance to do it one more time.

a lot of people this this is crude humor and penis jokes. and i wouldn't say jackass is know for their great scripts, but this is a stand up movie in itself. i had to keep reminding myself through out the movie that the kid knew that this was a movie and that they were playing a joke on all these people at the same time. they used many cameras and angels to capture everything and every reaction. and that kid should win an award, he sold it the whole movie.

any one who voted this down has no sense of humor.

rip Ryan.
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Unfunny and dated
reigntall30 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Simply put, there is no reason for this movie to exist. It tries to be funny, but is not. It tries to tell a heartwarming story, but it doesn't. It is a film in a niche genre of hidden camera movies and every part of it is inferior to Sasha Baron Cohen's "Borat" (2006) and "Bruno" (2009).

Johnny Knoxville is made to look like an old man. It is well done and probably the best part of the film. He goes on a cross country trip with his "grandson". The humor is generally of the gross out variety or the inappropriately foul mouthed child/elderly person. This type of humor cannot carry a film; it might work for a bit or a sketch, but not for an hour and a half. It tries to make situations funnier by showing real people's reactions. However, the people's reactions aren't that funny. At least in Bruno and "Borat" the way people react to the title characters also reflects some sort of societal message or commentary. There is nothing profound in any of the Bad Grandpa sketches. Also, one bit, the raunchy child's beauty pageant, is taken straight out of "Little Miss Sunshine" (2006). It was funny then, but not so much now. It isn't shocking, since it's been seen before.

Even though the crux of this genre is people's reactions to various situations, it is accompanied by some sort of overarching story. In Borat, it was Borat's desire to kidnap Pamela Anderson and take her as his wife: a ridiculous plot to a ridiculous character. In Bad Grandpa, however, the plot is more realistic. The grandpa has to take his grandson, who he isn't fond of, to his biological father, but the father is a low-life. But in the end, Johnny Knoxville's character decides to take care of the child. The relationship grows primarily through conversations between the two as they drive. However, these scenes are surrounded by scenes of the two pulling pranks on real people. This juxtaposition makes the scenes between just the two of them seem incredibly fake and not believable in the slightest.

tl;dr This movie is awful, not funny, and came out 7 years too late. Only watch it if you enjoy dick jokes and laugh at swear words.
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IMDb Average is 7 stars? REALLY?
K. Emerton13 November 2013
I'm not afraid to admit that this movie had its funny parts. That being said, this movie was a one star film, I give it two because of the beauty pageant scene, which was really the only moment when I laughed out loud. I almost walked out multiple times. Anyone who watches this and actually thinks it's worth giving 3+ stars are part of what is wrong with this country and will eventually be its downfall. It's a JACKASS movie. The TV show and three movies together couldn't equal a 7 star rating! It's not just because I am not a huge Jackass fan, but also because I'm concerned for America, and generally, the world. All I have to say in closing is that "Idiocracy" is coming true and it's NOT a good thing. Grow up, America.
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chaitov4 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Luckily I had seen four previous great movies,so I figured 4/5 intelligent,engrossing movies is not too bad in the last few months. This movie was gross,boring,raunchy,disgusting & really sickening.I am by no means a prude or turned off slapstick,but this film had no redeeming qualities. Feces,farts,penises,beer,& constant shallow dialogue was not one bit funny. When I saw "Borat" with Sacha Baron Cohen a number of years ago, I laughed so much that tears were running down my face. There was a message in this movie.In"Bad Grandpa",there is no message. It is empty,bathroom humour constantly. The movie tries so hard to copy "Borat" & to be funny,but in my opinion,it fails miserably. I should have walked out after the first half hour & asked for a refund. What a complete waste of an afternoon! Do your due diligence and read all the reviews. Don't throw away your money and time on this silly,gross out film.
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Imminent danger of barfing
Norris Coulter29 October 2013
I had an afternoon to kill, so I saw this (at least, the first 30 min). It killed the afternoon and everything within 100 miles. There's 'bad' and then there's roadkill, and this is worse. The story is superficial, the efforts are meager, the characters are shallow and uninteresting; the writing is juvenile or simply non-existent. The film is a rip-off of Sasha Baron-Cohen, the device being to plant a foul-mouthed or embarrassing figure within ordinary people and see how they react. Baron-Cohen does it for political reasons, creating satire; he has imagination and talent. This film is nothing but gross. The movie stages a series of setups, end-on-end, same trick over and over, an elderly low-life who chats up women for sex and makes a fool of himself. We're supposed to laugh. The child actor begins well, but veers into dialogue that makes him only sound like the wife of the writer. And so, by the 30th minute, we're hating the child as well as the old man. The film understands neither old men nor young children, it's barren. This might mark the beginning of a new genre, call it Reality Comedy, where amateur hour substitutes for writing, and where bystanders get to react without being paid. Give it a pass, unless you're going to warn others at the door.
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Don't think if it deserves 6.9 Rating.
Amit Kapoor7 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Don't think if it deserves 6.9 Rating - Surprised !! Not sure whats funny in this movie. It was a waste of time for me. More or less like a handy-cam movie made by grandson for his grandfather. Not sure if his grandfather likes it. The beauty pageant scene, which was really the only moment when I laughed. I walked out multiple times. It's a JACKASS movie and not even up-to their old movies too. An old person doing stupid things in public and people reaction on it, does it sounds funny. Anything below 1 star surely will work for this movie. I'm sure IMDb should review the ratings again :)

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Just Not Funny, Period
scotts8637 November 2013
Yeah, I'm sorry but this thing is NOT funny. That's the bottom line. The bizarre choice to film it with a type of a story does not help it at all. A few minor laughs in what is a drab and unintelligent attempt at comedy. No ad-libs worked or seemed clever which is what disappointed me the most. They never even took anything too far and seem to go out of their way to be nice. Maybe the need for written consent after the camera stopped rolling took all the bite out of this lame dud?

I actually enjoy the Jackass films and was expecting more hidden camera gems instead of whatever this thing tried to be and failed.
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A Crappy Waste of Money and Time.
The Comedian27 October 2013
This pseudo-movie is a weary fart in your face, uninspired and lame, a badly contrived succession of predominantly stupid, boring pranks that fail to entertain unless you're maybe 13 years old. I had very low expectations before I saw this and nevertheless I was disappointed afterwards for I felt that Knoxville gave away too much potential considering that the funniest scene - the "Little Miss Sunshine" spoof - had repeatedly been shown in the trailer. The little, chubby sidekick had one or two good moments, nothing of any real interest.

"Bad Grandpa" is certainly the weakest installment in the "Jackass"-franchise, lacking all the crazy, painful stunts that made it so popular, and definitely it is a total waste of money and time. I can imagine that it would be almost good enough for a DVD evening at home with friends and a considerable amount of alcohol but the big theater screen is undoubtedly to big for such a crap. If you want to watch a really funny and smart hidden camera comedy then "Bruno" or "Borat" by Sacha Baron Cohen are the best ones to choose.
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Schlock Film
ashley_jellybean935 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Le Bad Cinema is a term used for films that are so awful they wind up entertaining, and, for most people, Bad Grandpa fits that category. However, I found this film to fit under the category of Schlock-movies that are just plain bad.

Irving, played by Johnny Knoxville, is the grandpa to a young boy named Billy, who has a mother addicted to drugs and leaves him and a father who wants nothing to do with him except to receive a government check. Even at the beginning of the film, a good example is not being set. An eight year old child should not have to be exposed to learning about drugs and awful parents, even if just for a film. Bad Grandpa is a continuum of bad-mannered and uncouth actions that, I believe, should not be shown in a film.

Bad Grandpa is essentially no different from the Jackass series in which the actors just participate in dumb actions and make people wonder why the world is insane. This movie, in my opinion, had no motive, was not "hysterical," as I had previously been told, and was definitely not appropriate for many viewers. During the strip club scene where Johnny Knoxville, the saggy grandpa named Irving, stripped, an elderly couple left the theater, noticeably in an outrage that they had paid money to watch such vulgarity.

Many found the entire movie hilarious, yet what were they laughing at? Billy, Irving's grandson, dresses up as a young girl in a pageant and for "her talent," she strips. This took place at a legitimate pageant where neither the children nor the parents knew what was going on until after the scene had been shot. The expressions on the mother's faces at the pageant were of utter disgust, and is this what our world is coming to? Movies that have to resort to vulgar actions, phrases, and concepts to make money clearly do not have a good motive for making a movie. Can anyone curse and act a fool and call it a movie? No. Johnny Knoxville is part of the "Star System," which means, he is a favored actor in the world. Most will not care that he acts insane, is rude in this film, or sets a bad example.

An art film is defined as a film that can only be fully understood by the director, and I believe Bad Grandpa is just that. Jeff Tremaine, director of Bad Grandpa and the Jackass films, is, in my opinion, the only one who can fully understand why he created these films. At the beginning, Irving's wife dies, and at the funeral, the "dead wife's" body is overturned, thrown around, and sang to. The guests at the funeral believed this mannequin was a real person, and how could this be comical? Bad Grandpa had some qualities that were comical to a person who has a sense of humor. However, Tremaine's sense of humor in this film was borderline offensive. Reading other positive reviews and hearing from close friends that this movie was comical and worth seeing pushed me to watch the film. However, after watching the film, Bad Grandpa was not worth the money I paid and is a definite Schlock film.
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A genre that's ran its course.
bain003825 October 2013
Bad Grandpa is a road movie about an unwanted child. His drug addicted mother has been sent to prison. His father is a dead beat and Bad Grandpa, (Johnny Knoxville), doesn't want him either because his wife "finally died" and he really wants to get his rocks off. He's also a heavy drinker with absolutely no concern for anyone else. So that's the plot really, Billy will either end up with his idiot grandpa, drug addict mom, or his father, (whose only concern is the money he'll get for taking care of him.) Apparently, all of this adds to the hilarity of the story.

So the grandpa and grandson go on the road to deliver Billy to North Carolina. Bad Grandpa tries to deliver him through UPS, but Billy blows their cover in a supposed universe where the employees are dumb enough to ship a moving and talking box. However, I guess UPS workers are just a tad less dumb and so Bad Grandpa and Billy are back on the road, damn, just about old Gramps to regain his freedom. So instead him and Billy bond over drinking, (he's 8 or so), farting,destroying property, and trying to get laid. That's the movie...

There is a few laughs in this film that's from the creators of Jackass, a TV show about practical jokes and hurting oneself for the sake of hilarious humiliation. The film follows Bad Grandpa around while candid cameras capture his interactions with the supposedly unknowing public. Some of it's obviously acted, (such as the UPS scene). However, the best moments of the movie are the reactions from the public when having to deal with Bad Grandpa or Billy. There is one running skit that's pretty funny where Billy walks up to strangers and tells them that they're going to be his new father. However, it's more about malfunctioning machines and making fun of old people. Yep, it's pie in the face and sex jokes that weren't even that clever in middle school.

There's simply nothing original or that funny in this movie. The climax is a rip off of a movie apparently no ones ever heard of. (Little Miss Sunshine). Knoxville has the audacity to go into public places and give people who live in impoverished areas a hard time. Hey, you may think I'm missing the point. This movie is about brainless humor. Sure, I'll say, but that's all it is. It's really just insensitive and brainless humor about kids with terrible role models who encourage them becoming as dumb as they are. (For the real deal see a John Waters film like Polyester).

In a movie theater that smelt more like pot than popcorn, I wonder just how far we've regressed. I'm not high brow, but this is the kind of movie that encourages the viewer to be dumber than before they sat down in the theater.
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The few funny scenes don't make up for the many bad ones.
demetriocoffman27 October 2013
This flick is half the real, crazy, way out MTV's Jackass pranks and a very boring fake story line of a Grandpa driving his Grandson from Missouri to North Carolina. The few funny Johnny Knoxville pranks don't make up for the absolutely ridiculously snooze fest of a plot. Some of the pranks on real people and their reactions are very funny, don't get me wrong. But you are going to have to endure some raunchy,sickening and down right gross stuff that is not what you go to a movie theater to see to be entertained. I just wanted this flick to be over, there are better things I could be doing or watching. I went with five people to watch this and sure we laughed but in the end, we all agreed this was a big waste of time.
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The Jackass Kicks and… and .. . Misses By A Longshot!
ted-peterson8 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: Enjoy the movie first if you don't want to be sullied by another's opinion.

I'm going to throw water on the party here. This movie absolutely stinks. There is nothing funny about any of it. The producers should be arrested for child abuse for making this child actor endure comedy routines that are so stale and unfunny that they amount to abuse.

Maybe if I was a 12 year old retarded, inbred specimen with an IQ registered percentage of the lower 10%, there may be something in this movie I would find funny. But I have a brain and a decent IQ percentage wise. I really tried to enjoy this movie because I think Knoxville has talent but alas nothing works and I mean nothing. This movie is as funny as "Gravity" is profound.

Knoxville as a grumpy old man is no Mathau or Lemon or Art Carney. All played grumpy old men with some flair and comedy. Even Morgan Freeman's effort at playing old were funnier before he was old playing old where there was no comedy only pathos.

There is just nothing here. Even the gags stink and are set up so poorly that there just is no surprise. Maybe all the fun is sitting on the edit room floor. It certainly is not in this movie.

M 0 It's really a zero. It really is. Really.
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Do Not See
Matthew Ward10 November 2013
This film had me on the edge of my seat because I could not wait to leave, the only reason I couldn't was I was my friends lift home. After all the good I have heard about this film, some of my friends calling it the funniest film of the year, it was a huge let down. I walked in half expecting it to be one of those where all the funny parts are in the trailer, and this is true to an extent, if you have seen the trailer then you have seen the film. These funny bits didn't even make me smile watching them a second time. I tried so hard to like this film, but when the whole cinema was in hysterics I was sat in silence, I did not get it at all and completely resent spending my money and Saturday evening on it,please don't waste yours.
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Very Disappointing
kelwatts713 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing new here. It was very disappointing because the other Jackass's were funnier because they didn't have a "plot". The narrative here just didn't work and actually took away from the laughs simply because it was obviously staged and not very well scripted. The real reactions from people were funny at times, but the funniest part of the whole movie were the ending credits when they showed a variety of clips that didn't make it into the movie for some reason. The old formula would've worked better than trying to make what ended up to be, a poor story line. Reality works for the Jackass series, but actors with scripts, don't. I didn't find it that funny and was surprised at the reaction to this movie. Many of the reviews are positive, which to me, doesn't make any sense. I'm happy that people are so easily amused. Maybe I'm just the oddball out?
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