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Bambi (1942)
"...or Bambie's mom."
Them! (1954)
"Can we watch that movie about ants instead?"
Frogs (1972)
"How about Frogs? Wait, there's already a Frogs movie?"
Night of the Lepus (1972)
"When you set out to make the canine version of"
Sssssss (1973)
"Dogs did for dogs what Sssssss did for snakes."
Jaws (1975)
"Because this all has to do with losing tourism on Amity Island."
Grizzly (1976)
"Grizzlies? I'll wait for the sequel. I hear good things."
Squirm (1976)
"Worms? I dunno."
Day of the Animals (1977)
"Because at this point, everything is a spin-off of Day of the Animals."
Halloween (1978)
"This is either a Michael Myers POV shot..."
The Shining (1980)
"I'm also saying Grady murdered his entire family with an axe."
The Last Shark (1981)
"Sharks? Nah, you wanna get sued like Great White?"
Cujo (1983)
"Not saying dogs can't be scary..."
Grizzly II: The Concert (1983)
"Grizzlies? I'll wait for the sequel. I hear good things."
Harry and the Hendersons (1987)
"...or Harry from Harry and the Hendersons."
K-9 (1989)
"You just get K-9."
Batman (1989)
"It's nice that Bob the Goon has got his own starring role in a movie."
Sleepwalkers (1992)
calls this movie "Godawful".
Pulp Fiction (1994)
"...they're setting a trap to catch the gimp from"
That Darn Cat (1997)
calls this movie an insult to cats
NCIS (2003) (TV Series)
mentions that David McCallum went on to do this show
The Happening (2008)
"I'm surprised he's not asking the class where the bees went."
Srpski film (2010)
"Hey, it's that guy from A Serbian Film."
The Grey (2011)
"Wolves." "Case closed, Liam Neeson beat the shit out of it."


Hell's Bloody Devils (1970)
recalling the last time he saw a Colonel Sanders in a movie.
Dogs (1976)
movie is reviewed
The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show (1983) (TV Series)
Theme music plays during a dog attack scene.
Raising Arizona (1987)
The yodeling song is inserted during a chase scene
Spaceballs (1987)
points out George Wyner as Colonel Sandurz
The Reviewers (2013) (Short)
"Is he on drugs or has he been watching The Messiah?"

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