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At the Trevino estate, his wife Lucia tells Christopher that her husband was an orphan and changed his name. He thanks her for her time. "I never would have guessed that Nicolas was married, not by the way he conducts himself up in Dallas," Christopher says. From inside the estate, Drew watches Christopher leave.

Back on Southfork, it's the day of John Ross and Pamela's wedding. She tries to start something in bed with him, but they're interrupted by the office calling. John Ross's secretary Candance tells him she got him a meeting with Stanley Babcock of the Railroad Commission - in an hour. He catches her up to speed on Bobby's rare chicken ploy and the fracking and assures her he'll be back in time for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen tells Ann she was right about Emma and John Ross. She wants Emma to move out, but Ann doesn't think she'd be safe anywhere but Southfork. Sue Ellen is contemplating telling Pamela, but Ann urges her not to ruin her wedding day and publicly humiliate her.

Emma slinks up to John Ross on the way to his car and tells her to stop playing games. "You may screw like a woman, but you act like an attention-starved little brat," he says.

Emma storms off inside and sidles up to Pamela at the breakfast bar. She asks how her lingerie went over, but Pamela tells her she decided to save it for the honeymoon.

Sue Ellen blanches at seeing them together, but asks where John Ross is. Emma acts surprised he'd leave on the morning of his wedding.

Later, Sue Ellen steps into another room to have a private pull from her flask.

Nicolas gets a call from Drew, who is wracked with guilt over seeing Christopher, whose unborn twins died as the result of the bomb he planted on for Cliff Barnes on his oil rig. Drew didn't know Nicolas was in Dallas and Nicolas didn't know his wife was back from out of town with the kids. Drew suggests he return to Dallas to turn himself in, but Nicolas talks him out of it, saying Drew going to prison would hurt his mother.

Christopher returns to Southfork and flirts briefly with Heather, the ranch hand who is working the wedding. Then he tells Bobby what he found about Nicolas being married and not existing before 1997.

John Ross arrives for his meeting with Babcock of the Railroad Commission, but finds Harris Ryland instead. He says Babcock is a personal friend and he asked to take the meeting instead. Harris says he can get John Ross his fracking permit in exchange for the files Emma stole from him. John Ross offers him one item instead.

Harris requests a flash drive and gives John Ross an address of where to bring it.

John Ross calls Emma, who's hanging out with Pamela and all the women as they get ready for the wedding. He asks her to bring the flash drive to his penthouse. Pamela's mother, Afton Cooper, needles Sue Ellen, asking where John Ross is.

Bobby talks to his friend Carlos Del Sol, asking for help getting information on Nicolas Trevino.

When Emma shows up to meet John Ross, he apologizes, but she's still pouty. He tells her he needs the flash drive to put her father back in jail and assures her they're in things together. He's calm and reassuring and kisses her. She admits she didn't bring the flash drive, wanting to see how he felt first. She agrees to go get it. Harris calls, wondering John Ross is.

Back at Southfork, Nicolas lets Christopher know he knows he was in Mexico.

Christopher talks to his cousin Lucy, but notices Nicolas nuzzling up to Elena.

John Ross arrives at the estate Harris sent him to. It appears to be a brothel, but Harris is waiting inside.

He takes John Ross to the surveillance room where they have a good giggle over Stanley Babcock with a prostitute dressed up as a dog. (She's a good doggie.)

It turns out Babcock isn't exactly a friend. Harris waits while John Ross interrupts.

At Southfork, Christopher tells Elena to be careful with Nicolas. She insists she's getting close to him to get information, but she thinks he's divorced. Christopher assures her he's very married and questions who's playing whom.

Back in the surveillance room, Harris won't hand over the surveillance of Babcock until he gets the drive -- which John Ross admits he still doesn't have.

Pamela leaves John Ross a message -- the wedding is in 20 minutes.

Emma arrives at the penthouse, where Bum is waiting. "Sorry I'm late, hope he doesn't miss the wedding," she says as she turns over the drive.

Back at the ranch, Afton is in a tizzy about John Ross making her daughter wait. Afton turns on Sue Ellen, saying that with all the despicable things J.R. did to her, she'd think Sue Ellen would have raised her son better. "Just so you know, the most despicable thing J.R. ever did was you," Sue Ellen says.

Ann has to separate them and Sue Ellen goes into the hallway for a drink.

At the brothel, Harris sics two prostitutes on John Ross, who politely tries to fend the off. He's failing valiantly when Bum arrives.

Bum copied the drive, but says it has vacation pictures on it. He tells Bum that they'd better decrypt it, his play got him in deeper with Emma. "You're flying awfully close to the son," Bum says.

Harris checks that his files are on there -- CIA files. He gives John Ross the surveillance of Babcock. As John Ross is walking out, Harris cautions John Ross to stop sleeping with his daughter.

At Southfork, Nicolas tells Elena that he and his wife agreed to a divorce a few months ago but the settlement isn't finalized. He tells her his heart isn't with his wife anymore, it's with Elena.

Back at Southfork, Sue Ellen drops in on John Ross. He pleased with getting the fracking back on track but she tells him she knows about Emma. He assures her she doesn't know what he's doing or why as she compares him to his father. He says he loves Pamela and things with Emma are just business.

He smells the alcohol on her breath.

"If you don't stop doing what you're doing, I'm going to tell Pamela myself," Sue Ellen says. "You've looked the other way your whole life, mama. One more time isn't going to hurt," John Ross says.

John Ross goes to see Pamela in her wedding dress before the ceremony. He tells her he did what he did today for her. She throws the words back at him, saying it's the same thing her father always said, but really everything was for him.

John Ross assures her they're meant for each other and asks for the chance to prove it to her.

Later, she walks down the aisle on Bobby's arm. Emma fights back tears in the audience.

As best man, Christopher leans over and says: "If you need any advice from someone who's been here before, with the same bride...."

Later, at the reception John Ross tells Bobby he's going to go ahead with drilling, but Bobby still tells him he can't. Bobby goes inside and yells at Babcock on the phone, but finds there's nothing he can do.

Bobby tells Sue Ellen he's out of moves to stop him, but Sue Ellen says she has one.

John Ross and Pamela drive off as newlyweds.

Heather finds Christopher waiting in the stables. He starts kissing her.

The various couples get together: John Ross with Pamela, Nicolas with Elena, Christopher with Heather. Emma cries in her bed alone.

Nicolas comes back to his penthouse to find Lucia waiting for him. She tells him she wants to give their marriage another try. He says he's been clear about what he wants, so she tells him that if he doesn't do what she wants, she'll tell the Ewings what he owes and who he owes it to.

She knows about he and Elena. He agrees to her request.

At the brothel, Harris is summoned to see the madam -- his mother. He gives her a copy of the flash drive, saying it has logs of cartel deals. But he thinks the fact it took John Ross so long to get him the drive means he doesn't have the files -- Emma does.

Harris thinks he has a way to break up John Ross and Emma. He shows his mother photos of John Ross being manhandled by the prostitutes earlier, which looks bad even though nothing actually happened. He plans to get the Lewinsky treatment for the dress one of them wore -- although not himself. He brings in Candace, John Ross's secretary, who has been working for him.


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