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Horror Highlights: New Splathouse Podcast Episode, Sightings Q&A, Aliens: Zone Of Silence, Contest from Comet TV, Mansfield 66/67, Zombie Doctor, Have You Any Fear?

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The Splathouse podcast team heads to Haddonfield with their new episode on Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, and you can listen to it in today's Horror Highlights. We also have a Q&A with the writer/director of Sightings, a new prize pack contest from our friends at Comet TV, a trailer for Aliens: Zone of Silence, release details and a trailer for the stranger than fiction documentary Mansfield 66/67, a look at Line Webtoon's horror anthology comic series, and details on the Kickstarter campaign for the Zombie Doctor tabletop game.

Listen to a New Episode of the Splathouse Podcast: From Splathouse: "One, two, Chucky’s coming for you, pinhead!

This week the goobs at Splathouse watched Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995) and just barely survived! Pervy Paul (Don’t Call Me Stephen) Rudd, culty runes/ruins/ruse, miraculous household appliances, and the lack of any coherency: This movie has it all!
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Jaws meets Stranger Things in “Sightings” – Coming this November!

They See You This November Writer-director Dallas Morgan’s unnerving supernatural thriller Sightings premieres on VOD this November. Dante Basco (Hook, Bad Ass 2 : Bad Asses), Kevin Sizemore (Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462), and Boo Arnold (Nashville) star in a pulse-pounding cornucopia of Stranger Things, Signs and Jaws, arriving November 7. When former Sheriff …

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Horror Highlights: Screambox’s “13 Screams of Halloween”, Slasher: Guilty Party, Scream Factory Blu-rays, Sightings, Grimmwood, Apartment 213, Party Bus To Hell

Get your scream on with these new frightful stories from today's Horror Highlights! Screambox's "13 Screams of Halloween" kicked off this past Friday the 13th and will continue until the big day. Also: Netflix's Slasher Season 2 details, Scream Factory's latest Blu-ray releases, a trailer for Sightings, details for the immersive experience Apartment 213, Grimmwood, and Party Bus From Hell.

Details on "13 Screams of Halloween" from Screambox: Press Release: "Los Angeles, Calif. (October 12, 2017) Screambox, the leading streaming service for hardcore horror fans, is celebrating the Halloween season with a fun treat: 13 new fan-favorite films will be released completely free for streaming on any device from Friday the 13th of October through Halloween, October 31st. Even more thrilling, these top-rated, terrifying titles are exclusive to Screambox -- true horror lovers won’t find these films on any other major streaming service, including Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

“It’s been a great year for Screambox,
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They’ll See You in November When Sightings Arrives on VOD

Writer/director Dallas Morgan’s unnerving supernatural thriller Sightings premieres on VOD this November, and we have all the info you need, including the film’s trailer, right here! Dante Basco (Hook, Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses), Kevin Sizemore (“Fear the Walking Dead:… Continue Reading →

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Horror Highlights: Joker Suicide Squad Sixth Scale Figure, Exclusive Track from Satanic, Bed Of The Dead

Hitting the big screen on August 5th, Suicide Squad's Joker comes to life in a new sixth scale figure from Hot Toys and Sideshow. In addition to images and release details on the Toy Fair figure, we also have an exclusive audio excerpt from composer Todd Haberman's score for the horror film Satanic, as well as details on the Fantasia 2016 world premiere of Bed of the Dead.

Joker Sixth Scale Suicide Squad Figure: From Sideshow Collectibles: " DC Comics' upcoming blockbuster film, Suicide Squad, the new portrayal of the infamous The Joker has captured many fans attention since the character's first reveal! As a secret government agency recruits and imprison supervillians to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency and saving the world from an unknown but powerful threat, fans are anxious to see the Joker's role in the epic summer hit!

Today Sideshow
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Sundance Film Review: ‘Mr. Pig’

Sundance Film Review: ‘Mr. Pig’
Diego Luna’s third narrative directorial feature, “Mr. Pig,” stars Danny Glover and Maya Rudolph as an irascible father and long-suffering daughter on a fateful road trip from Southern California to the Jalisco region of west-central Mexico. Their seriocomic journey is colored by grace notes of direction and performance, but it’s also rather undercooked in the script department, the somewhat uneventful, not-particularly-insightful progress proceeding at a pace somewhere between leisurely and soporific. Pic will need critical support to get a leg-up in any theatrical exposure, with modest prospects in home formats.

Already evading calls from his only child Eunice (Rudolph) when we meet him, 75-year-old Ambrose (Glover) is hiding several things from her — not least the fact that he’s losing his hog farm to the bank. Nor has he informed her he’s about to hit the road on a southbound mission with his last remaining livestock, a handsome mud-colored heifer called Howie.
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Round-Up: Fury Of The Demon, I’M Dreaming Of A White Doomsday, Alienween Trailer, Martin 35mm Screening, Frankenstein Blu-ray / DVD, Director’S Cut

Hell hath no fury like a... demon scorned? In this round-up, we have a look at the official poster for Fury of the Demon. Also: an I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday poster, a new Alienween trailer, details on the screening of Romero's vampire film, Martin, Frankenstein on Blu-ray / DVD, and Director's Cut.

Fury of the Demon: "An investigation that takes us on the traces of violent riots having taken place throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, caused by a rare, fascinating and dangerous film: Fury of the Demon (La Rage du Démon), attributed to French cineaste Georges Méliès. Through conversations with journalists, filmmakers, historians, experts and psychologists, this documentary pulls back the veil on the most cursed and disturbing movie ever made. From mysteries to mysteries, from questioning to questioning, discover the truth about the lost movie that has been shaking the film world for over a century!
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Round-Up: Alleluia! The Devil’S Carnival Teasers, The Charnel House, Morituris Blu-ray / DVD Release Details

Darren Lynn Bousman and company's Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival screening tour in the U.S. will commence this August in Los Angeles. Also in this round-up: details on The Charnel House and U.S. release details for the Morituris Blu-ray / DVD.

Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival: In 2012, director Darren Lynn Bousman and his team hit the road and took Lucifer with them, bringing The Devil's Carnival film and accompanying live entertainment to cities across America. Bousman and company are now back to raise a lot of hell and a little heaven in Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival.

Featuring David Hasselhoff, Paul Sorvino as God, and Terrance Zdunich as Lucifer, Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival kicks off its U.S. theater screenings tour on August 11th in Los Angeles. For tour and ticket info, visit:

"After triumphant collaborations on 2008's Repo! The Genetic Opera and 2012's The Devil's Carnival: Episode One,
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Danny Glover & John Amos Join Danny Trejo in 'Bad Ass 3: Bad Asses on the Bayou'

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today that it will handle the worldwide distribution of "Bad Ass 3: Bad Asses on the Bayou," on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD in 2015. The third installment in the "Bad Ass" action-comedy franchise, from writer/director Craig Moss, is produced by Ash R. Shah, Ben Feingold and Jim Busfield, reuniting the team that brought the first two cult-hit films.  The 3rd film reunites our dynamic ass-kicking duo, Frank Vega (Danny Trejo) and Bernie Pope (Danny Glover) as they travel to Louisiana to attend the wedding of their dear friend Carmen Gutierrez, played by Loni Love. What was pictured as a weekend...
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First Look at Danny Trejo & Danny Glover in 'Bad Ass 3'

First Look at Danny Trejo & Danny Glover in 'Bad Ass 3'
Samuel Goldwyn Films proudly announced today a day and date release of March 6, 2015 of writer/director Craig Moss' third installment in the successful Bad Ass action-comedy franchise Bad Asses on the Bayou. Bad Asses on the Bayou reunites the dynamic duo, Frank Vega (Danny Trejo) and Bernie Pope (Danny Glover), as they travel to Louisiana to attend the wedding of their dear friend Carmen Gutierrez (Loni Love). What was pictured as a wedding weekend escape to the south turns violently ugly as madness and mayhem ensue, pressing our senior heroes to once again serve justice.

Joining the Bad Asses on the Bayou ensemble is veteran actor John Amos (Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection, Good Times, Roots) as Earl Morgan, father of bride-to-be and Carol Sutton (The Help, 21 Jump Street) as her mother, Lois Morgan. Jimmy Bennett (Orphan, Hostage), Sammi Rotibi (Django Unchained, Tears of the Sun
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Here's What's New on Netflix for August 2014

If you're like us, you can't wait for the first day of every month, because you know that Netflix is going to add a ton of new movies and TV shows. You refresh your account over and over again at midnight, hoping that those titles listed in the "Recently Added" section update with something new and exciting rather than the same ol' titles you've been staring at for the last four weeks.

Well, lo and behold, we've gathered the most exciting movies and TV shows being added to America's most popular streaming service, straight from Netflix themselves.

"Rocky" fans will be pumped to know that the first five boxing flicks (sorry, "Rocky Balboa" fans) will be added August 1, joining other '70s, '80s, and '90s movie favorites "Face/Off" (slow-motion doves!), "Mad Max" (apocalyptic leather!), "Spice World" (spice up your life!), "The Birdcage" (Calista Flockhart was in this,
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Danny Trejo interview: Bullet, Machete, Con Air, Muppets

Interview Duncan Bowles 13 Mar 2014 - 06:29

Duncan catches up with the star of Bullet and Machete to talk about stunts, dancing, and Miss Piggy...

The last but one answer in this interview has a slight spoiler for Muppets Most Wanted.

If there’s one thing I discovered from our chat with Danny Trejo, it’s that he laughs a lot. For an actor who’s made a career out of playing bad asses whose actions speak louder than words, it was a strange thing to hear him so openly chuckling – when our call was connected I asked how he was doing and he replied “Great, we were just talking about Mel Brooks and Blazing Saddles – probably before your time, but it’s really funny!” and what followed was one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve ever done.

We were lucky enough to get a good amount of Mr Trejo’s time,
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Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses Smacks Down on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD

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Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses Smacks Down on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD
Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses’ is offering a smack down, as the action-packed follow-up to the 2012 cult hit ‘Bad Ass’ is set to make its debut on home entertainment. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release the sequel on Digital HD on March 25, and which will be followed by a Blu-ray and DVD release on April 8. The prebook for the home entertainment begins on Wednesday, March 12. Writer-director Craig Moss, who penned and helmed ‘Bad Ass,’ returned to the series with ‘Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses,’ which features a supporting cast that includes Loni Love, Jonathan Lipnicki and Andrew Divoff. Moss brought the franchise’s two unlikely heroes [ Read More ]

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'Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses' Comes to Blu-ray and DVD April 8th

'Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses' Comes to Blu-ray and DVD April 8th
Danny Trejo (Machete) and Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) star in the action-packed follow-up to the 2012 cult hit Bad Ass with Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses, sucker punching its way onto Digital HD March 25 and on Blu-ray and DVD April 8 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Returning writer and director Craig Moss (Breaking Wind, 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) brings our two unlikely heroes together to deliver the most hard-hitting, butt-kicking movie experience to hit home entertainment this year.

Vietnam vet Frank Vega (Trejo) now runs an East L.A. community center where he trains young boxers to survive in and out of the ring. But when his prize student falls in with the wrong crowd and turns up dead, Frank teams up with his pal Bernie (Glover) to take matters into their own fists and prove that justice never gets old.
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Danny Glover & Danny Trejo Take To La Streets To Prove You’re Never Too Old To Kick Butt In 'Bad Asses'

Danny Glover joins Danny Trejo to star in the action-packed follow-up to the 2012 cult hit Bad Ass, titled Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses, which 20th Century Fox has announced will kick and punch its way onto Digital HD on March 25, and on Blu-ray and DVD on April 8. Craig Moss, who wrote and directed the first film in the franchise, returned to do the same with the sequel. Vietnam vet Frank Vega (Trejo) now runs an East L.A. community center where he trains young boxers to survive in and out of the ring. But when his prize student falls in with the wrong crowd and turns up dead, Frank teams up with his pal Bernie (Glover) to take matters into their...
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Danny Glover Joins Danny Trejo In Cleaning Up Los Angeles In First Trailer For 'Bad Asses'

I don't think I've seen Danny Glover this flippant on screen since his days with Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon franchise of films. But I like it! Glover joins Danny Trejo in a sequel to the 2012 comical action movie Bad Ass, which Trejo headlined.  The sequel, representing a new plurality as Glover teams up with Trejo, is titled Bad Asses, which will see Trejo return as bad ass mofo Frank Vega, a Vietnam veteran who, in the first film, became a local hero after saving a man from attackers on a city bus and decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime. In the upcoming sequel, Bad Asses, Vega is back to kick ass...
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‘Bad Asses’ Trailer: Trejo and Glover Are Low-Budget Action Heroes

This is the age we live in: Three years ago, cell phone video of a fist fight on an Oakland city bus went viral across the Internet, spawning the “Epic Beard Man” meme. In 2012, Danny Trejo (Machete Kills) starred in a low budget, direct-to-video action flick titled Bad Ass – a movie with the premise, “What if Epic Beard Man turned into a Death Wish-style vigilante?”

Featuring appearances by Charles S. Dutton (American Horror Story) and Ron Perlman (Pacific Rim), Bad Ass apparently overcame its absurd roots to make a good-enough deal of cash to warrant a sequel. Now, the first trailer for Bad Asses shows off its primary hook: veteran action star Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) joins up with Trejo for an expanded round of geriatric butt-kicking.

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The post ‘Bad Asses’ Trailer: Trejo and Glover
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Bad Asses Trailer: Danny Trejo Is Still Kicking

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Bad Asses Trailer: Danny Trejo Is Still Kicking
While Danny Trejo’s best role may very well have been having his head ride atop a turtle in that one Breaking Bad episode, you can see the action star still kicking butt in this trailer for Bad Asses, the simply titled sequel to 2012’s Bad Ass. Once again, Trejo plays retired street hero Frank Vega, this time tasked with protecting his neighborhood from any number of "threatening predicaments." Bonus: Danny Glover joins the cast as Trejo’s “not that cranky” sidekick. The film is being released straight to DVD sometime in 2014, but it sure looks like a frothy good time.
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Exclusive Interview with Actor Jeremy Ray Valdez and Director Jesse Salmeron for ‘Dreamer’

Who are these Dreamers?

In the past couple of years, Dreamers have been a topic of hot political debate at Washington, D.C. It’s centered on the issue of undocumented young adults and children who grew up with American culture and values.

Dreamer” is a narrative fictional feature film that revolves around a Joe Rodriguez, a Dreamer who is trying to live a secret life in America. He’s amiable, well-educated and attractive. He’s graduated from college and is working and excelling in his field. He’s on the way to achieving the American Dream. That is until his employer discovers his undocumented status and the life he’s worked so hard for begins to crumble around him. He must face the possibility of losing his livelihood, his family and, even, himself.

Latino-Review conducted a telephone interview with director Jesse Salmeron and actor Jeremy Ray Valdez for this touching film.
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Exclusive: First Artwork and Casting News for Justin Beahm's Blood Flower

Filmmaker Justin Beahm sent us an e-mail to alert fans that he's stepping into the director's chair for the first time for a project called Blood Flower, and we have to say his casting is off to a fine start. Read on for details and artwork.

In the movie Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster, Air Force One, "Lost") will be playing the role of ultra successful horror novelist “Charles King,” who tops his big bad Lilly’s list of intended victims. Divoff has recently been seen in The CW’s "Nikita" and just wrapped a co-starring role in Bad Asses 2 opposite Danny Trejo.

His last foray into the world of genre cinema was as narrator of Beahm’s documentary You Cant Kill the Boogeyman, which ran along with the October 2012 nationwide theatrical re-release of John Carpenter’s Halloween.


Lilly was a model student her first four years of college, but when
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