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Some Variations

Author: boblipton from New York City
28 November 2013

This looks to start out as a standard Hallmark romantic comedy, where she is a brittle and uptight urban girl and he is a relaxed and casually brilliant guy. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they are both facades, come-ons to get people to buy the merchandise they offer, just like the windows they decorate in this good Hallmark Christmas romcom.

The essential plot points are all in place: the woman who has been decorating the store's windows for twenty years has left, taking her senior staff with her, leaving only Chyler Leigh and Paul Campbell to battle for the top spot.

It's a well-assembled romantic comedy that mostly works, even with Vancouver standing in for Manhattan and a mall standing in for what is, judging from the facade shown in the establishing shots, Bloomingdale's. While I have some issues with the flat, grey light that much of this movie is shot in and the usual overwhelming music, in sum total this is a good Hallmark TV movie.

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One of Hallmark's best yet

Author: utgard14 from USA
15 November 2015

I'm a sucker for a good Hallmark TV movie, especially romantic comedies and even more especially ones that take place at Christmas. I've seen quite a lot of them over the last few years and, while there are some standouts, most tend to be of the "watch once and forget about it" variety. I'm happy to say this one is one of the standouts. As a matter of fact, I might go so far as to say it's the best movie I've seen from Hallmark yet. The story is a very simple one -- a woman and a man are both competing for a promotion as a department store's window decorator. He's an aspiring artist who's struggling to make ends meet in the big city and she's driven and ambitious to the point that she's lying about her background and pretending her bathroom attendant mom is a stranger. As they work alongside each other they grow closer and eventually...well, you know where it's going. But knowing that doesn't lessen the journey.

It's not perfect, of course. As always, Hallmark finds a way to bring wealth and status into things even when it's not necessary. I think someone should do a study on how often this occurs in Hallmark movies. It seems pretty common, particularly in the seasonal romcoms. There always has to be at least one rich guy. Sometimes he's a knight in shining armor and sometimes he's a villain. Anyway I have no quibbles with how it figures into this movie's plot but it did strike me as one of those familiar elements you see in virtually every Hallmark movie. Another slight negative is that the window decorations that are such a big part of the plot are just terribly unimpressive. I can't imagine any major department store in New York City allowing those cheap and lazy designs. Also a painting we're told is a great work of art is strictly amateur hour.

Those are minor issues in the grand scheme of things. They likely won't stand out to the average viewer who hasn't seen a ton of these movies. The strengths of this one far outweigh the weaknesses. The leads, Chyler Leigh and Paul Campbell, are absolutely perfect with an amazing chemistry that makes them easy to root for. It helps that the movie never pushes too hard for them to get together. We all know from the very beginning it will happen but the movie lets it play out naturally and without a lot of manufactured drama or angst. The tone of the whole movie is light and pleasant, which is another major plus. Naomi Judd is adorable in her supporting role as Leigh's mother. She steals every scene she's in. The biggest plus for Window Wonderland is the script, which is so much better than you usually get with these things. The characters are likable and three-dimensional, not just wooden clichés. The dialogue is really good. I love the playful banter between the lead characters. It's just such a good effort from Hallmark. Funny and touching with some great characters and a story that, while mostly predictable, is extremely satisfying.

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A Winner

Author: jonmarn from United States
4 October 2015

I am a total Christmas nut - there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of some aspect of Christmas. Yep, am even happy about decorations showing up in stores before the end of summer. Window Wonderland is a delightful story which is well written and well acted. The main characters compete for the favor of their boss by decorating the front windows of the department store where they're employed. The plot weaves in and out, circumstances change, people interplay, and a story, which I believe could end up being a Christmas Classic, evolves. With a wonderful ending, it's sure to satisfy even the pickiest of viewers. It's a fairly new release (2013) so I'm having a bit of a problem finding a copy to purchase but I'm sure that will happen, too. Window Wonderland is well worth the watch and will help warm your heart for the Christmas season.

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Pleasant Surprise

Author: bbriddell from United States
8 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't expect much and figured I could just turn it off if it was uninteresting; and Window Wonderland was a pleasant surprise.

The story draws you in to the point you can at least watch it to the end.

The characters started to matter to me and it would be great to see a second movie.

I have seen a lot of disappointing movies lately and this was a good break.

If you like some of the Hallmark Channel presentations; then this might be a good one for you.

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Not a fan of Hallmark Movies, Loved this one!

Author: lolash-98704 from New York, New York
18 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched many Hallmark movies, particularly Christmas ones, and the large majority have been subpar. Many are typical with bland love stories, bad person becoming good, unrealistic plot lines and uninspiring dialogue. This movie is a huge exception. The main characters are likable. The lines are funny, witty and on-point. The story keeps your attention. Yes, there is predictability. You won't be blown out of your seat by twist and turns. BUT, it is one of the best Christmas themed movies I have seen on any network in my decades of Christmas-movie-watching. It's sweet. It's funny. You root for the characters. You appreciate that it's not your run-of-the-mill, mass- produced Christmas love story that you have seen hundreds times. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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Who can dress the best shop window and does it really matter

Author: peterkoch-98114 from London, England
18 February 2017

The title for this film should be 'Don't try this at home' as mostly the story is implausible, but then, at the same time, possible. Whimsical is the best description, while being the reason it is so charming. For those expecting Happy Ever After, you won't be disappointed, but then it's a nice feeling to be left with.

A young woman and man are put up against each other for the position of chief window dresser in a major department store. There's no point choosing whose side you're on because you just know that they'll end up being on the same side, in fact it would disappoint if they weren't. What's enjoyable about the film is the route chosen to get them there. There are surprises and smiles; that is if you allow the director to lay out the course without prejudgment or criticism.

The he and she main actors are eminently likable and the characters they play suited to each other, while the supporting cast provide a varied selection to cuddle or curse. Like a stream, we know the course of travel, and when our little craft bumps into the river bank the supporting cast are there to push it off again. You might be surprised if you are surprised by the ending, but our hero and heroine seemed perfectly relaxed, perhaps having enjoyed the film as much as we did.

Conclusion: 7.5 Xmas points, for a simple story that leaves you smiling.

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fine Hallmark Christmas movie

Author: SnoopyStyle
27 December 2016

There's an opening for Manhattan department store McGuire's windows display designer. Sloan Van Doren (Chyler Leigh) is serious and driven. She puts on a facade even with her rich boyfriend Kenneth Carlyle. She has the fake name and her mother Rita Dorentella (Naomi Judd) works as the bathroom attendant at the store. Her competition is the free-spirit Jake Dooley (Paul Campbell). His easy-going manners frustrates her. The janitor Mac sees their combative flirtatious relationship. One night, they get locked in the store together. She discovers that he has been spending the nights in the store. Their attraction grows as Kenneth's snobbish characteristics come out.

This is a perfectly fine Hallmark Christmas romance. The fake NYC is obvious but it doesn't overwhelm. This stuff boils down to the leads. Leigh is perfectly charming and Campbell is a boyish rogue. They are sweet together. There is nothing surprising and nothing offensive. The store display window as a story element is passed its prime. The only display that actually hit is the family food fight. I like that they go overboard with the fight. Otherwise, this is what one expects from this type of movie with a couple of photogenic charming leads.

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Smart, Witty, and Wonderful Story; Could Have been a Theatrical Release!

Author: Mark Maharaj
1 December 2016

This movie is well done. When it was over, I hated that it WAS over.

This movie is wonderful and yes it's a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel, but this could have been a theatrical release. I think that highly of it.

It has some smart written dialogue and well acted. The movie has a couple of clichéd twists as it is a Hallmark movie and a Christmas movie, but it is clichéd wrapped in an engaging story, engaging cast, and some well acted scenes.

The movie is about two employees competing for a job by the way of a window display. Sounds simple, but the movie was so well constructed and the plot evolves, you want the characters to have a good ending and benefits both leads. I will not say how it ends, but it is a Christmas movie.

If you want to watch a movie for Christmas, this is for you. In fact I think this is right up there with any classical Christmas movie. Charlie Brown, Love Actually, White Christmas....this is that good imo.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! MUST SEE! I give it a perfect score, 10 out of 10! You will enjoy almost every aspect of this experience.

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I might watch this again

Author: ChristmasDreamin73 from United States
7 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A department-store window decorator learns there is a vacancy for her dream job in the run-up to Christmas, only to find a professional rival has his eye on it too

There is many familiar faces cast in this film which gives this film a nice cozy feeling. What I did not care for was the fact there was no huge surprises in the film. Now it was pleasant to watch and I knew what was coming however there should of been a little more backbone.

IF you are looking for something to watch don't avoid this film it is worth watching ONCE!

Kids will be bored.

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Window AWFUL-land!

Author: adoptshelterpetstoday
19 December 2014

The only "wonder" about it, is: why was this lousy movie even made?

If Hallmark's Christmas movie producers are vying to see who could come up with the worst movie, then I vote for this movie to being one of MANY that is strongly in the lead!

When I saw the cheerful previews...and with the great title...I imagined that I would be seeing all kinds of wonderful window scenes...even with magical effects. Boy, was I wrong...very wrong!

The lousy window presentations throughout were consistent with the entire movie being lousy throughout.

The plot just dragged and dragged and dragged. The players and their lines were as dull as can be. Nothing cheerful or enticing about any of it.

Naomi Judd's part was ridiculous!...actually, somewhat moronic. With her cheap appearance....and the scene with her in front of the store on the sidewalk...and the scene with the juvenile food fight, are the factors that contributed to that perception.

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