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Huge amounts of crazy, lots of fun too.

Author: g-leno
31 August 2013

The first Saints Row game that i played was the third one, and This one takes a lot of material from its Predecessor. The city is the same so if you learned where things were, you will have no problems with navigation. The best thing about these games is the comedy found in everything, from the names of places to the content of conversations between characters. Some game take themselves far too seriously but this is a refreshing break from that.

Some refer to these games as Grand Theft Auto's little sibling, but I think that it is different enough to stand alone as an adult game, without the comparisons by simply having the craziest storyline and missions in games. Another big bonus is the character design aspect that allows you to create you own character in the same way as Skyrim and other games. This makes it personal to you, rather than being given a set character that you have no attachment to at the start.

The only criticism I have of this game would probably be that there may be a little too much repetition on the collectible side of things. most games that I have played have 50-200 items to find. I was a bit daunted by the Amazing spider-man game having 700! but over 1200 here may get boring for the people like me, who play to 100% complete, by the end of the game.

All in all, a very entertaining game that deserves to be played! If you enjoy this game as much as I have then it will be money well spent!

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Loved this game!

Author: cole3199 from United States
23 August 2013

Raunchy, awesome fun with really cool voice acting ! I personally love the fact that they hired Nolan North, (drake, deadpool, any good video game and he is in it), as a voice actor. They also hired Keith David(Anderson from mass effect) to play himself in the game! The best Saints Row game by far! It may even be my favorite role playing game of all time! The combat was smooth, but could have used a cover system. The "romance scenes" are hilarious, and the if you haven't tried the rectifier, you probably should. The weapons have been overhauled! There is a new upgrade system, and they added weapon camos! Overall I give the game a 10 out of ten for it comedy and action/ role-playing greatness.

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Saints Row 4

Author: kenyae-cagle from United States
27 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This game was in my opinion a lot of fun. I thought this game was filled with enough adventure and crazy fantasies. I just would be a lot more happy that if the game where you get romantic with one of the characters you could have actually made a commitment with one of them. I enjoyed the craziness of the game and all, but it really could have been better in so many ways. The game should have at least had some what of a mass effect gain to it and I could have enjoyed it more if they made personal connections and made your character build a personal relationship with other characters and actually allowed the player to feel apart of the game, rather than make them feel envious with the super powers and what not. I played it only once and even then the game got corny and unappealing.

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a good game but can do better

Author: nialexproductions from United Kingdom
13 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After playing this game I can say that saints row IV is not as good as the first three the The third street saints have come a long way they were a gang then a organised crime group to movie stars then back to a organised crime group and now they own America you once again play as the leader of the saints which you can make yourself but I make mine the same each time a normal built guy with ginger anime hair anyway the world has been invaded by aliens which is different to the last game when its another gang who attack saints anyway your put into a simulation where you must fight aliens with your new found superpowers yes this fame wasn't made by THQ the people who made the first three anyway the game is good but not as good as the first three

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A somewhat limited and safe sequel

Author: doesitreallymatter
31 August 2013

Saints Row IV tries to expand on its predecessor by adding new content, new types of missions, new mechanics but keeping too much of everything else as it was.

It seems too generous to call IV a separate game, since it's pretty much more of the same. There are some additions, mostly to do with plot devices and gameplay. Notably, superhuman abilities make things feel more like Prototype than SR3 and add a different layer to moving through the city. Other than that, the action still revolves mainly around driving and shooting, both core mechanics that get ironically dropped to the background since no one wants to shoot a gun when they can throw a fireball or take a joyride when they can run like The Flash.

The fourth installment in the franchise doesn't really add anything incredibly innovative to the table, but if you enjoyed Saints Row: The Third, you can think of this as one huge DLC. The question you need to ask yourself is if you're willing to pay full value for a game that's pretty much identical to its predecessor plus some gimmicky features.

Sure. The main storyline is still whacky, fun to play through and mission design is as good as ever, but sidemissions (which still make about 75% of the content, mind you) get extremely repetitive after a while, as they did in SR3. On the other hand, there's now a cooperative mode and some co-op-only missions that might add some fun if you have a buddy to team up with.

There are also other, somewhat minor imperfections like texture popping due to the old engine not having been fully upgraded to handle the now large-scale movement, graphical glitches, subtitles not matching the script at all and the occasional crash. Mostly, they're not a huge deal but do give out a very unpolished and unfinished feel to what should be a platinum game.

As a final note, there are many references to the previous games in the series, so, if you're a hardcore fan, you might get off on the nostalgia of seeing some old characters make a reappearance.

The bottom line is Saints Row IV trying to cash in on what made Saints Row: The Third great, adding a Matrix-esque twist on gameplay but in the end not having enough substance to warrant paying 50 bucks for something that's pretty much a modded version of the previous game.

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Author: Emily Siu from United States
7 June 2014

Saints Row: The Third is one of my most favorite games. Saints Row IV? HUGE disappointment. It's like you're on god mode the entire game. Too much explosions, ridiculous moments, stupid plot, boring gameplay, redundant, uninteresting. This game is so easy and dull that it gets boring extremely quickly. I really tried to enjoy the game, but it's just too hard. I managed to play for four hours before I couldn't take it anymore. God it sucks so bad. The people who rate this game high are the ones who love explosions and chaos and like to feel like an awesome, unstoppable hero or whatever, not people who try to appreciate a game's mechanics, story, and execution. SR4 is just really lame and typical. Stick to SR3. SR3 is full of explosions and awesomeness, but at least it's very enjoyable and interesting and has good gameplay.

Story 3/10 Gameplay 5/10 Graphics 7/10 Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 3/10

Overall 4/10

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what da hell?

Author: b995
26 August 2013

really? this series started out as a gta like game (and a damm fine one) and its turned into this weird alien game and plus its just like its mediocre predecessor (saints row the third) just with superpowers but other than that its the same game just in my opinion even worse the plot is beyond awful the dialogue is cringe the third put the series into a very deep comer this in my eyes has killed it. its the king of trash that a immature 12 yr old boy would like i myself consider myself to be a person with an iq above 10 so im going to stick to the EXCELLENT Gta Series and if your a person with some substance i suggest you do the same the saints are fallen soldiers and the fourth has put the nail VERY deep into a coffin and not put it just 6ft Under but 100ft Under Saints Row is Official dead

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