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Serious movie watchers AVOID

Author: Antony from Solihull, England
19 January 2014

This "movie" is (at the time of reviewing) ranked on IMDb with the same score as Citizen Kane, which is obviously a travesty. From reading some of the reviews it seems that this is thanks to the overzealous support of their preexisting fan base.

On YouTube it might get a thumbs up for effort, but when you're running with the big boys, this doesn't cut it I'm afraid. I might have given it a 2 or 3 if it wasn't for the arrogance of the writer getting herself cast as the female lead (Riley). She is upstaged in just about every scene, mostly due to the fact that the other people in it can act at least slightly.

If you're like me, and use IMDb to try to find great films via their ratings on here, then please do not bother with this. I understand that their fans want to support them. However, I believe that IMDb should be a level playing field, and Citizen Kane this is not.

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A good attempt but needs some honest work.

Author: wboy8807
13 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have never wrote a movie review but for RWJ and Anna Akana this was an easy choice to make. I hope my following review helps them perfect their potential as creators of art in the film industry.

Acting: 4/10 The acting in this movie was mostly sub-par. It was good by amateur first attempt standards but most of the acting seemed really forced and didn't immerse me into the movie. Anna has a great YouTube channel but her acting needs a little work. She seems so much more natural on her YouTube show compared to this mini series. She has a lot of potential but needs more work and practice or should find other areas in show business she excels at. The cheerleaders were actually very convincing but as for both the gay guys, I don't know if it was the acting or just them successfully hitting the goal of very cliché, very annoying, very predictable gay guy, but it didn't rub me right at all. While the geek was convincing it seemed like the creators went to far out of their way to make him come off as geekish. The goth girl had good acting but her acting was not given enough screen time to shine. For the level of importance she played and her ability to act, co-star or at the very least more time to create a connection with this character should have been an easy decision to make but as it stands now I can't even remember her name.

Effects: 8/10 I really enjoyed the animated portraits of scenes that introduced the characters, the blood was convincing, the only way it could have scored higher here was if it had CGI animation with high budget resources at hand. All in all they were very good.

Story/Narration: 2/10 The story was very predictable, very cliché, and honestly everything was just rewashed stuff we have seen everywhere. This of course would have been fine had any kind of original twist had been placed on it. The story was not made their own and due to a few bad decisions by the director the story was very predictable and lost a lot of it's momentum very early. During act 1 at the lockers the prolonged camera stationed on what at the time I could only assume Ray wanted us to believe was an extra revealed to much. It instantly showed me the man with crutches was a man of importance, was connected most likely to the girl who they were talking about at the exact same time and just got done showing, and since most people watch trailers for movies or read descriptions before watching it, it was instantly realized that he was the man behind it. While not unique I think the one redeeming quality was the self narration by Riley. It really fit the atmosphere of the movie and was a great choice for this specific work.

Music: 10/10 The intro music was amazing, the music played during the movie perfectly fit the atmosphere. Nothing left to be said but good job.

Overall: 5/10 While the music and effects were great, the below average acting ruined the immersion of the movie. This coupled with a few bad director choices that really spoiled the plot and end of the movie pretty early on, really ruined what could have been a good movie. The only thing more disappointing then the plot being spoiled was the fact that the whole movie was one cliché after another. I hope to see in future works RWJ and Anna Akana make the characters personalities and plot their own. Rather then relying on stereotypes. The movie was good on armature standards and a great first attempt but this review is not adjusted to circumstances. If I could send one message to the two creators of this film I would say. Great first attempt, don't give up on your dreams, and strive for perfection while expecting mistakes.

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Please, let me rewind time...

Author: Paulo Sousa
22 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie because I'm a RWJ subscriber and I like his work.

But this movie makes me want to have Riley's powers so I could spend my last hour doing something useful instead of seeing this stupid web-series.

What's wrong with it? Characters and Acting - Just horrible. Anna Akana (Riley) was such a bad actress, I didn't expect that. Then, the characters are just very clichéd. The Gothic girl, the gay guys, and the person who puts the bomb on the college has a camouflage jacket!!! Really??? Ready on the first act I already knew that he was the guy that tried to explode everything.

Story - Wow, the plot holes are huge! The story is overused in other movies, everything is predictable, and with so many thing to pick with the rewind powers, the story is about a girl that wants to save the prom and another girl that wants to commit suicide. Perfect for a Disney Channel show...

I gave 2 out of 10 because of the music, with good tracks chosen.

RWJ, you have to do much better next time. Anna, please stop acting, you're no good.

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Good concept. Rushed story, bad actors.

Author: Matt Clay from Australia
12 December 2013

Time travel movies have always been a favourite in the movie world. The Terminator, Back to the future and so on. Yes i know this is a 'web series' but they were calling this a movie for the most part and then just changed it. The story was OK, a girl tries to save multiple lives using her ability to travel back in time. But towards the end (Act 4/5) it just goes really fast and is a very rushed ending. The actors aren't the worst, but certainly aren't the best. A lot of the time it sounded and looked like they were just reciting the script rather than acting, and that took away from the story and made it feel less like a movie and more like a amateur high school drama skit.

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If a person could turn back time

Author: Jerry M from Australia
12 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Riley Rewind illustrates and narrates the high school life of Riley Brown with the uncanny ability to rewind time. Riley told only one soul about her superpower, being fellow protagonist Jay. Her superpower tends to pain and damage her body when she exceeds in activating it.

Like other heroes, Riley has decided to use her powers in a way that is benefiting to others as well as to her surroundings. When she encounters Angela she journeys herself into challenging settings with a person who distances themselves by believing that the world is deserting them. Riley knowing this feels for Angela and backtracks to save her. As she does so she recognises that undoing time impacts the lives of others too as such Riley questions it.

Riley and Jay debate the time traveling powers thus contrasting a person forging their own future versus what the future has forged for them. This personifies people debating about how they relate to time and tends to even call to people on any side of this human debate to consider the other way of thinking about time. As such it tends to encourage viewers to imagine different possibilities of how the story could have unfolded.

The story's scenes move quickly in an interesting way and plateau for the build up of scenes to come and then to move rapidly again. What seems to make it interesting is how those scenes link together with the story. It appears that the makers intended it as such to excite the audience as well as to get them participating from the start like they form part of the story too. The plateaus are about creating suspense and anticipation and its well measured since its emotive nature continues to carry forward as it progresses.

The sound track is quite ambient which essentially adds an affectionate atmosphere to the story. It includes acoustic and electronic tunes which appear to express the human element and the science aspect of the story respectively. This fits well into the scenes in terms of their tone, timing and rhythm.

Riley Rewind makes for enjoyable & friendly viewing with its humour, adventurousness, creativity and likable characters. It also rewinds us back to our time in high school where we can relate to the themes of the formal/prom and relationships. This might be a mini-series, but in it exists a big heart.


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For a series, made with a 75k budget and a youtuber... I say well done!

Author: Alan H from planet movie
12 December 2013

I have watched all episodes on Facebook and i must say that i am quite surprised.

When watching this series you'll easy forget that it is made by Ray William johnson, why? it's because its made very very well. You wouldn't even see the difference between a high budget series or this one. The actors, special effects, lighting music etc.. they all look really good and are well executed. I do not believe that there is anyone out there that can do better with a 75K budget.

This shows the potential that ray has to offer to those Hollywood suits people with bags of money. He shows that you can make a good series with very low money/resources.

He also shows that if you put enough time and effort in it (love in what you do), that you can make everything work. I am truly amazed by how far our midget has become (love you ray).

There is a bright future ahead of you, keep on holding it and you'll be sitting next to the stars that we all desire to meet.

Hopefully will see the sequel to this well made web series! keep up the good work ray!


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Wish i could rewind the time lost...

Author: calinn_g from Romania
18 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a long time subscriber of RWJ on Youtube, but somehow i don't feel like having a moral obligation just for this reason to give this film a high vote by default. However, given the ratings so far, it seems that i'm one of the few who thinks this way. It's a well known fact that fans tend to over-value the works of their idols, but i would expect at least some degree of objectivity and fairness. There seems to be little of that among those who voted and reviewed so far, cause i can't explain myself for what other reason this series would get reviews naming it: "innovative", "entertaining", "well written" etc. and an average rating of 8.5 at the moment. I was particularly disgusted by one review that gave it (obviously) 10 stars and that judged everything about this ... thing as BRILLIANT. That was disgusting, to be that dishonest with yourself and the others: that's cheating life.

There is one excuse i've seen used for the failure of this movie more than any: the budget. To that, i will say: they made The Blair Witch Project and Clerks with less money.

There's also an appeal some people make, saying critics should give it a break, because it is inspired by Anna Akana's family tragedy, she lost her sister, apparently to suicide. To that, i will say: making an appeal to pity is not a fair thing to do. I feel for anybody who lost someone dear, but that won't make me lie to myself and to them. Judge the creation, not the creator. Many will say i'm a cold-hearted bastard maybe, but to be honest, when i watch a movie, i don't really care if those involved in its creation suffered some kind of loss in the past. I don't care about that, that doesn't make the actual film better than it is. So please, no more "give the movie a break, she lost her sister" non-sense.

Overall, this is a flop. I hope they will learn something from it and produce an internet masterpiece next time (or who knows, maybe a real movie) and shut us critics up. I would like to see how a comedy made by Ray would look like, since that's his main field of activity on Youtube. I would like that to happen, cause i'm sure it would be successful.

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Decent - not great

Author: nasht00
13 December 2013

Fist off, I didn't really like the format: five videos of about 10 minutes. I would have enjoyed it better (and taken it more seriously) if it was a 1-hour movie watched in one shot. The mini- series format works when the episodes are published gradually to keep us waiting, or when each episode is long. But 5 times 10 minutes - doesn't make sense to me.

Also it was really over-hyped by RWJ.

The acting gave a very amateur vibe, although Lamar Legend ("Jay") and Christina Marie Leonard ("Angela") were kinda good.

The story pitch is good. Seen before (Butterfly Effect), but pretty good still.

I really liked the effects and overall video editing.

Overall, I think it's got potential. Everyone involved in the movie has potential if set with more experienced professionals surrounding them.

I would love to see a comedy from RWJ.

Good luck on your future projects!

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Dear God.

Author: Mags Chen
16 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I honestly expected a lot more from Akana. Watching Anna's laugh out loud videos on her channel, I expected a lot more from her as a writer for this mini series / movie. Watching Ray from his channel, I didn't know what to expect, but it was low.

The acting was horrific. Anna looks comfortable with personality in front of the camera in her channel videos. Here in this mini indie film, stale and amateur. Although, they had some decent actors. I don't know if the couple was trying to play it safe with the predictable storyline for their first big production, but I sure know they could have done a hell of a lot better. Well, Anna at least.

The ending was the most disappointing. ---SPOILER ALERT-- The ending was a "everyone lives happily ever after" Are you serious? Oh come on. The movie would have had better ratings knowing the protagonist, Riley, died knowing she saved the one girl who supposedly committed suicide. That's another thing, why is the whole story focused on just the one girl that I suppose, had affected Riley. It was a bad decision to focus the story on saving her. Then all of a sudden they find out it was love that would had fix the whole situation?

Now for something good about the film. The affects and music was definitely a plus. Made it a lot easier to watch. Kudos to that.


Anna Akana fan that cares.

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Can't say I liked it

Author: Ahmed Alashkham from Tripoli, Libya
13 December 2013

I'm no writer or critic, however I can pick out a few too many things that are simply off. Why do they all appear older than they should be? They all look older than high school students. Why do the guys in black suites and black shades wear black suites and black shades? The homosexuals of the movie behave too stereotypical and unnatural. There seems to be no apparent reason why the protagonist would be an outcast or subject to bullying. Dialogs don't always make sense, like why would her prom date randomly give her advice about what the depressed girl likes and doesn't, and why did the rejected fellow suddenly expose the other guy as homosexual and act all shocked that he was rejected when he was feeling surprised a few moments ago that he was asked out by him in the first place?

But hey, it's a start, hopefully it gets better.

I also kind of don't like the music and some other details.

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