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Best Original Show of the Year!

Author: Karmastocracy
23 August 2014

I was hooked after watching 5 minutes of this show.

The production value is insane, the cast & crew were chosen perfectly, and the storyline is actually incredibly well written.

I'm three episodes in it's just getting better, and better. The would-be hero's are hopelessly enthralled with the world, which just helps improve the immersion. This show is the ultimate dream for anyone who's ever wanted to be involved in a fantasy world, and I'm convinced anyone with a creative spirit and a strong imagination who gives this show a chance will completely fall in love.

Amazing, I hope this show gets 10 seasons.

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Fantasy Meets Reality in this Competition Show

Author: atlasmb from United States
1 August 2014

I will update this review later, but here is a description of this show.

"The Quest" is part Renaissance Faire, part cosplay, part fantasy novel, and part Big Brother. Twelve paladins, who have been carefully chosen for their love of fantasy, are assembled to complete a quest that takes place in Everealm. In the first episode, this fantasy adventure is beautifully staged and one can sense the excitement of the competitors as they are immersed in a "realistic" fantasy world and delivered to Castle Saenctum. (The word paladin, by the way, has come to mean a chivalrous hero.)

The mythology surrounding the game is explained to the paladins along the way. Each is given a piece of the Sunspear, entitling them to fight for the preservation of Everealm against the evil Verlox. They must compete to stay in the quest. At the end of episode one, a bow and arrow competition was used to select the two in jeopardy. Then the other paladins chose the one to be eliminated.

Part of the magic is the total immersion of the paladins in the Renaissance world of the castle, where they live during the competition. The environs surrounding the castle are filled with period actors. And they are guided through the adventure by Crio "The Dreamer", who is an excellent actor. He gives the action an authentic air. The tools in use, the weapons, the costumes--so far, everything lends itself to the creation of this Renaissance illusion.

So what we have here is a fusion of reality show and fantasy, part scripted, part unscripted. Unlike some reality shows, it appears some "action" is created and presented only for viewers, to maintain the illusion.

This should be enjoyable for anyone who engages in fantasy gaming, fantasy novels, cosplay, etc. or for fans of superheroes. What a dream, to be allowed to live and compete in this world. The production values are excellent. At one point, you can hear a competitor say, "This feels real."

Interestingly enough, seven of the twelve paladins are women. But that did not seem to affect the dynamics of the first episode.

One poster on the bulletin board asked what the winner wins. Good question. Apparently, the reward is being the surviving hero of Everealm. That seems like more than enough for those permitted to live the dream.

I think most viewers will root for their favorite paladin. I have already chosen Lina as my champion.

Update 8/17/14: After three episodes--and three eliminations--we find that the social part of the game is significant. If the other competitors like you, it is much more difficult to be eliminated.

The actors that surround the paladins are convincing. The challenges the paladins must face have been interesting (e.g. breaching a series of doors to obtain ingredients necessary for a potion). The paladins themselves are fully engaged. Though their enthusiasm might feel cheesy at times, it fuels the show.

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The Quest television show

Author: jojojack55 from United States
13 September 2014

This show is fantastic! It is extremely well cast and acted that I became so immersed in the characters, the quest itself, the plot and subplots that I, at times, completely forgot that it was a reality show. The Quest is more like a TV show that actually left you with a cliffhanger at the end of season 1. The Paladins were charged with tasks to complete to continue on the quest to save the Queen and her kingdom. The makeup, costumes and special effects help you to completely believe you are in this magical world with the Paladins, the Queen and her great general! Hopefully The Quest will have many many more seasons. Love this show it's great!

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amazing show

Author: teresabelle from United States
6 September 2014

This is by far my favorite show on TV. I kinda think the few people that dislike it come on here and rate it, whereas the vast majority that love it aren't taking the time to rate it because the rating should be much higher than it is. ;)

The whole concept is fascinating and intriguing. I had no idea what it was when I first saw it on Hulu Plus. I thought I'd give it a try, and I loved it right away. When I watched episode #2, and seeing how they develop the story along with the competition, it only deepened my love of the show, as I didn't realize when I first started watching it that there would be such an awesome story to go along with it.

It's like a first person player video game that the contestants are in. The story goes along, and they get to put their skills to the test.

My husband is a busy guy and doesn't watch much TV, but he watches this show. It captured his interest quickly as well.

I love the contestants. I hate when someone gets banished. I wish there was a way for the show to let the players that get banished to continue on in the show...just in a different position or something.

Anyway, to the group of people that came up with this show, and all the actors/actresses and contestants - thanks for making such a wonderful show!! I really hope it continues on for many seasons.

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Greatest show on TV Today.

Author: jpintempe-110-44626
18 September 2014

I could not have been happier with this show. I can't wait for season 2+. This is the kind of show that I have been waiting for since I was a kid, and never thought it would exist. If you haven't seen it, you're behind the times and need to catch up. This is the most original idea that I have seen on TV...ever. The world has finally become more interested in the fantasy world that has captivated so many of us since childhood. This show is exciting, dramatic, fun, challenging, awesome, bad@$$, hardcore, Epic and amazing all at once. The characters interact with the contestants perfectly, and the contestants are obviously completely dedicated and immersed in the world that has been created for them. As a viewer I wanted to jump into my TV and join along in their quest, be challenged by the fates, and fight for Sanctum and the security of Everealm.

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The first reality TV-show I really fell in love with

Author: mio-fox from Germany
17 September 2014

Competitive Reality TV... A genre of television that was generally spoken of with distaste by many, including me. The Quest changed that. The show proved that reality TV can be entertaining without embarrassing or exposing its contestants, that reality does not necessarily mean showing the lowest places in people's life, illuminating every dark corner of and grabbing at every chance of drama. The Quest gives you 12 people that are firmly rooted in life, but at the same time well-traveled in the realms of fantasy, who get the chance every fantasy fan dreams of. They get transported to a fantasy world where they get to fight against impending darkness, sometimes through teamwork, sometimes through competition. The competitive aspect is a strong one in this show, yet there is no exaggerated drama or open hostility between the contestants like that which usually wears out my nerves speedily in other competitive shows. Some might assume that this lack of clashing personalities and drama would make the show boring to watch, that it would be a teletubbyesk love peace and harmony compilation. Way off the mark! Since the competition for becoming the one true hero is embedded into the background story of a dark invasion that threatens to take over the last free kingdom of twelve, there is plenty of conflict, mystery, treachery and danger. The professional actors that carry this background story do an extraordinary job. Crio, the Dreamer, played by Jan Hutter who made a character his own that was planned to be played by a much older, stouter actor and who delivers marvelously as the paladins' first and truest friend in Everealm and the Queen's loyal steward. The Queen herself, played by Susanne Gschwendtner as regal and aloof as a Queen can be, got to little screen time for my taste, but what we see of her is great. Especially her warming towards the paladins is beautiful to witness. The same holds true for the head of her army, Sir Ansgar, played by Peter Windhofer. He is the one who gives the paladins their battle training, criticizing and pushing them mercilessly. Yet when he cracks a smile once in a while, he raises the heart rates of both female contestants and viewers alike. His counterpart is the Grand Vizier, magician and consultant to the Queen and rather hostile towards the paladins, played wonderfully dislikable by Marcella De Nardo. Around these four a colorful group of monsters, magic beings of hostile or benign nature and numerous medievalish extras ensures that paladins and viewers alike can totally immerse in the "land of beauty and great magical power". My friends and I have been on the edge of our seats for the newest episode every Thursday night, eager for another exciting forty minutes of dreams and magic, treachery and loyalty, friendship and fate. I guess this sums up why I give ten stars to this show. There may be tiniest inconsistencies in the plot line, but the endearing, sweeping character of the whole show covers them with ease. I DO hope there will be a 2nd season!

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love it!

Author: lordofhonor from United States
16 September 2014

I stumbled across this show somewhat on accident and I'm really glad I did. This is the best reality show and probably one of the best shows in general that I have ever seen.

The fact that it is not your typical reality show is what first piqued my interest. The show is set in a fantasy realm complete with characters and creatures that would be perfectly at home in any fantasy tale. However, twelve people are summoned from the real world to this fantasy realm to aid its citizens in defeating evil.

Another reason I really like the show is that it emphasizes positivity and the good in people. Yes, the contestants or "Paladins" as they are called are whittled down one by one as is the case in most reality shows but these "banishments" do not include much of the backstabbing and politics that seem to be inherent to so many reality shows. The Paladins seem to truly care about each other and just want to do what they believe is for the good of the Quest not worrying about their personal feelings towards each other.

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The Quest is a perfect blend of fantastic excitement and tense competition

Author: firefalco21 from New York
18 September 2014

I was introduced to The Quest by my girlfriend, and not a minute into watching it, I was hooked until the end and beyond. The premise of the show is highly original and entertaining, an unexpected breath of fresh air beside many other reality shows that seem that much more shallow in comparison. The Quest not only creates a unique and intriguing reality competition between twelve likable contestants, but it goes far, far beyond that. The fantasy backdrop for the show is rich, immersive, and well-imagined, and did wonders in making the show worth watching. The supporting cast such as the Queen, the Fates, and the contestants' mentor were all highly skilled and believable characters, and their ability to improvise convincingly and appropriately was unmatched. By the same token, the twelve contestants were also very likable and worth cheering for the whole way through. One of the best parts about The Quest is, however, the importance of the titular Quest on top of the more traditional reality competition. This show really made it seem to both fans and contestants that there was more at stake than winning a prize, and the camaraderie between the Paladins that such a view caused was wonderful to see. I wholeheartedly recommend the Quest, and sincerely hope that it is renewed for many additional seasons.

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The Quest

Author: cguida4
18 September 2014

Probably my favorite TV show of all time. It's a reality show that takes place in a totally different world. The cool part is that all of the costumes, plot, and challenges come together to make it feel like these folks are really in another world. From the very first episode, you can tell that the show is done with a high level of quality that doesn't make it feel cheesy. It progressively gets even more enhancing. As the participants make their way through challenges, you begin to sense the layers of depth that the shows creators made to really create a believable world. The ironic part is that normally, I don't like reality TV. For those like me, you'll probably be pulling for all of the participants in such a way that you really won't think of The Quest as a garden variety reality show. ABC did a fantastic job in planning and showing this series. Great show all around. Season 2 will be awesome!

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Of the highest quality

Author: Joff Brown from Seattle, WA
19 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everything about The Quest screams love.

It is a beautiful show, greater than the sum of its parts; every person involved loved their role in its creation. This was clearly a labor of love for cast, crew, contestants, writers, graphic and sound designers, visual effects artists, makeup, costume, challenge crews and—especially— executive producers. Everyone involved in The Quest clearly enjoyed what they were doing.

Touted as a fantasy-based, immersive-reality adventure/competition, The Quest revolved around twelve heroes, summoned by the mystical, ethereal Fates from the real world—Paladins— who pit them against each other as individuals and teams in recurring events and challenges as a means of finding the One True Hero. It is often physically and mentally grueling. The challenges are never easy.

The show, like its creators, laud positive qualities while giving consequence to the more selfish, base ones; The Quest promotes the merits of being a better person and striving to improve oneself. There is no cash prize. The reward is the experience and journey.

The cast of non-player characters are fantasy-tropes and brilliant because of it. I love Sir Ansgar, the Grand Vizier, Queen Ralia and Crio (the Brave) because of their role in the over-arcing story. The Paladins are immersed in this other-world reality and come up against an ogre, hag, dragon and other monstrous terrors all on the path to a final confrontation with the demonic Verlox. The monsters are incredible—makeup and visual effects are used spectacularly to promote the immersive experience, both for the Paladins and us, the audience.

A glorious show; one deserving another season, if not another twelve.

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