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We're welcomed back to Hollywood Arts!
NewOCFan19 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This episode we learn of Goomer's real name. It's still the same except it's Geu Merr. We also find out he was adopted but before that, discovering who his mother is is really funny. Some of his mother's comments are so offensive to him but so funny at the same time. This is a very Goomer-centric episode but a good one. Dice worries that he might lose his friend so Sam & Cat actually help them with his mother. Eventually they end up going to Hollywood Arts, Sikowitz learns how Sam is like and the dialogue between them is funny, the commentary about how problems aren't usually solved in a half hour in real life and how when it usually is solved on TV it's by someone with a crazy idea who's probably crazy themselves and Cat suddenly has an idea cracks me up. Some guys follow all of them to an alley and though Sam would help Goomer take them down, she decides to hold back and let Goomer take them on himself to show his mother what he's doing is good. Everything works out and they all sort of live happily ever after. Dice has to take care of an aunt who we see in the end credits. A funny episode, an okay story.
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