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"Funny Show" is a kind of "Dark Parody" became known in America by "Weird Al" Yankovic and Sacha Baron Cohen and in Greece from Leonard Thimo and his team. A kind of comedy with dancers, singers, street artists and reporters which satirizes the current events of their countries. "Funny Show" based on all these things that we could say that anyone who has it can not evaluate them properly.

<<Funny Show :The Video-Movie (2012)>> is the most recent Video Movie of Alien Pictures Studio. Three months of filming and endless hours in the editing, the ultimate show of the summer is the biggest event of the year! A video movie duration of two and a half hours and twenty minutes is perhaps more annoying than even Leonard Thimo by himself.


"Yellow Balloon's Journey to Life" is a short video documentary shot on "Funny Show" with purpose of showing you that the meaning of life is... the laughter, the joy, the happiness & satire.

"The Complete Works of George" is the first broadcast satirical show presented by upcoming talent Jordy Smith Manarakis (Leonard Thimo) with poems and rhymes that will attract all audiences with amazing sound and special effects and the appropriate style of an artist who hopes to become a great star someday.

"Captain Jokes Parrot" is Back!!! Leonard Thimo returns as Captain Jokes Parrot, the useless nervous presenter of his own broadcast satricial show in "Funny Show", the pirate who failed to become a true sea captain. So he decided to become a TV producer and entertained everyone with his achievements. Here he's trying to say poems and rhymes because he's jealous and dislikes Jordy Smith Manarakis glory and famus appropriate style. Furthermore, he tells us stories from his past and he mentioned once to his pirate grandfather, "Captain Laughs Parrot". His broadcast show is divided into three parts joined with a Intermezzo "Skopeta" written and performed by 542 M.K.T.E. Soldiers, a Dance Break "The Dancing destroys the Artist!" danced by Leo the Artist and a Musical Interlude by Jimmakos -7-.

"Drink Milk" with Jim Fucking-Spree (Leonard Thimo). A Reality Show, "Drink Milk" with the ultimate presenter that does it like his black mess face (!!!) The reality show with a prestigious guest, Adonis Georgiadis a Greek Politician (Leonard Thimo) confesses everything about his political career, about his new book and his personal life with his beloved Eugenia Manolidou like being in the Greek version of The Oprah Winfrey Show. In the Reality Show also presented the trailer of the new film "Mr. Mitsos" starring, producer and director Jim Fucking-Spree. Furthermore, he tells us the breaking news about the Trillion Sheikh (Leonard Thimo) speak for the Economy in Greece with his assistant reporter Bob Vermoutsos (Leonard Thimo), the goofy moron who constantly confuses the names of the guests and called the presenter as Nikos whenever calls him.The sexy "chatterer-blonde" Butter-Shut Up (Leonard Thimo) has its own sitcom show "Oops Blond Moment" in "Drink Milk" which deals with jokes about blondes. A Tribute to "Leo the Artist" and a special appearance by Greek singer Paola (Leonard Thimo) with lots of laughter, amazing sound and special effects that break bones!!

"Learning English" with Dr. Kalimeris Mikropoulous (Leonard Thimo) A professor of Linguistics and Language Proficiency who lost the Nobel Prize because he collaborated with Leonard Thimo in the show by learning English language in audience that doesn't ever loved him or his superb accent.

"The Game of Luck" A Game TV-Show which led to a catastrophic but profitable moment in the career of showman Bill Sotiriou (Leonard Thimo) who became a perfect news presenter after the events of the Cretan vendetta among Paul Pitoulakakis (Leonard Thimo's voice) and Taqis Polasimiakakis (Leonard Thimo). A hilarious moment in the career of the artist who managed to revive a game TV-show in the style of "Wheel of Fortune".

"Fu Man Xu: The Story of An Immigrant" Fu Man Xu (Leonard Thimo) and Lu Man Xu (Leonard Thimo) are immigrants who came to Greece for a better life tells the story of their life in audience of "Funny Show" in order to respect refugees and immigrants who are away from their country. A glorious antiracism message of any refugee origin in a humorous style.

"Hooligans Story" by Leo. A short video movie about thugs and hooligans in Heraklion Crete because The Comedy is fine but The Violence is everywhere around us. An antiracism message closing the "Funny Show" gloriously leaving us with a bittersweet taste.


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