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Trouble at the border
Tweekums11 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Having agreed to take part in the mission Brody is taken to a remote part of Kurdish Iraq near the Iranian border. It is intended that his team will take up to the border and once over he will claim to have been assisted by Al Qaida and request asylum… of course these things never go quite as planned. As they wait near the border they are approached by Kurdish police and later by Iraqi soldiers who start firing on them meaning the operation could be over before Brody even crosses the border. Back in the US Carrie and Saul watch the operation unfold and try to get it back on track as various things go wrong.

This was the best episode of the season so far; the tension is high when Brody gets to the border and keeps getting higher; especially during three shocking scenes one of which makes it look as though Brody could have been killed or at least left seriously injured and another right at the end of the episode… I won't say any more about them as I'd hate to give too much away! The action is expertly directed and the acting is top notch which only serves to keep things exciting… it was such that when the closing credits began I couldn't believe a whole episode could have passed… the time just flew by.
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Homeland surpasses itself in a truly gripping episode
jigsaw-912 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Homeland is really back with a truly bang! This season is going on improving the plot and raising the bar of the most of the shows that are airing now on TV. The writers and the whole team have really caught me by surprise these last episodes, but this one... "Good Night" is one of the best episodes of Homeland EVER!

Believe it, please. We have tension between Carrie and Quin for her pregnancy, meanwhile Brody is trying to make his way to the Iranian border at the nightfall and with forces surrounding him and ready to attack. The ending of this episode is a shocking twist that will leave you wanting more and more... And more. This episode has the fastness that "The Weekend", "Q&A", "Beirut is back" or "Marine One" had. This is the truly golden episode of the Season 3 so far. And if its path stills going by this way we will be witness of a shocking finale that could be the best that Homeland has ever had yet. Only two episodes left.
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kicks ZERO DARK 30's BUTT
A_Different_Drummer17 November 2015
This episode came as such a pleasant surprise even to die-hard fans (the many millions of them) that one has to pause and wonder aloud if the producers watched Zero Dark 30 two or three times and said, heck, we can do better And they did, producing one of the most compelling TV episodes of all time.

Clare Danes will always have this on her A-Reel. Not only is she listed as Producer (a Hollywood vanity that does not impress anyone actually in the business) but she gives a performance to die for.

For readers of the future: the 1991 war was the first one where the world had a chance to watch warfare in real time. Experts thought it might mean the end of warfare. They were wrong. Quite the opposite. Brought up on TV and film, people seemed to crave more. Within a decade Hollywood was sharing "secret" satellite coverage of missions and that also caught the public's attention.

That trope has never been done better than here.
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