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Sanga establishes the film’s offbeat style by frequently relying on Kieslowski’s quirky voiceover to frame events, a technique that boosts the effectiveness of characterization but somewhat diminishes the impact of plot developments.
The New York Times
This small, observant movie, directed and written by Kerem Sanga, is the better for not going in predictable directions. A story that you half-expect to turn into a melodrama stays true to the sensibilities of its immature, painfully sincere characters, who are faced with life-changing decisions.
The film taps into some genuine, relatable truths lurking beneath all that try-too-hard quirkiness.
Those expecting a balanced perspective might be tickled by the couple's chemistry but disappointed when the film opts not to make that relationship more central to the plot.
Slant Magazine
Another effort to explain how difficult it is to be a young, white, smart, non-disfigured, upper-middle-class male.

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