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With a two hour season finale next week, Mary Jane seems to have broken her Andre addiction, while everyone else seemingly are nowhere near ending their troubles.
Amari-Sali6 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The fact the season is ending next week hurts me in ways I don't think you can understand. It feels like it just premiered yesterday and now who knows when Season 2, or the second half of this season, will come. And, despite me saying I will never mention Scandal in a Being Mary Jane, I can only assume they thought that having Scandal and Being Mary Jane within the same week would make minds explode. Though, for one week only, it will happen next week and I don't think I may get much sleep because of it. But, let's move onto the review (with spoilers).

Topic 1: A Wake up Call

Mary Jane, telephone on line 1, everyone is asking why the hell you are with a married man? And, seemingly, Mary Jane picks up the call and listens. Mind you, Patrick was the first one to try to wake her up, but apparently she hit the snooze button on what he said and decided, in her own words, to settle with Andre, in more ways than just settling down. You see, with Andre comes baggage. He has an ex-wife who is bold, and two kids. Mary Jane, as of now, just has a niece who has two kids, but will get her tubes tied; a brother dealing drugs, who almost gets arrested; a drug addicted brother; a mother who is eccentric, at worst; and a rather normal dad. So, looking at the situation, bringing Andre into things seemingly couldn't help much. All he would do is present a new headache because you know Avery would be all over her when it comes to her being around her kids.

Speaking of being around kids, Kara, due to working, has hardly seen her kids and with this her ex-husband is ready to make a move to get custody. Thus leading to a real dilemma for her. On one side, she is a mother and doesn't like the idea of losing her kids to her ex, for what does that say about her? At the same time, she hates this guilt for the concept of her being a mother means sacrificing her dreams and ambitions, and then feeling guilt from not only her ex, but her kids. Which is so frustrating for her to the point that we see her cry. And really, it is a lose-lose situation, but seemingly she rather lose some time with her kids, and be there when she can, than give up all she has worked for so they can have the ideal environment.

Leading me to jump back to Mary Jane's family. Paul Jr. almost gets caught in a drug deal and goes to Mary Jane and Andre to bail him out. Now in the last episode he mentions the reason he deals is so he doesn't increase the burden of the family's finances, but it seems he also wants to do his mom proud. Leading to his wakeup call from Mary Jane who reminds his simple self that he is Paul Sr.'s dream. Paul is a former COO of an airline company with one successful daughter, and one son who was doing well until drugs did him in. Now, his Jr. is potentially on the road to prison and Mary Jane tells him to drop his dealings and she'll give him the damn money he wants to buy a home for his mother.

And, just to touch on Helen for a moment, after Patrick teasing Mary Jane about it for ages, Mary Jane decides to come out to her mom that she is having an affair with a married man. And despite her fears in the past, Helen is rather gentle with her. She lets her cry it out, but says things have to be fixed in the morning. But, Helen isn't the only one to show Mary Jane it is time to wake up. Niecy also gets on her as Mary Jane tries to get on her about her relationship, babies, and her plans to get her tubes tied. You see, Niecy has a few things Mary Jane doesn't. She has kids; a man, even though he ain't nothing to boast about; and Mary Jane has neither. So, between both conversations, seemingly that was the one two punch for Andre, who seemingly was having doubts anyway.

For one, a friend of his caught a picture of David and Mary Jane at the gala, so thoughts that he ain't the only one were already developing. Then when Paul Jr.'s gets in legal trouble, they go to Andre's friend Cedric who, after taking care of Paul Jr.'s situation, tells him about Avery finding a new man, how they grew up without dads and how someone maybe taking his place. Much less, he says, like I said, that Andre has baggage which Mary Jane ain't going to stay for.

Making so damn near everyone was put on notice this episode. But, perhaps the one sweet moment came between Paul Sr. and Helen. For, with Helen's health being topsy-turvy, she recognizes she hasn't been doing as she maybe should and insecurity makes her fear Paul Sr. maybe cheating. Mind you, this idea comes post Mary Jane's infidelity confession. But, being that Paul Sr. is a smooth poppa, he not only eases her fears, but finds a way to get him some too. And somehow these two have become one of my favorite couples, if only because it is rare as hell to see an old, happily married, black couple on TV. Especially since there is so much investment in interracial romance these days, I'm not knocking it though.
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