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Sex & Nudity

  • A young boy with a broken arm needs help removing his clothes before showering. His youthful aunt helps him take off his shirt and pants. She then proceeds to pull down his underwear. He stops her at first, but then she convinces him to let her continue. She remarks that she has seen "it" before and has also seen much bigger ones. She pulls the boy's underwear all the way down around his ankles and he steps out of them. The boy's bare bottom is fully visible. Shortly later, the maid is seen bathing the boy. He is standing up in the tub, fully nude and facing the camera, but only seen from the waist up. She lathers his body with soap, rubbing her hands all over the boy's naked body, first his upper body, then she works her way down. As the maid bends down to lather the boy's legs and bottom, his penis and scrotum are visible relatively close-up. The boy is close to twelve, without any sign of pubic hair growth. His penis is uncircumcised and flaccid, and the scene is not sexual in any way. Later, a female child is born. As she is cleaned, her genitals are clearly visible. This might confuse young kids as the labia are very swollen. Some might think it's a boy missing a penis.

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