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Remarkable episode
vocare_pegasus_8823 May 2013
I have watched every episode yet in SVU and this stands out as in the top 5. Pablo shreiber (the wire) plays the villain and plays it so well it is beyond belief the best way to describe his performance is by comparing him to Mads Mikkelsen as hannibal lector.

The only disappointing thing is that,being the season finale, it ends of a cliffhanger leaving me,and i'm sure many others, almost punching their screens at the thought of having to wait until October for the triumphant return.

I simply can't praise this episode enough it is very near crime television perfection.
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The First of a Five Episode Character Arc for Benson that Dramatically Changes Her Life. Unbelievably Suspenseful!
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly believe that this particular story-line revived the whole SVU series. First off, The acting is just absolutely 110% there with everybody giving their best, including Hartigay (Olivia Benson) & Schreiber (William Lewis). Throughout these 5 episodes and the few or so in-between (when Schreiber doesn't appear), we get to see a total transformation of Benson as her character goes through an unbelievable ordeal with a Serial Killer/Rapist. Everything from supporting characters to costumes and special effects, right down to the music chosen (When Two Worlds Collide) could not have been more captivating. I have to say that the acting was far beyond superb and the dialog was written so perfect that the first episode of this ARC just draws you in on the edge of your seat holding your breath in suspense. Schreiber was so convincing in playing his part and Hartigay hasn't had that great of a chemistry with anyone since Christopher Meloni was her partner. I gotta say that the suspense of waiting a whole summer what happened definitely renewed my interest and many of the people I know who were avid fans SVU. And the 1st episode of Season 15 picks up right were it left off becoming "Part II" of this incredibly shocking and suspenseful Story-line. We get to see how Benson becomes traumatized as she becomes the victim and become bewildered how her character endures on while she breaks down.

I tried not to mention anything that would spoil it if you haven't seen it. If you still have not seen them and you are a fan of SVU in particular, than it is definitely worth renting or buying the seasons on Amazon's Instant Video and watching them in a one or two day marathon. Trust me, you won't regret it! It will be some of the best acting you have ever seen on television.
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Dangerous shrewdness
Dorjee Wangyel12 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The episode opens up with the SVU squad enjoying a nice off-day. Then Rollin's fine day is ruined when she catches a guy compliant of at least a misdemeanor, although she has a much more troubling "gut" feeling about him. Then the case starts blowing up slowly.

The perp in this guy is not only shrewd but also has an extreme case of good luck. As it's revealed that he has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and murder previously, but each time his indictment has been unsuccessful because either the victims were too "traumatised" to testify or the witnesses were too "unreliable". And even in this case, the DNA evidences were appropriately "mishandled" by the lab techs. The man probably could've won millions playing lotteries, but I digress. Not to mention he had left no paper trail prior to now as his name was spelt incorrectly during each of those cases, and he has burnt his fingerprints off as a forensic countermeasure.

Alas the severity of this case digs deeper as it's made clear he has some agenda regarding Benson as well, as the episode ends on a sinister note. So it's not far from the truth to say that this guy is a frustrating perpetrator to watch as they try to nail him for all the charges, albeit still an entertaining episode. The arc further continues to three more episodes in the next season (fifteenth). With those episodes intensifying interms of induction of frustration among the viewers. 8/10
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Cunning psychopath
bkoganbing2 February 2014
It's the weekend and the whole staff is off and Kelli Giddish is holding down the fort. A complaint comes in about a man flashing two young girls in Central Park and an alert citizen Judith Ivey actually takes pictures of him doing it. When Pablo Schreiber the perpetrator and Ivey and the two women are brought in, something sets off Giddish's radar.

Schreiber has burned the tips of his fingers off, no prints can be had,no identity can really be verified. So we have a dilemma there, but he's arrested anyway, but released on his own recognizance pending the trial.

The activities of Schreiber and the squad take up this and two more episodes of SVU. After you've all the episodes you will probably come to the conclusion that you've not seen a more cunning psychopath as a criminal on the big screen and small for some time.

I will only add that it's not Giddish that arouses his particular attention but rather Mariska Hargitay. She's on one frightening odyssey for the three shows.
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