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Village Voice
The horror's a long time coming, but Goldthwait and company make the waiting worth it.
While it eventually devolves into exploring the terrifying prospects of something hairy lurking about in the shadows, Goldthwait uses that thrill factor to validate the commitment of Bigfoot believers. Willow Creek never feels like an attempt to proselytize, but it's a smart recognition of the dangers involved in doubt.
Willow Creek is a movie to believe in.
The Dissolve
Willow Creek does everything a little bit better than others of its kind. It’s a little wittier, a little more insightful, a little more imaginative, a little scarier.
Slant Magazine
Bobcat Goldthwait exposes the characteristic male pursuit of power to which females are often made subservient.
Willow Creek doesn’t take us anywhere new – the climax is abrupt and unsatisfying – but it’s a whole lot of jarring, juddering fun while it lasts.
An unlikely but effective found-footage horror from Goldthwait.
The Guardian
As a horror film using that now-tired device, "found footage" supposedly shot by the characters themselves, it's quite passable.
In angling for suspense, this low-budget stunt relies a bit too heavily on our suspension of disbelief.
It soon becomes difficult to dismiss the suspicion that Goldthwait had set out to make a comic horror but forgot to insert any laughs.

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