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Slumber Party 2: The Bitter Disappointment

Author: Andrewamphlett from United Kingdom
31 October 2013

Okay I went into this film with high expectations, from the freaking awesome trailer and poster etc. Then has I starting watching the film, it actually was pretty good for most part, characters was likable, setting up the camera around the house and outside, having guns ready and some creepy stuff going on in the behind like "The Lost Coast Tapes" style. Then after 20mins it all went south, with just random paranormal stuff then huge dog like creature, a hidden cave, it only brief connections all this random stuff and it gets more confusing later on, with idea government is watching for one scene then never to seen again, a character gets thrown across the field and actually smart enough to leave, while another character become dicks for no real reason…for tension!? The film is house of cards then just falls down at the end, leave you with no answers and only annoying disappointed. The only positive I can say is that the camera set up was great, C.G.I was very good and I liked the hidden tape within film but saying that it should be used within "VHS 3" not this film. 5/10

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Amalgam of all things paranormal

Author: Miroslav Kostic from Serbia
30 October 2013

First, I must say that i'm fan of this "fake documentary" genre, and I didn't know what to expect of this film. It starts like a rip off of The Dark Skies movie, but after that, everything goes south. Every minute it becomes more and more naive. It feels like there was no scenario, everything happens chaotically. Evidences are coming one by one and in large quantities, explaining that what is happening, can be just anything. You will try to came up with assumption of what is going on, trough entire movie. And then it ends, leaving you there siting without any question answered. Camera that flicks before something odd is going to happen just spoils everything. The acting is not the good, but it is bearable, and I liked that X-files tribute cameo.

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You can not possibly spoil this movie with a review. It does it fine on its own.

Author: molloch-dragovar
31 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I sincerely pray to god that this will NOT influence anyone in watching this movie.

The only true event this movie is inspired of is the unexplained disappearance of a young kid. Everything else is pure fantasy in a "Blair Witch Project" ambiance but much worse: The pseudo-documentary style mixed with cameramen who are not actors playing in the movie just does not work.

You get "Carrie" style scenes, conspiracy, ghosts, UFO, a werewolf, a zombie-vampire-alien (which should totally have the ability to walk straight considering all the damage he does) but most of all, lots of big bright lights coming from nowhere.

It's just way to much unrealistic disconnected stuff happening way too fast so it kills any potential suspense or intrigue by being ridiculous.

The worst is that you do not get a hint of a conclusion(unless, like me, you concluded that the alien is possessed by "Chucky").

Everybody gets killed, even the dog and ... something is sucking blood from cows which ... when you see it you think "why not"!

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what a jumble sale of a film

Author: Dom Boy from United Kingdom
22 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There seems to be mixed opinions on this film but I have no such troubles. What an absolute dogs dinner. Is it a werewolf film, an alien film, ghost film, who knows. I feel like I lost an hour and half of my life I can't get back. Still no idea what this was about. The random arguments, the random characters and the random paranormal "beings", oh and don't forget the tunnel. There's more story and depth in a Kinder Surprise advert. Definitely one to miss. I was expecting something along the lines of Fire in the Sky, I think I need to go and watch it three times in a row and restore my faith before I turn into a alien, werewolf, tunnely, child ghost thingy. I thought the Border Collie gave a sterling performance though!

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A very important documentary

Author: Jorge_Mota from Portugal
8 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What I like most about this movie is that it cares little about movie-making and more about alerting viewers about the danger of chasing alien wolf-hyenas in the dark.

It all starts with a statement about time slips that occur every day at 11:11 PM; that's really 23:11 but I think neither 23:11 nor 23:23 are as scary as 11:11. Thank God it all starts when the scientists first arrive at the ranch. Not that it's a first for the enterprise they are working for. But it's for them. So hell starts breaking loose as soon as they arrive with their cameras; hell loves an audience!

One lesson I learned from this movie is that VHS tapes from the 60's are prone to electromagnetic interference pretty much like today's digital cameras. And the frames tend to slip too. Maybe that explain the 90's clothing and hairdo on the people filmed on the 60's tape.

And, if you find boxes your bosses have buried in a closed barn 50 years previously, without telling you anything about it, stop digging after the second one, because the third is prone to have one of those dreadful 60's VHS tapes with electromagnetic interference and people dressing like it's the 90's.

In the end, we all know what really happened in the Skywalker Ranch, and that if it ever happens at our house, all we have to do is to stand in the kitchen at 11:11PM to watch our loved ones running through. Mind the alien wolf-hyenas, though!

I lived my entire life waiting to see a movie like this. KUdos to it's director, Ed Wood...

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An utter dogs dinner of a movie

Author: Mat from United Kingdom
1 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is supposedly inspired by actual events - in the same way that Robin Hood Men in Tights is inspired by the life of Robin of Locksley! In actual fact, it's a turgid piece of dross that plagiarises every bad camcorder-perspective movie out there.

It can't decide if it wants to be The Ring, Blair Witch, Cloverfield or Paranormal Activity - it has elements of all, but manages to be so much worse than the sum of its underwhelming parts.


Skinwalker ranch is a real place, steeped with the silly superstitions of many a plains region, but the movie makers have taken the basic idea and thrown literally every stupid cliché possible at it; ghosts, alien abduction, giant monsters, possession, black ops, and more. To make things worse, almost every time anything happens, it's from the security monitor view, which shows interference to show that "an event" is occurring, and of course, making it hard to see what is actually happening. All other paranormal events either happen in the dark, or with super fast action so that it's impossible to get your teeth into anything substantive.

Random "clues" are thrown at you throughout, but as the little boy literally vanishes in a flash of light in the opening scene, the alien connection is established from the start, so the disjointed and utterly arbitrary clues are all but pointless.

The basic concept is reminiscent of the infinitely superior Gibson flick Signs, but unlike that movie which reached a satisfying, if nauseatingly treacly Christian conclusion, this one heavy-handedly rushes to a frantic but unsatisfying crescendo, culminating in a Cloverfield-type reveal of an alien space craft without bothering to offer even the vaguest hint of an explanation. It's like the director just shouted "nasty aliens" then yawned out of the studio in disinterest.

Ignore marais-Alexander's review - this person is a clear plant, and I'm suspicious about erraticchevy's review too. I scare easily, but this was pathetic. Expect to see the current 5.3 score plummet as more genuine viewers dilute the high scores given by the people connected to this movie.

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That was really something else

Author: omnimog from Norway
21 April 2014

Looking at my ratings for the last 8 years or so, I came to realize that this is the 6th movie that I have rated a 1. Skinwalker Ranch is probably the one film that I could single out that really, really deserves it. More so than Batman & Robin, more so than the remake of The Fog. Even more so than Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires. Where do one start to describe the utter, brilliant mess of nothingness that makes Skinwalker Ranch? First of all, the concept of this being a true, eerie place really is unsettling. After watching this, I couldn't care less about the whole place though. People often take a dislike to the lost- footage genre in general, but I don't really have any problems with that. I loved movies like Chronicle and Europa Report. But then again, movies like this really gives the genre a bad name, if not filmmaking in general. Using half-ways familiar actors like Michael Horse (Twin Peaks) really destroys much of that docu-aspect from the very beginning. The whole movie is a mishmash of a wide variety of paranormal concepts, that all has in common that they end nowhere. There are unbelievable amounts of easy scares, absurdly plastic-felt acting/directing throughout the entire movie, and the most horrifying aspect of the entire movie is the laughably bad script. I easily find forgiving aspects in the most hated of productions, and I just as easily get jumpy, even from the most ridiculous horrors. But this gave me absolutely nothing but series of yawns, some laughs at the stupidest/most "scary" scenes, and a great deal of sighs. Not even "so bad that it is good" like Trolls 2. Just stay miles and miles away from this garbage.

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it doesn't matter if it's a farm or planet...

Author: zero-signal from Turkey
4 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What the heck was this?

Okay people just admit that there won't be another Close Encounters With the Third Kind.

Like Europa Report, this movie promises to give us chills but except that we only got boredom. The formula is quite basic. Mean that there was a nasty thing around here and there, set all your high tech equipment all around place and after that open the gates of tension. I don't think so.

I'm really embarrassed to mention this one here but it's like 10k of the same movie, over and over again and they still got this scene:

All powerful, all mysterious, all strong and maybe omnipotent compared to us aliens, can -literally- twist a huge pick cup like a beer can but can't handle a wooden door. please stop doing this s h i t.

so like Europa Report - i got bored twice as this one bored me while watching it - there is a reward waiting for you if you are stubborn enough to reach the end:

a cripple alien for 10 seconds.


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The first half was good, the second half was dull

Author: vgames89 from United States
2 August 2014

Although the found footage genre has been overdone lately, that doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss a movie when you see it's filmed that way. Found footage is great when IT'S DONE CORRECTLY. That is the case during the first half of Skinwalker Ranch, which made me jump a few times. However, the second half, especially the end, was disappointing and predictable. Also, it really doesn't add anything original to the alien abduction sub-genre. It's just another typical easily forgettable alien abduction film. Better than The Fourth Kind, but nowhere near as good as Dark Skies (which you should see if you like these kind of movies).

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Utter utter utter utter utter utter utter utter utter utter crap!

Author: jhegre-1 from Tokyo, Japan
18 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Incredibly bad in almost every possible way. If the director had been jumping up and down waving his hands in front of the camera for 84 minutes it would undoubtedly have made more captivating cinema. Try to imagine the worst movie ever, times a 1000 and you are not yet even close to understanding just how horribly shitty this pile of crap is. The recipe for this bucket of vomit is as follows: Copy all the scariest parts of every found footage horror movie made since 2004, then copy all the most annoying parts of every budget-UFO movies made since 2004, throw in a werewolf, an wise old Indian, some "scary" kids, and a handful of people who have a dream of becoming actors. Sprinkle with a few tons of hand-held-camera disturbance/glitch effects. Mix it all up, do not worry about plot, coherency or acting skills, as long as you got all the other ingredients. Compared to this garbage Sharknado should be getting Oscars and Palme d'Ors.

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