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"Ray Donovan" Road Trip (2013)

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"Ray Donovan" - "Road Trip" - August 25, 2013

Avi is driving Sully, Catherine, and her poodle Baby from Boston and it's clearly been a trial since Sully needs to stop to pee every five minutes. Ray keeps checking on their progress and hounding Avi until the Avi cracks and says they're crazy, they had to stop at a motel and if Ray wants to take care of it he can.

And then Sully finally cracks and kills her very annoying girlfriend after she makes the mistake of not only getting caught calling her parents but telling them that she and Sully are going to California. Sully has had enough and strangles her with her dog's leash. Avi buries the body and finally, mercifully delivers Sully to Ray. They check him into a motel and Ray starts telling him what's what. Sully notes that just because he agreed to this job it doesn't make Ray his boss. Ray does stipulate that he will say when Mickey gets offed and that Sully has to take care of the body. Sully says he thinks Mickey is going on a very long trip and leaving no forwarding address. He wants to know when he gets the rest of his money, his passports, and his ticket out. And Ray says when the job is done.

Meanwhile, as usual there are several other fires to put out.

Tommy Wheeler has made the mistake of marrying his "girlfriend" Chloe in Vegas and a tabloid editor has the photos. He plans to publish them just as Tommy is accepting an award at the Kid's Choice Awards that evening... and Connor is his date.

It seems Connor had asked Ray to ask Tommy to take him weeks earlier and Ray forgot. When Ray finds Tommy he's boozed and drugged up. He takes him back to his office and has a doctor fix him up with some intravenous drugs, shuts down the tabloid editor from publishing the photos by running over his bodyguard/boyrfriend, and sobers Tommy up in time for Connor to take him to the awards. (Abby has gotten him a suit tailored for the occasion.) As Ray puts on Connor's tie before the red carpet, Connor says he likes Tommy and that they're buds and that they talk to each other. (Earlier, in the car Tommy assured Ray that Connor is not gay.) They watch him walk the red carpet with Tommy and Ray assures Abby everything will be okay.

Meanwhile, Van has finally corralled Mickey to wire up and get a confession out of Sean Walker. Although Mickey believed Sean really wanted to make his movie, Van says he's just stringing him along. So when Mickey goes to work on the script with Sean he manages to get him to tearfully confess to Colleen's murder. But he also comes under his movie star sway again when Sean convinces him that their movie will be huge. So later, when Mickey and Van are having a celebratory drink in the FBI agent's basement and Van admits that this whole operation has been off the books and no one knows about it, Mickey shoots him.

That probably wouldn't have been necessary sine Ray finally convinced his FBI toady Frank to turn in the video of Van tripping balls at the traffic stop. (Ray convinced him to do this through an elaborate ruse: He had Lena track down his "other" family, a wife and daughter, pretend to be a photographer interested in the daughter as a model, shoot fake photos, send those photos to Frank threatening to show them to his first family.)

We also learn that Daryll is about to fight in his first big bout at the Donovan Fite Club and that they've dubbed him "Black Irish."


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