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(I) (2014)

Plot Keywords

drugs police captain
synthetic drug police
drug mule professor
briefcase main character dies
police shootout text messaging
death of protagonist flash drive
super computer hallucination
tied to a chair self sacrifice
voice over narration time
scientist library
race against time junkie
forcefield syringe
nurse hand in chest
injection eiffel tower paris
bullet time ticket
bodyguard on the run
doctor metal detector
taxi driver taxi
threatened with a knife sadism
glowing eyes sadist
attempted rape beating
bare chested male handcuffed to a pipe
escape held at gunpoint
hostage kidnapping
bag over head conspiracy
englishman abroad knocked out
drug addict tattoo
surgery translator
suitcase elevator
betrayal deception
stabbed in the hand revenge
switchblade knife
nosebleed interrogation
torture death of boyfriend
lecture news report
boyfriend girlfriend relationship disguise
disintegration time lapse photography
fast motion sequence x rayed skeleton
cell outer space
solar system new york city
caveman mousetrap
cheetah laptop
slow motion scene stylized violence
gun fu man hits a woman
woman kills a man dual wield
ambulance security camera
security guard surveillance
arrest handcuffs
chase foot chase
police detective detective
police raid police station
cell phone airport
college student american abroad
subtitled scene blood splatter
blood violence
death taiwan
shot to death shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the head
explosion bazooka
rocket launcher shotgun
uzi machine gun
silencer pistol
drug smuggling drug dealer
organized crime gangster
mob boss crime boss
korean drug ring
rome italy berlin germany
gunfight car pileup
car accident car crash
police chase black comedy
female warrior tough girl
one woman army anti heroine
action heroine superheroine
surrealism telekinesis
telepathy mind control
mind reading intelligence
mutation transformation
no opening credits brain capacity
hotel boyfriend
knowledge shootout
montage ape
big bang dinosaur
university dolphin
time travel car chase
paris france airplane
tattooing surgeon
hospital vomiting
murder human brain
college professor handcuffed to briefcase
forename as title female protagonist
experimental drug one word title
supernatural power title spoken by character
character name in title surprise ending

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