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In the flashback scene the Native Americans shown in New York City were Plains Indians not native to NY. Also they were riding horses which are not native to the New World, but introduced by Europeans.

Character error 

When Lucy is talking to the French Police and tells him the CPH4 will be in the form of a blue powder, the drug is actually blue crystals.


When Lucy removes the bag from inside the German mule, her hands are covered in blood but they don't leave a stain on the door's glass after she pushes it open.
When Lucy calls the French police, she has already passed immigration. But she is still waiting for passport check in the next screen shot.
When Lucy's skin is turning black, you see her arms turn completely black. The next scene, you see her arms again and they're still flesh-colored.
When Lucy removes the drug package from the stomach of the carrier in France, her hands are completely covered in drugs. The next shot shows her and the policeman entering a vehicle and her hands are completely clean.
In the wide shot when Professor Norman first begins lecturing about the brain at the 20% capacity level, the large screen behind him has displayed the brain at 15% which is never discussed in the movie. When it cuts to a medium shot, the display all of the sudden shows 20%.

Factual errors 

The major premise of this movie - that humans only use a small percentage of our brains - is a fallacy.
While European co-operation is close, it would still take weeks for a German suspect to be extradited to France. They would also not hand him over without having talked to a lawyer first.
When Lucy's image appears on the HDTV in the hotel room, it has visible scan lines, which HDTV does not have. Also, the lines change apparent size/width from shot to shot.
When Lucy goes back in time she encounters dinosaurs. Then she goes back further in time and meets a humanoid creature. Humanoids did not evolve until 64 million years after dinosaurs were extinct.
You cannot use a police radio to intercept a cellphone call.

Plot holes 

When Lucy sees her cells disintegrating she locks herself inside an airplane lavatory and all the airplane staff is pleading her to open the door of the lavatory. Any flight attendant would know that the lavatory can be opened from the outside in a few seconds without much ado.

Revealing mistakes 

When Lucy rolls up the wall and ceiling of the prison cell as if unaffected by gravity, her t-shirt is hanging in a different direction in each shot - towards the wall or ceiling - revealing the use of a rotating stage.
During the driving scene when Lucy was going to the University, the dashboard shows the car being in Park, when the car is driving at high speed.

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