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I should have never bought this...

Author: angiris
8 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had looked forward to buying this for months due to the belief that it would be a total upgrade over the first one which I absolutely loved. Boy was I surprised with the end result. If we look aside from the facts the this game was released in a dysfunctional state and that CA still haven't fixed a lot of the issues with it a weeks after the launch (which is just what they do apparently...History certainly proves that) there are some major flaws in this that simply ruin all reason whatsoever to play anything else than Roman (which in itself is barely any fun really.) Problem Nr. 1 The game lacks variety badly.

In former games the developers had reasons aplenty to not include armor and weapon variety due to the particular era or time in history. Like napoleon or empire and so on etc. I've gone over several factions and they alleged "Elite units" in which there are BARELY any to be found by the way, and I've discovered that almost every single damn unit in this game looks the same. Sparta, Athens, Egypt and Rome.

Those four nations have at least 2 units in their arsenals looking exactly the same! Are you kidding me CA! Seriously! I realized that they wanted to make this game as realistic as possible. Say, historically accurate and so on. Thing is that due to that there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO PLAY AS Egypt ESPECIALLY. You don't have a SINGLE unit looking Egyptian or anything similar to it like in RTW 1. Realistic...maybe sure...boring and pointless as betcha! The entire Egyptian army is made up from Greek, roman and Gallic looking units. Thats it....have fun. Good god..... Hairstyles and faces which has been focused on a lot more in this game is cloonish. I'm aware that is was so in the past too..thing is that in the past we wouldn't have to care due to the fact that our soldiers wore helmets or something similar. Here you see 160 soldiers where 30 to 40 % has the same haircut, same beard and same face... Good god CA...Just slap a helmet on some of them for the love of god. Is this Rome 2 or freaking Star wars. Attack of the clones! It's 2013... Is implementing more than 5 different faces that are supposed to cover THOUSANDS of soldiers too much for you to handle?

That in my opinion was one of the big ones. The Romans and the Spartans have some unique variety to them and that I appreciate. Problem is that it still looks lazy.

For what regards the outfits the roman soldiers are wearing... Now this is probably what annoyed me the most aside from the horrible spartan combat capabilities. The roman soldiers aside from the legionnaires look utterly dreadful. I am not kidding. Do you guys remember how the commanders for an example looked in Rome 1? Yes?..good now picture that guy without leg guards, wrist guards, no sword, a horrible helmet and a golden chain mail. TADA!! Thats the roman cavalry commander in the sequel . The dismounted praetorians look cool for a time being but the SUPER CLONISH appearance will wear you down fast. The mounted praetorians look like freaking equites...I have NO IDEA what CA was thinking creating mounted praetorians like that. You know cut this short because I could keep going and going here... Everything you saw in the film gladiator. All the awesome armors and so on...You will NOT..I repeat NOT see them here. The best thing the Romans have to offer is some very cool looking legionnaires. Problem is that that's only one unit...ONE TOLERABLE combat unit. The archery is a joke too. Syrian auxiliary archers...WHAT IN THE... And thats apparently the ONLY FREAKING BOW UNIT THE ROMANS CAN GET. GO ask a roman what a bow is in this game and he will look at you as if you were insane. Sure we have slingers but come on... A super professional army using slingers...give me a break.

The spartan army had a lot of potential in the beginning up until the point where I noticed that my Spartans...SUCKED!!!!! BADLY!! The heroes at Thermopylae are turning in their graves at at poor these alleged "SPARTANS" are at everything. I literally cannot describe it in any way. When ever I use them and on easy difficulty versus a weaker or normal enemy, my casualties are ridiculous. NOT TO FORGET THE MOST UNFORGIVABLE ERROR OF THEM ALL. The shield wall /phalanx doesn't freaking work worth of ....well... The animation is a complete joke. There is almost no difference between the ordinary stance and the shield wall stance. Everybody is just standing there lazily and obliviously waiting to catch an arrow with their faces! It is immensely disappointing to view the Spartans fight in this game and that was what I had looked forward to the most. Rome Total LET DOWN!

To be Continued... I have Much more to say!!!

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I love this game

Author: patrickkelly334 from Canada
15 September 2013

I know that many people have been reporting bugs in it, but that will most likely be fixed soon. But I personally haven't had any bugs/glitches with mine and I love it. I just got it and already have about 7 hours played. The campaign is exciting and the battles are fun. The battles remind me a lot of Lord Of The Rings battles, where the armies march up to each other and just fight. It is a really fun thing to do after a long day and you just want to relax. I would highly recommend this to anybody that likes strategy games, it is my first time playing a game from Creative Assembly but it certainly won't be my last.

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