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Sex & Nudity

  • A girl makes Atom to kiss her hand.
  • A woman is wearing an outfit which almost reveals her buttock.
  • A man kisses a woman on the head.

Violence & Gore

  • Several of the violence in this film are very like a PG-rated bordering to PG-13-rated animated film.
  • Some people are found murdered overall in this movie.
  • At least three people are blown away from the train overall in this movie.
  • There are some mild fighting sequences.
  • There is a surreal flashback sequence on how some people got caught.
  • A man falls down a cliff, and gets unconscious.
  • Black Jack is performing a surgery on an unconscious man's brain. This surgery is mostly implied, but we get at least one close up of the brain when Black Jack is plucking out some pieces of an item.
  • A boy slaps Don Dracula in the face. He later attacks him with several items in a very surreal matter.
  • Several strange-looking moais jump in attempt to attack some people.
  • Several people use arrows, spears and swords trying to attack some other people.


  • At least a couple of "shimatta" is uttered by any character. This word is Japanese for somthing like "oh shit" or "damn it".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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