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"Person of Interest" God Mode (2013)

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Open in 2010 with a shaken-looking Finch looking into the camera and saying "Did you know?"

In present day we see the machine seeking its admin. Root and Reese are both given instructions by the machine that helps them escape.

Reese tells Shaw about the machine as they exit the building and find Finch's glasses on the sidewalk. Reese asks the machine for Finch's whereabouts but isn't given that information.

Carter is being questioned.

The machine points Reese and Shaw to a car, but also gives him a new number that needs to be followed up on. They take out two Russian gunmen who were about to kill a man. Reese grabs a bag. The machine finds them a sports car.

In 2010 we see Hersh question a man who does not speak English. He's asking about a ferry.

Hersh frees General Counsel and tells him they think Root may have control of the machine. General Counsel orders them to operate without cell phones and avoid cameras.

Root tells Finch they are going to find the machine.

Terney drops in on Carter in the interview room and plays dumb about what happened to the perp's gun. Carter knows that one of the unis at the scene has HR connections. He then warns Carter that if she keep digging he'll have to kill her, just like he did Cal. He also threatens her son. Carter's able to pair with Terney's phone and hears him discuss killing Elias and his "right hand man."

Reese and Shaw go to Reese library. Reese thinks he can find the machine's location there. Shaw vows to shoot Root the next time she sees her. The machine points Reese to a book. Inside is an old picture of Finch and Ingram. Behind the bookcase they find a safe. The machine gives them the combination and inside they find pictures of people. One of them is Reese's ex Jessica. There is also a map that has been narrowed to three cities, all of which have a secure federal site for securing nuclear fuel. Shaw tells him Root had been asking her about an engineer who likely designed the machine's facility. She wanted to know who hired him and found out it was someone named Lawrence.

We see Root and Finch have found Lawrence.

In another 2010 flashback Reese asks Ingram if he's looking for the machine. His plan is to go to the press about what they did. Finch believes the government may be killing engineers who worked on the project and believes Ingram may be killed if he plans to go public. Ingram wants the "irrelevant" list. Finch won't give it to him and Ingram tells him the following morning he's meeting with press.

Lawrence tells Root he has no idea what she's talking about. Root then threatens his daughter.

Reese gets another number from the machine and quickly prevents a man from killing a new bride.

Lawrence tells them what he did in terms of building the facility in which the machine is housed. Root asks him about its location, but Lawrence is killed by a sniper working with Hersh. The machine helps Root and Finch escape just as Reese and Shaw arrive. Finch and Root jump in a truck and Finch tells her he'll take her to the machine.

We see more of Hersh's interrogation. The guy tells him he had planned a suicide bomb on the ferry. Hersh shoots his translator and injects the suspect with something.

Shaw found something in Lawrence's bag that indicates the machine is in Washington state.

Root hijacks a man with a private plane to take them to Portland.

Carter calls Reese what she knows about Elias being in danger. Elias' lieutenant has already been shot.

Reese and Shaw commandeer a helicopter.

Terney and some Russians take Elias into the woods. Carter arrives and kills the Russians. She knocks out Terney and puts Elias in a car.

Finch and Root arrive at the facility in Washington. They arrive just as her admin privileges run out. Root forces a man to let them into the secure area where the machine is located. Inside is a massive empty hanger. Finch tells her he's already set the machine free. Root thinks he's lied to her and is about to shoot Finch when Reese and Shaw arrive. Shaw shoots Root in the shoulder just before she can kill Finch.

In 2010 we hear a phone conversation which indicates someone is very aware Ingram is about to speak with the press. We then see Hersh bring his suspect to the ferry. He tells him "congratulations" before leaving him with a van full of explosives. Finch finds Ingram near the ferry just as the van explodes.

In present day Finch tells Reese he'd given the machine a way to protect itself. The four of them start to leave the hangar but run into Hersh at the door. Special Counsel walks in behind Hersh. Special Counsel says he wants a few words with Finch. Finch says the machine has moved itself and is controlling itself. Special Counsel wants Finch to find the machine or rebuild it and says Finch can "dictate his terms." Finch reminds him that he killed his friend and the four of them leave.

Back in 2010 we see the aftermath of the explosion. Finch wakes up in a makeshift triage facility and is told his neck and back have been injured. He rolls over and sees Ingram pronounced dead. Finch grabs a crutch and leaves. He sees his fianc walking in but starts to sneaks out. She's told that if she can't find Finch it means he's dead. Finch watches her weep at the realization but leaves. Finch arrives at the library and asks the machine if it knew. He then sees that Ingram had been a past "non-relevant" number. The machine knew.

In present day Special Counsel is told the machine was moved over the past five weeks, supposedly with her authorization. He then gets a call from someone he calls "ma'am." She asks Special Counsel to hand the phone to Hersh, who is told to kill everyone in the room, including Special Counsel.

Reese asks Finch if they'll get more numbers. Finch doesn't know. Finch apologizes for knowing that people might get hurt, but Reese won't hear of it. A nearby payphone rings.

We see Hersh tell an unseen woman in a limo that a new number has been received.

Root, who is in a psychiatric clinic, also gets a call from the machine.


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