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Just Dumb, Not Funny
3xHCCH24 April 2014
I have not seen the first "A Haunted House" film, but after sitting through this dreadful sequel I don't think I would like to. Why this trashy unpleasant film was released on Easter weekend is beyond me.

There is no coherent story. Upon getting over an ex-girlfriend who got possessed by evil spirits, Malcolm hooks up and moves in with a new girl Megan and her two kids. What follows is an embarrassing mishmash of scenes from recent big hits in the horror genre, "Sinister", "Insidious" and "The Conjuring," as Malcolm continues to be terrorized by demonic events.

Marlon Wayans plays Malcolm in the most irritating and annoying manner, with his non-stop loud screaming and nonsensical ranting. He has a prolonged, uncomfortable and unfunny sex sequence where Marlon gets it on with a doll that looks like the diabolical Annabelle from "The Conjuring". More awful jokes of such sick sexual nature would recur through the rest of the film.

You go into a spoof film like this to have a shallow laugh out of jokes inspired by your favorite horror films. However, within the first few minutes, you already get the feeling that this film will not entertain you at all. In fact, it could even be quite boring, with very long humorless scenes that overstay their welcome. There are many scenes which would offend pet lovers, Catholics, Mexicans, women, and practically everyone else.

I found it interesting only when it tries to recreate a recognizable scene from those modern horror classics, like the group hanging from "Sinister" or the "Hide and Clap" game from "The Conjuring". But unfortunately, I wind up disappointed because its spoofing just falls terribly flat. I would have had a good time if a film was dumb and funny, but this film is just plain dumb, not funny. 1/10.
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Haunted House 2 - Wayans should be ashamed!
xcitenlady30 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am so glad I did not see the first one if it is any way related to this one.

This movie's first 15 or 20 minutes were so funny my sides were cracking. From there it became just pure disgust. Now I am not a teeny bop per or a younger adult but I was beginning to feel very old or prudish on the doll scenes. I found those scenes were just so disgusting and uncalled for in the movie. I saw one or two people walk out and they were younger, even in their 20s.

The movie had scenes that were in my opinion sacrilegious. I did not find them funny at all. I think whoever the editor is should be fired. The movie was way too long and it was beating a dead horse dead. It had no script, just count the times they us the "f" word.

Do not even wait for this on DVD....let's just hope its never released any where else.

The Wayans and whoever reviews and releases movies should be ashamed of this piece of work, or non work.

My rating would have been 0 if I could. They should pay us to come and see this movie.
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Really, really bad..
Josh Murphy23 July 2014
A Haunted House 2 is an American 'comedy' 'horror' film directed by Michael Tiddes and starring Marlon Wayans. The film is the sequel to the 2013 film A Haunted House. Having exorcised the demons of his ex, Malcolm is beginning fresh with his new partner and her two children. After moving into their dream home, however, Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) is once again plagued by strange supernatural events.

From the opening sequence, right up until the closing credits, the film is a complete calamity. The film's screenplay is aimless, stupid and staggeringly unfunny – not a single gag throughout the entire film resonates with audiences. This, taken in combination with pointlessly constructed racist stereotypes and unbelievably dull horror clichés, means that sitting through the films short runtime of eighty six minutes becomes almost impossible.

Wayans's performance is excruciatingly painful to watch. Malcolm is an astoundingly unlikable lead protagonist – and in all the wrong ways. On no occasion do his bizarre actions and ear-splitting shrieking ever seem necessary, and his lack of any sort of morality or even awareness of the reality that surrounds him results audiences hastily attempting to distance themselves as much as possible from a character that presumably is meant to be engaging and amusing.

The film manages to surpass the stale mediocrity of its predecessor. It's a tortuous waste of time which could have been better spent doing almost anything else. The film's only asset is that it's almost instantly forgettable. As the credits roll, the sensation of a deep exhale of breath and thinking, "I never have to watch A Haunted House 2 again", is certainly something to savour. The film is an unmistakable catastrophe.
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A Haunted House 2
rtnorman7 July 2014
Avoid this film have just watched it and it had to be the worst movie i have ever seen and has no storyline or creativity to it at all to make it worse they made it look like a porno movie so if u have any children do not let them see this movie utter garbage nothing will ever surpass the Scary movie trilogy the reason i don't say series is that the last 2 have also been garbage (Scary Movie 4-5) so avoid this movie at all costs!!!!! If you however have seen this movie i hope you ask for a refund or entrance to a better film i can only hope that the film creators go back to the drawing board and look at classic comedy like the naked gun trilogy and get some tips from their creators as the people who made this film have been drinking or taking drugs during the making of the so called film AVOIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!
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Trash. Walked out in first 15 mins
Jax Stryker18 April 2014
I knew going into it that it would be somewhat crude, but hoped it would be funny. There were a couple of chuckles in the beginning, but about 15 mins into it there was a scene with Damon Wayans having sex with a doll and went on and on and was disgusting. Not even funny. Just strange, sick and pornish. Walked out and got my money back. I'm tired of paying for trash and then just sitting through it hoping it gets better. Don't waste your money.

I actually enjoyed the trailers that play before the actual movie. Laughed really hard at a preview of movie coming soon called "A Million Ways to Die in the West."
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Black Man in Failure
Raul Faust23 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I've been a fan of Marlon Wayans and his works since the first "Scary Movie" came out, and this is the first time I really disliked one of his films. From the get go, we're given over the top scenes that have nothing to offer, but Wayans' character jumping and screaming all around. As the movie went on, I had nothing but the feeling of "is it ever gonna end?", due to the unfunny situations and characterizations, especially of Malcolm and Megan. To be honest, the only funny character is Becky, who albeit not saying anything that new, has a sarcastic attitude. The plot is filled with jokes that have already been made in the last 20 Wayans' productions, so there is nothing new, in this picture, to be seen. Not even the jokes involving racism in the United States are good-- by the way, the "White girl in trouble!" involving Cindy Campbell's desperation felt like gold when comparing to what "A Haunted House 2" tried to do. So that's it: if you want to see something really funny in Wayans' recent works, "A Haunted House" is a much better choice than this one.
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Can I even call this a movie?
Christopher O'keeffe18 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This "movie" is for people who have the lowest standards, as it is an absolute waste of time. This film, like the first one is a parody of recently released horror films. Well this movie is not a parody, because parody requires some level of intelligence and cunning wit. This "film" has none of that.

This "film" is profoundly stupid, only meant to please the idiots who like this crap and even that is offensive on so many levels. One has to question how a film so awful could even be made, it is that bad, and on top of that, it is not funny, not one bit. I never once laughed, most of the time I was cringing at all the awful one liners and "jokes", or shaking my head with agony and I think I checked my phone watch over 20 times.

I still cant believe that this is the guy who helped create Scary Movie 1 and 2, two of the best parody movies ever, and now he has stooped to levels so low, they rival movies like Grown Ups 2 and Jack and Jill, and honestly id rather go back and watch Jack and Jill cause at least I got a kick out of Al Pacino.

This "movie" is nothing but a classless, soulless, cash grab that should be seen by absolutely no one, it is a complete waste of time, thought and effort....wait no none of those things were even put in to this garbage, the only thing A Haunted House 2 does, is waste a theater slot for a month if that. Worst movie of 2014 By Far!
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A movie that started off annoying and never really got better, I really struggled to get through this one.
Tony Heck19 June 2014
"Prepare to meet your maker. I'm sending you back to Taiwan!" After finally getting rid of his possessed ex, Malcolm (Wayans) has started a new life in a new house with his new girl Megan (Pressly). When the same thing starts happening again he thinks it has to do with a creepy doll. Once again Malcolm has to exercise something out of his life. So I will say that I thought the first one was funny for about 20 minutes then started to get old. Most spoof movies are like that though so I won't hold it against them. I in no way thought this needed a sequel. After about five minutes I was certain that they didn't need a sequel. While the first one kept me laughing for about half the time I don't think I even smiled at all watching this one. It may be that the humor just wasn't for me but some of the jokes went on way to long and they weren't funny to start with (the sex scene with the doll for example). It had the right idea mixing Sinister and The Conjuring for the main story line but they didn't do anything with it. Overall, a movie that started off annoying and never really got better, I really struggled to get through this one. I give it a D.
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If you didn't laugh at this movie, you didn't find it funny
russell-16830 July 2014
A Haunted House 2 is the non-awaited follow-up to A Haunted House. It has all the ingredients of a good movie, including actors, a script, and credits at the end. I watched this movie when I was straight as a penis on Viagra, and it didn't seem that funny. Then I got stoned, and I just couldn't stop laughing. How I laughed: ha ha, ho ho, and even some hee-hee's. So in order not to waste these laughs, I put the movie on again, and the laughs continued throughout the whole 80 minutes, peaking after an hour and a half. I thought the young black guy and the blond white woman were the funniest. I wish they had been in the movie rather than watching through my apartment window. But why did some people on IMDb not find this movie funny? Reviewers be tripping!
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